Saturday, September 5, 2009

SLSA Opens Registration for Sol Mananero Comp

The SLSA announced registration for Round 1 at Sol Mananero opens Sunday, September 6, at noon SLT and closes Tuesday, September 8, at midnight SLT.  Round 1 of the competition is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, with Round 2 scheduled for Saturday, September 19.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Montego Lecture Circuit - VW Sands

VW Sands' much anticipated lecture on Thursday, September 3, for the Montego Lecture Circuit Series, for those that were not able to attend:

I would like to thank Ko and the crew at Montego for having me today and all of you for coming out and putting up with me for a few minutes (smiles).  It is an honor to be among the speakers that Ko has lined up for us this summer, and I hope that you have enjoyed this series thus far.  I sure have (smiles).
Today I wanted to talk about bringing the "stoke" from RL surfing into SL and what we all can do, RL surfers or not, to further strengthen our community.
I started surfing in RL at the age of about 6 or 7, I think.  It's been a few years, so I don't really remember (smiles and winks).  The one thing that I do remember without doubt is how the guys at the beach took me in and helped me (when my dad could no longer keep up.  I was a quick little fart). 
Many (many, many) years and millions of waves later, I sat down at my computer one night and out of pure curiosity logged into SL.  I was here a week or two before I found Bishara and once again, I was welcomed, taken in, and helped by what would become a dear friend, Dumisani Ah, the owner of Bishara Resorts. Soon I was working as the Estate Manager for Bishara, and it allowed me the chance to get new users stoked on SL surfing and it seemed just like that first time in RL as a kid, when others had turned me onto surfing: the lifestyle, and the appreciation for Mother Earth and ocean.  Not only that, but Dumi gave me a blank canvas that I used to create Majini and in the process, learned about sim design and management.  Invaluable lessons (smiles).
Since then and everyday in SL, I think back and look forward.  I have no interest in debating the whole RL/SL surfing issue.  I'm more interested in using the undeniable mellow, good natured, and laid back lifestyle that we, as surfers, are famous for and bring it here to SL.  To me, it makes no difference if you are a RL surfer or not.  That's not the point.  Our community has been at odds as of late.  Growth, new comp formats, new groups and new products are, of course, essential for our community.  While I have basic philosophical issues with the methods being used to promote these new innovations, I recognize their importance.
Meanwhile, the SLSA has also grown, adapted and developed.  I would like to think we have done so without the "need" to use negative energy and bad mojo as a way of recruiting support.  I only hope that we can unify, stop all the silliness and, as Doxx says, "Shut up and ride".
To that end, the goal is - for me, anyway - to try to narrow the gap.  Try to somehow transfer the stoke from RL surfing to surfers in SL.  This community is comprised of people from all over the world, some RL surfers, some not.  But together we use our collective energy to welcome new "surfers", to spread the stoke, to narrow the gap between California and Katmandu.
At Sally (LaSalle)'s last address to us here, she was asked, "Ya think we can be strong enough to share the humility, the respect, the friendship and the values that RL surfers share?"  Her answer was "yes", which may have been somewhat wishful thinking, but I agree that we should at least strive for those goals.
In the pursuit of that, I have been lucky enough to serve on the SLSA Board, to organize surf comps thru my VSA group and surf school to help noobie surf rats catch the wonderful, addictive, and unshakable vibe that we all share.  I hope that you all, too, can think not in terms of RL contra SL, but instead in terms of respect, humility, and just having fun and sharing.
As you all know, my term on the SLSA Board has ended, and I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to serve.  It has been a ton of fun, heartaches, late nights and stress, but most importantly, I have learned.  I have learned alot about myself, alot about all of you, and I wouldn't trade my year on the SLSA Board of Directors for anything.  I can only hope that I have left my post after having helped to create some positive changes, and I wish new directors the best of luck and will always be more than willing to remain available to bounce ideas off (smiles).
Thank you so much for this chance to talk with you all and remember that my door is always open and that I rarely pass up a chance to surf with friends (smiles).

The question/answer portion of the lecture is now posted at the SLSA website:

Stay tuned for upcoming lectures by Bobbi Laval and Sebastian Saramago.

Win some linden!!!

Tell us the name of the former SLSA Director, surf shop owner and surf instructor who started the surfing hat trend (editors note:  hint - see High on a wave, 3-17-09) and win 250L right now!  Post your answer in comments!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SLSA Election Results

The results of the September 1, 2009, SLSA Director elections have just been announced.  Desirae Beaumont has been elected to one seat, commenting, "I did not expect it, but I will do my best, as usual."  And Abel Halderman has been re-elected to another term as Director.  Out of 40 votes, Halderman received 34 and Beaumont received 20, with the other candidates falling in behind those.  For more details, see

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Who to vote for? 

Do a search on the five candidates:  Abel Halderman, Desirae Beaumont, GiavannaMaria Melody, SyntheticCynthia Zunimoor,Wilfrid DeCuir and decide which two would best represent you in the SLSA.

How to vote?

Make sure you are on the eligible voters list (in a recent SLSA notice)
Make a notecard, copy but  no mod
Rename it SLSA Director Election - Your Name
Put the TWO NAMES you want as Director in the text
Pass it out to VW Sands, WickedV Carver, Bonheur Chenaux, Robin Mapp AND Sally Lasalle (instead of Abel Halderman who is also a nominee)

Good luck to all the candidates!

Monday, August 31, 2009

XSA Update

submitted by Kristoffer Juneau

I wanted to thank everyone for joining the group and expressing interest in the XSA. I wanted to just update everyone on where we stand and what we have been up to. Things have been a bit quiet with us this past month and we put off our first comp to accommodate the SLSA schedule and also because we have just been overwhelmed.
I was away on vacation for a week early in the month and am leaving for the Caribbean tonight for 9 days (yeah, I know, enough complaining by me). At our store (JJ Lanes) we saw a drop in business in August, which is typical for August but still, it is of great concern for us. JJ Lanes is what pays for all of our sims and makes the XSA possible, so we had to prioritize. We put everything aside for this month and focused on our store and revamping our product line which is a HUGE undertaking, but has already shown an immediate return for us. After I return from vacation we still have a few weeks of heavy work with our store, but will also start assembling the troops and getting our first comp planned.
A few of you have shown great interest in assisting with everything from getting sponsors, judging, marshaling, planning and everything in between. We can't thank you enough for your help and anyone else interested in taking an active role give us a shout. This is EVERYONE'S organization and everyone's voice matters.
I want to settle a few rumors I hear about the XSA. The XSA is not intended to be a replacement to the SLSA or a competitive organization to MUST or the SLSA.  Aurora Jacks and myself still support the SLSA and Team Piranha will be competing in all surf organizations. The XSA is no different than the VSA in that we are just looking at holding organized comps on our estate for all to enjoy in a different format and structure.
We do not tolerate bashing of other groups, people, or large overinflated egos. Just no room for that, and if anyone thinks that is what we are about then you surely don't know us. We also are vendor neutral (ok, well, we do push JJ Lanes furniture), but as far as surfboards and waves, yes, on our estate we do have Action waves and boards that we sell.  That is a business relationship with Jak Surf and a personal preference of mine. This does not reflect the XSA. All board types will be allowed to be used. However there may be specific comps, such as a true longboard comp, where then restrictions may be put in place on boards. For most comps though, show up with your SSI, Action or HP board and maybe others and win with style on the waves.
So stay tuned in mid September for more information and news...right now I am off to veg in the Caribbean for a bit!

- Kristoffer Juneau