Saturday, August 22, 2009

SLSA Round 2 Mori Competition Results

Final Scores:
1st place: Wilfrid DeCuir 18.50000
2nd place: Socks Clawtooth 18.16667
3rd place: Desirae Beaumont 18.00000
VW Sands 17.50000
SexyBoy Oh 16.5000
Colleen Brennan 15.50000
Semi Final 1:
Desirae Beaumont 16.83333
Sweetcajan Voom 11.3333
Followingwaves Sirbu 12.16667
Colleen Brennan 13.66667
Jac Mornington 13.66667
Surf Off Tiebreaker:
Colleen Brennan 8
Jac Mornington 7.16
Semi Final 2:
Tristan Mayo 14.5
SexyBoy Oh 17.33
Bobbi Laval 14.66
WickedV Carver 11.33
VW Sands 16.83
Semi Final 3:
Wilfrid DeCuir 17.50000
Sally LaSalle 13.83333
Bonheur Chenaux 13.66667
Socks Clawtooth 15.50000
Heat 1:
Desirae Beaumont 16.33333
Abel Halderman 15.00000
Triston Mayo 15.83333
Dixson Martian 13.66667
Sassy1Fizzle 14.83333
Pova Rustamova 13.50000
Heat 2:
Wilfrid DeCuir 15.50000
Buffy Munro 10.66667
GiavannaMarie Melody 13.00000
Sweetcajan Voom 14.00000
Sean Azambuja 13.16667
Countess Decosta 13.83333
Heat 3:
SexyBoy Oh 15.83333
Monq Pinklady 14.83333
Kim Henig 15.00000
Sally LaSalle 15.66667
Crusader Arado 15.50000
Followingwaves Sirbu 15.66667
Heat 4:
Bobbi Laval 15.6667
Bonheur Chenaux 15.16667
Yendor Destiny 14.83333
Mick Lunasea 12.66667
Rhett McMahn 12.83333
Heat 5:
Colleen Brennan 15.83333
WickedV Carver 15.66667
Robin Mapp 14.00000
Kimmy Jigsaw 15.16667
Desne Aabye 15.16667
Heat 6:
Sunrize Mornington 14.50000
Socks Clawtooth 15.83333
Jac Mornington 15.16667
Lacy Rossini 13.66667
VW Sands 15.16667

Round 2 of SLSA's Mori competition was dedicated to the memory of Blood Klotzel who touched the hearts of many in the SL surfing community. Surfers formed a circle to honor Blood's memory. Desirae Beaumont, third place winner in today's event, said, "Today, I'm surfing for Blood".

Memorial design courtesy WickedV Carver

Friday, August 21, 2009


It is with great sadness that SurfWatch passes on the news that Blood Klotzel passed away in RL last night from a sudden heart attack. Blood was a dear friend to many, active for Reef Riders surf team, a great proponent of live music in SL, and an enthusiastic supporter of West of Ireland and Project Children. He is survived by his partner and love in RL and SL, Sandi Benelli, who said he had a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back. Desirae Beaumont, Captain of Reef Riders, stated,"Please keep Blood and all his family in your thoughts and prayers. I had a chance to get to know him, and he was a man who always had kind words to say about others. God bless you, Blood Klotzel."

Ride on, Blood...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monkey Cove Amateur Surfboard Design Contest

Submit your surfboard design and enter Monkey Cove's Amateur Surfboard Design Contest starting Monday, August 31, with judging to take place Saturday, September 5. The first 25 entries will receive 100L just for entering a design!

1st Prize - 3000L
2nd Prize - 1000L
3rd Prize - 500L

Judging Criteria:

Scoring: Each of the 4 elements of the work will be judged on a 1-10 scoring system
(1) being the poorest and (10) being best in show. There can only be one score of (10) per element because there can only be one best of show for each element.

Overall Quality of the Artwork: 40% of score
Quality of artwork (as opposed to cut and paste)
Crisp and sharp graphic

Originality: 30% of Score

Board Fit: 20% of Score
Artwork position on board: centered, end distortion
Original integrity of artwork

Theme: 10% of Score
Consistency of theme throughout artwork

Contact Syx Toshi for more information

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MUST Competition Information

submitted by Clarke Torok

Registration will be Launched at 8 PM SLT Monday, August 17, at the following SURL locations
and closing at 12 noon SLT August 28
All Contestants must create an account and surfer profile on the tour community website & blog

Tour HQ Paw/235/95/21
Host Site
Premiere Host

Thursday, August 27 MUST World Premier
Hosted by: Zeroform/Sautereau Studio Group
7-9 PM SLT

Friday, August 28 JJ Lanes Mondo Inaugural Pro
7-9 PM SLT
World Tour Qualifying Series Round 1
9:30-10:30 PM SLT
Beach Party with the Pro's

Saturday, August 29 JJ Lanes Mondo Inaugural Pro
11-12:30 PM SLT
World Tour Qualifying Series Round 1 cont.'d
5-7 PM SLT
World Tour Qualifying Series Quarter Final & Start Semi Final Rounds
7-9 PM SLT Sponsor's & Surfers Mingle

Sunday, August 30 JJ Lanes Mondo Inaugural Pro
10-12 PM SLT
World Tour Qualifying Series Semi Final & Final Rounds
6-8 PM Awards Ceremony Gala

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monkey Cove, Syx

submitted by Syx Toshi

Monkey Cove is about 18 months old. When I first landed in Second Life, I was very excited to see that not only was there surfing, but there was a thriving, friendly community of surfers. Being an RL surfer, it was really cool to see what was happening here in SL. I hung out at all the great surf spots, my favorite being Surf Camp and Tsunami Beach. What I noticed on all of the surf areas was that they seemed abandoned, not many people, and pretty much no changes when I would go there. Not that these places were bad, it just didn't feel alive to me.

So I decided to experiment with beach design and waves on a 1/2 sim I rented. I have to say, Heather (Goodliffe) and Sebastian (Saramago) were great answering questions and helping me out. After that, I was hooked and rented an entire sim which is Monkey Cove (237, 222, 22). Over the past 18 months, I've expanded and contracted from one sim to four and then back to one. I finally decided to go all in and bought four sims of my own to build the type of area I thought people would like, and that's where I am today.

Monkey Cove holds two surf beaches. One of the beaches has a full sim wave duration. We also have Surf Shop 6 connected to Monkey Cove right off the beach. I think that we have more of a variety of boards than any other single location I've seen. We also have a residential area that is worked into the landscape in a very non-intrusive way.

I think the biggest thing that makes us special is wave selection. We run Epic, Pipeline, Foam, Sunset, Jaws, and 3 different Action waves. These waves can run together or separate. I like to vary the waves so the surf seems a little different each time you come. This is where I'm trying to break the mold in SL. It seems to me that even at my favorite places, no one tries to mix it up to make it feel like a dynamic place to surf and visit. My real goal is to make Monkey Cove resemble a place I would surf in RL. This whole thing is a hobby for me, so I don't need alot of retail or residential space to pay for the sims, and it allows me to create a peaceful, ever-changing destination.

Monkey Cove will be hosting our first surf competition for the MUST organization. I'm pretty excited since this will be the first. We also throw group parties that are open to all every once in awhile. End of August, we'll be holding an Amateur Surfboard Design Contest with first place prize of 3000L, second place prize of 1000L and third place prize of 500L, with judging on September 5. Stay tuned for more details on the contest, the comp, and other events at Monkey Cove.

This has been a paid advertisement from one of SurfWatch's sponsors. If you are interested in a SurfWatch sponsorship, contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Ashleigh Dickins.