Saturday, January 8, 2011

Farewell Neart

submitted by Surfwatch ;)

A party to send Neart out with a bang was held Friday at 5pm SLT. So many people turned up that the party was moved to the neighboring sim, County Cork.

Partygoers dance and chat at the edge of County Cork nearest Neart

The turn-out was not surprising considering how Neart is deeply embedded in surf history. Bobbi Laval organized the party, which also held a mini competition. The last competition to be surfed at Neart. Conall McGinnis of the West of Ireland Estates DJ'd the event, and did a damn fine job.

West of Ireland is a series of sims that, as the name somewhat implies, are inspired by Ireland. All proceeds from the sims' events benefit the War Child charity, and there are several donation bins available on a daily basis. It is due to the changing of how Linden Labs is charging charities for sims that led to the closing of Neart as reported by Kantbe Thursday previously on SurfWatch (See: Time to Say Goodbye to Another Old Friend)

The mini competition held was judged by Jordan Mendle and Wilfrid DeCuir. Harbor Piers took the final crown at Neart. Check out the rest of the results below:

1st: Harbor Piers - 8.25
2nd: Wicked Carver - 7.75
3rd: Avidward Flagon - 7.0
4th: Jayden Domennici - 6.75; Rayzza Rubble - 6.75; Figger Arun - 6.75
5th: Alexander Dreier - 6.5
6th: CK Carver - 6.25
7th: Ceedi Doghouse - 5.25
8th: Mick Lunasea - 5.0

This Saturday is Neart's final day on the Second Life grid. Watch for a feature with more information on Neart and West of Ireland, as well as more pictures from the party in Volume 8 of SurfWatch's In-World Magazine.

Mari's Mailbag: It's Our SecondLife

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Cruising around Second Life (SL) lately, I just cannot help but notice more failed TP's, lagging, Marketplace has slow deliveries, too. As technology progresses, seems things would become better. We all know about the massive layoff:  "We've emerged from a two-year investment period during which, among other things, we've spent a considerable amount of time improving reliability and the overall user experience," said CEO Mark Kingdon, who took over from founder Philip Rosedale when he stepped down two years ago.  Okay this was back in June 2010. Sooooo, what's going on guys? More people in SL is likely the cause, too.

Okay, so we need to regroup. Find better ways of doing things. Lower the ARC perhaps, even when we aren't surfing. Now you will see me bald because someone told me taking off your hair helps when TP's are failing. Guess what?  It works.  Would appreciate comments here as to ways to improve our Second Lives. We may be bald when we TP now, but hey, look on the bright side.  We are here in SL and have many great friends from around the world. Even if we were left to just chatting, I would enjoy the many friends I have met. Until that time, let's think of the ways we can perhaps "better" our Second Lives.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Closing Party for Neart

as posted to Reef Riders by Bobbi Laval; submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Closing Party for Neart

Friday January 7th

5 -7 pm SL Time

Neart the Celtic word for Strength and Force.

Neart has been a West of Ireland surf sim and home beach of Reef Riders since 2007. But unfortunately due to changes in Linden Labs pricing policy Neart is closing.

Come surf, party and remember one of our old favorite surf sims.

DJ Conall will be spinning tunes.

Mini Comp at 6pm SL Time

Mini Comp will be open to first 10 people that show up at the closing party between 5 and 6 pm and IM or tell Bobbi Laval they wish to compete.

Party will be at County Cork adjacent to Neart to keep the surfing as lag free as possible.

In addition, Kantbe Thursday will be at Neart to record video on at 7:30AM, 9AM, and Noon on 1/6 and 7:30AM and 11:30AM on Friday the 7th. All times are SLT.

SurfWatch Headquarters...

Check out who spent the holidays hard at work at SurfWatch Headquarters at Vibes Surf Beach...

Our own Marianna Monentes of Mari's Mailbag! 

Keep checking SurfWatch for all new Mailbag postings as Mari welcomes us into 2011!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SLSA Puts Out Call for 2011 Season 1 Comp Sims

as posted In-World

It's that time again. SLSA's 2011 Season 1 will be starting up in February and we need to know about the awesome sims you have for our competitions. There will be 5 scoring events from February through June of 2011. We're looking forward to another great season and hope your sim(s) will be part of it.

Use the following URL to get to the survey and submit your sim if you're interested.

SurfSide Celebrates 2 Years!!!

Join the celebrations at SurfSide Hideaway as they ring in 2 years of live music, DJs and belly shot cental in Second Life (SL)!!

Patrons of SurfSide Hideaway enjoyed a Sunday line up of:  Elvina Carlucci, Laralette Lane, Shannon Oherlihy, Lefty Unplugged and Jasher Faith.  Stealing the stage on Monday was Tauri Tigerpaw and Senjata Witt.  Tuesday's artists were Porter Paquot, Clairede Dirval, Sassy Nitely and Hayduke Schnook.  Don't miss the fun, the celebration, and upcoming performers:

Wed, Jan 5th 3:00pm Zorch Boomhauer
Wed, Jan 5th 4:00pm Lexie Luan

Thur, Jan 6th 2:00pm Saintess Larnia
Thur, Jan 6th 3:00pm Ciske Crumb
Thur, Jan 6th 4:00pm SonyaJevette Charisma
Thur, Jan 6th 5:00pm Colton Cadell

Fri, Jan 7th 5:00pm Spike Luckstone
Fri, Jan 7th 6:00pm Chip Takacs
Fri, Jan 7th 7:00pm Strat Carver

* Schedule subject to change

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kantbe Serious: Wedding Belts?

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Oh, not belts, bells!!!! Can you hear wedding bells over the sound of the surf? Looks like we'll have another wedding within our surfer community. Lynda Mimulus has finally been captured (or at least her heart has).

Damien Kleinfeld trapped Lynda on a deck in the middle of a cove and popped the question yesterday (January 4th, 2011). In what can only be explained as a moment of weakness or temporary insanity, Lynda accepted.

Being the shy, reserved person she is, it may be difficult to get Lynda to show you her engagement ring. Who am I kidding?!? Just look at that rock!

Lynda rushed to show Colleen Brennan. Ever alert, Colls had to be hit over the head with Lynda's arm to spot all the bling'n ice. Always quick on the uptake, Colls responded with, "What? What… what'd I do?" as the happy couple fainted when she finally noticed. (we luvs ya, Colls).

Let's all wish the happy surfing couple congratulations and our best wishes.

Who is this?

Be the first to name who this tiny lil chipmunk catching the waves at Monkey is and win $250L!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye to Another Old Friend

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Y'all, it's with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I make this post, especially since I've been so involved with West of Ireland and especially Neart for the past couple of years. Ibrew Meads, CEO of West of Ireland made the following announcement to the Reef Riders team today (Monday, January 3rd):

"We are sad to announce that due to Linden Lab price increases for charities we have to close Neart forever this Saturday the 8th.

We are working on moving the epic wave to Bundy and we will be keeping Bundy open so there will still be surfing in the West of Ireland. Crab will also remain open. We will be moving most of the other items from Neart to other parts of the West of Ireland.

But Neart will be gone after Saturday, so please come on by and say goodbye to our old friend before she's gone forever."

West of Ireland has been working for the past few months with Linden Labs to keep as much open as possible, but their charity status is a double edged sword in that their priority for income is providing funds to War Child North America. By discontinuing their educational and charity sim tier discounts, Linden Labs has left West of Ireland no options for maintaining the sims of their estates as they have in the past.

Please come by Neart in this last week, surf one of the few remaining classic Epics, and say your good byes. If you've never been there before, nows your chance to get in a last few rides in the cold Irish waters.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Laval