Saturday, January 15, 2011

SLSA Announces: Valentine's Day Date Auction

We need you to volunteer yourself. Only 2 hours of your time.
Event Start TIME.................NOW Event ENDS Feb 13th NOON slt

TO ENTER: A picture of yourself looking spiffy, and a note-card with description
of what your 2 hour long date will be. Example:: The date with me will be to the pet cemetery. please bring your own stick to poke things with..... The picture and note-card, yes please put your name on heading, make sure both are copy and send to MaryAnn Maa.

TO BID ON SOMEONE: On Archipelago you will see the set up, Under each picture there is a ball with the persons name on it, YOU make a notecard with YOUR name on it and the bid amount
Example:: MaryAnn Maa bid's $9999 on Mr. HOTSEXYGUY Drop that note-card into the ball.

The floating yellow text $$$$ amount displayed will be updated regularly, so check back often to make sure you stay high bidder. Mary will notify you if your bid gets beat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please remember, all money raised goes to SLSA to keep Archipelago , your SLSA home sim and HALL OF FAME open.

Disclaimer: SLSA is not responsible for anything after the 2 hours. We ask that you behave in a kind and respectful manner during your date. Please do not pay before the bidding is over, A special ball will be set up just for the date bidding the end.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Art of Second Life Music Show

"Art of Second Life Music"
by Bobbi Laval and JueL Resistance

at: Laval Photography Art Gallery and Studio
Opening reception: 10:30am to 12:30pm SL time
Saturday, January 15th, 2011
Live Music with Tone "Big Daddy Blues" Uriza starting at 11:00am

About Suzen JueL aka JueL Resistance
Juel Resistance is a well known musician and song writer in Second Life. She is a self taught musician who has been performing since the age of 13 Suzen “JueL” Resistance’s creative roots are deeply entrenched in a family of french musicians, artists and writers. As one of the first indie musicians to join and perform in Second Life, she has built a strong presence in the virtual world. Not only is JueL a talented musician, she is also a very talented artist, Her paintings, drawings, and Photography are being featured on the second floor of Laval Gallery.

About Bobbi Laval
Bobbi first became known as a competitive Second Life surfer and simboarder. With a background in education with just a little experience working in graphic design she never really considered herself artistic. Her artistic talents were discovered from entries in Second Life photography contests. Art sim owner Zeno Ochs took Bobbi under his wing and encouraged her to develop her talents. Over the last few years her talents have continued to blossom. Her SL Musicians in Wireframe series is the result of her love of music in SL and many months worth of effort.

Over 60 works of your favorite SL Musicians:
JueL Resistance, Tone Uriza, Lexie Luan, Zorch, Noma Falta, Blue4u Nowicka, Komusa, Tukso, Seba Sideways, Madmax Huet, Kelvinblue Oh, Senjata Witt, Artel Brando, Strummer Voltee, Von Johnin, Blues Heron, Zed Essex, Clairede Dirval, Lightnin Lowtide, Washup Sideways, Mimi Carpenter, Mance Moonwall, Avatar Quinset, Griff Bamaisn, Kitzie Lane, Greg Huet, Maximillion Kleen, Nance Brody, JimmyT49 Dukes, AcousticEnergy Nightly, Midnight McCarty, Celticmoonmaiden, BlindBoink Parham, Edward Kyomoon, Reno Segull, Mich Rumpler, DirtyDee Sweetwater, Bo Hoyes, Guitar Zane, Marky Helstein, Grateful Stryker, Rock Doghouse, Guitar Southpaw, and more.

Surfing with Lissa

After deciding that taking a break from reading about thermadynamics would keep my remaining two braincells alive, I decided this surfer girl needed some sun! I dug my kini out of the drawer, grabbed my board, and loaded up the woody. Where to go?

First stop: Topanga where the waves are a bit mushy for my taste
but if you like fluffies this is the place to be. Fluffies and I haven't gotten along in the almost 4 yrs I have been inworld so moving on.

Next stop: Visiwa where the beach is gorgeous! No waves to surf but I did make a new friend and found out the lifeguards do not have a sense of humor when you tell them someone is drowning and then take their seat! Great view tho!

Ok, one more stop on my search for the perfect set of waves today! Where to next?

Found it! Flowers surrounding a quaint fire where I can sit and dry off before heading home. Phoenix Sanctuary is located at The wave is running and it is calling my name...til later, surf!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Virtual World Hopping: Explore a New Nation

Avination, another in a long line of virtual worlds springing up, currently has just under 3,000 users and 310 sims.  The creators explain Avination has enhanced content protection for creators, is easy to use with fully managed sims, low lag, and carries your favorite brands, "Experience a grid that doesn't compromise on content, with unmatched script performance and compatibility, improved physics and motion and many under the hood improvements that really serve to make the Avination experience different."  Currently there are no waves and no surfing, but you will find neighborhoods, shopping, town squares, role play, combat systems and live music.  We'll keep you posted as more creators check out this virtual grid and waves and surfing start making a splash!

If you're a creator, there is a method to transfer items you have full permissions on or own the rights to into Avination.  Currently, you can transfer linden into C$ (Care Coins), the currency in Avination, at several transfer points in Second Life (SL), altho be aware, it is not a like value.  There is also a "cash out" option so you can easily cash out your Care Coins to Paypal.

Keep posted to SurfWatch as we travel the virtual universe and bring you the latest!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mari's Mailbag: New Perspective

I am so excited this year!! Told myself..."Self, you have wanted to learn so many things, this year thats what yer doin." So I took two days and studied GIMP and clothesmaking and have to tell you I did it!! What inundated me before was the massive tutorial articles to pour through to find the easiest most concise one.
Its all about tools in life. Knowing which ones and how to use them. So for me I searched for the tutorial that helped me to ready my toolbox. Also knowing the resources and where to go. For me, having the tools and resources saved me tons of time. In the past I used to research everything but now with less time I rely on others to do that for me.
So, think about what it is you want to learn here in Second Life (SL) There are so many awesome things you can be doing when your surfing is at a lull. Take a break and learn something new. It will make you feel great about yourself and give you a whole new persepective that just may help you to become an even better surfer!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Events!

Have an upcoming event you want to get the word out on? Let SurfWatch help spread the word. Contact Lissa Pinion in world or at

Want to advertise with SurfWatch? Contact Ashleigh Dickens in world

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bella's Photography Referral Program!

submitted by Bella Blackheart


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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VIII

When: Sunday, January 16, 2010, 12 noon SLT

Where: Tsunami Beach

Waves: Sunset 100

Registration: send a NC to Colleen Brennan and Abel Halderman. The NC should include:
- your full name,
- full name of your partner,
- what board are you going to surf (longboard or shortboard).
Example: "I, Abel Halderman, would like to surf in the Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VIII. My partner on the wave will be Colleen Brennan. I will be surfing on a shortboard".

Registration deadline: midnight SLT, Friday, January 14th.

Boards: one surfer surfs a longboard, the other a shortboard. Boards used in the competition will be rezzed on the beach. They will be the only boards allowed in the competition - same boards for all shortboarders, and same for all longboarders.

The Tsunami PCX Tandem competitions format:
Two surfers simultaneously enter a wave from opposite ends. They surf as a team. Each rider is scored for their individual performance by their own judge; another judge or judges score team performance.

Each team surfs 3 waves in a heat.

Kari's Kantina Del Mar Showing Near You!