Saturday, August 15, 2009

Results of SLSA 2009 Season 2 Round 1 Mori Pwani Pro Challenge

Following are the results of the SLSA 2009 Season 2 Round 1 Mori Pwani Pro Challange:

Heat 1:
Lacy Rossini 13.83333
GiavannaMarie Melody 13.16667
Countess Decosta 13.83333
Sassy1Fizzle 14.33333
Ashleigh Dickins 11.16667
Sunshine Zhangsun 10.33333

Moving up from Heat 1 are: Lacy Rossini, Countess Decosta and Sassy1 Fizzle

Heat 2:
Crusader Arado 13.16667
Velvetori Twine 12.83333
Sean Azambuja 14.83333
Sienna Velinov 11.83000
Asyah Thorne 11.00000
Bethany Felisimo 12.50000

Moving up from Heat 2 are: Crusader Arado and Sean Azambuja

Heat 3:
Kohana Schimmer 13.50000
Maldrul Morris 12.00000
Harbor Piers 13.16667
Tanya Sideways 13.00000
Sally LaSalle 13.83333
Ucalegon Zarco 11.33333

Moving up from Heat 3 are: Kohana Schimmer and Sally LaSalle

Heat 4:
Mick Lunasea 13.16667
Robbin Ember 12.66667
Tandum Apfelbaum 12.66667
Desne Aabye 13.16667
eLiza Wizenheim 12.16667
SynetheticCynthia Zunimoor 0.000000

Moving up from Heat 4 are: Mick Lunasea and Desne Aabye

Heat 5:
Kimmy Jigsaw 15.50000
Locksley Blitzstein 0.000000
VW Sands 15.00000
Kait Seetan 13.50000
Rhett McMahn 14.50000

Moving up from Heat 5 are: Kimmy Jigsaw and VW Sands

Heat 6:
Followingwaves Sirbu 13.00000
Bodhi Lowtide 0.000000
Pova Rustamova 13.00000
Pilze Braveheart 12.l83333
Sven Homewood 12.83333

Moving up from Heat 6 are: Followingwaves Sirbu and Pova Rustamova

Pictures from the competition are available at hrrp:// courtesy Bobbi Laval. Round 2 will be held Saturday, August 22, at Mori Pwani

Friday, August 14, 2009


Welcome to our second installment of Announcements, Announcements II! Be sure to go to Announcements and see what else is shakin' in SL surfing!!!



Now open at Boracay Islands...Fountain Fantasy. Marianna's original fountains with many incredible textures. Mention you saw the ad here and receive 100L off your purchase! (40,107,21) Contact Marianna Monentes for more information.


Thanks to the generosity of Vibers, surfers, and beachgoers, Mori Pwana and Tuli Bahari have been purchased and gifted to VW Sands, former Bishara Estate Manager and Mori/Tuli Manager. He was surprised and thrilled when he got the news, "Simply amazing. I'm so stoked. I'm still kinda numb (laughs)." Come surf Mori and Tuli - same waves, same surf, new Sands!!!


Kantbe Thursday has completed a set of Reef Rider videos currently posted to youtube. Bundoran was used as the location because of their special relationship with WOI. These videos were initially designed as training tools but they display a variety of surfing styles and everyone can enjoy checking these out!

Desirae Beaumont:>
Bonheur Chenaux:>
Cymindra Deschanel:>
Bobbi Laval:>
GiavannaMarie Meloday:>
Rhett McMahn:>
Lynda Mimulus:>
Selina Otsuka:>
Noie Randt:>

Contact Kantbe if you want additional information about these surfing videos.


The Big Kahuna is taking a summer break! Look for the next issue in-world October 2009!


Here's your sign! Surfagirl Sign Shop and Surf Photos, Monq Pinklady's shop, located at Kohana Kahakaians, Kohana Kahaka, BlueSky Dreams (245, 172, 22), for all your signage and surf photos.


Running from July 24 to August 24, Pyramid Gallery will showcase 13 very talented and some very well known artists. Bobbi Laval will be showcasing her more abstract works and debuting four of her newest abstracts, as well as several of her favorites. Check out the exhibits at Pyramid Gallery, Taj Hjem III (202, 94, 63).

VELVET RYTHMS proud to announce on the 14th of August there will be music by the fabulous Tauri Tigerpaw...starting @1:30 PM SL...some of the top models will be parading in VRythms unique have fun and see some of the newly created garments that will be exclusive for the GRAND OPENING!!! Bring your lovers and brothers and, of course, your dancing shoes! South Tacoma (173, 176, 22)


After the success of the Ripple calendar, ONeill Auer is using his photographic skills to produce a SharkBite surfing action calendar 2010 in association with SurfWatch. He will take surfing shots of SL surfers in SharkBite surfwear and select the best action shots for the calendar. SurfWatch will run a feature on each of the monthly models and their swimwear. The calendar will retail for 400L and for every calendar sold, 150L will be donated by SharkBite and SurfWatch to cancer research. If any SL surfers wish to be considered for the calendar, contact Lala Recreant for more information.


Sweet Kitty Creation, a new line of poses specifically for those short/tall avatar combinations. Custom poses available, couples poses, singles poses, singles animations, unique photography props. Check it out at eMOTIONS by *SKC*, Fetish Alive (51, 183, 31) or contact Sierra Sugar for more information.


Wax on..wax off...Frankie Miles surf wax goes on soooo smoooooth. In 3 varieties: basecoat coconut, cold pineapple, and tropical watermelon. Listen to the rhythmic ocean waves, knees pressed into sand, feeling the sun on your back as you wax your board. You can find it at Sol Mananero (47, 18, 25) or Makes a great gift, too!


Bonheur Cheneux in her first show, on the first floor of Laval Gallery. As Bobbi Laval, owner of Laval Gallery, describes it, "Bon has always been an inspiration to me. Her photos tell a story, sometimes a dark and disturbing story, and evoke an emotional response."

And Bobbi Laval with all new, never before seen photos. "For this show, I have done something completely different. I have let my darker side out. No pretty landscapes, flowers, or trees. More like latex, razor blades and blood."

Laval Photography Gallery and St. San Gabriele (209, 28, 22)


Bikinis, boardies, shirts, rashies, tops, jeans for men and women, the latest hot snazzy surfwear in SL. Two locations to serve you - SharkBite at Mori Pwani (87, 235, 22) and Ripple-SharkBite, Dana Island (179, 84, 21)


Duplicating the beauty of RL Peahi in Maui, Hawaii, experience Peahi at Braata to surf, hang out, or explore the beach. (4, 15, 21)


Looking for a tropical paradise sim surrounded in lush gardens, waterfalls, refreshing pools, white sand beaches, and a down-to-earth chill environment to whittle away all your stress? Kohana Kahaka offers one of the most unique surf spots in SL: a three panel epic, pipes and fluffs, and a 100m Sunset wave are rotated on the sim to offer ever changing surf conditions, all of which pound into an exposed reef that offers each rider with a challenge to aboid the dreaded Vanu. Come check out Kohana Kahaka. It is one of those secret spots so many will call home. BlueSky Dreams (182, 130, 21)


The club where all the action is HOT HOT HOT! Open Tues thru Thurs, 8-10 PM SLT. Trivia all 3 nights with DJs. Live entertainment one night a month. Check it out, Blazing Inferno, AMS - Charmed Beach Isle (101, 77, 718) Contact Blaize Korobase for more information.


Emma Portilo and Maxwell Silvansky are proud to announce their partnership ceremony on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. Maid of Honor was Mistina Collins. Best "Man" was Tauri Tigerpaw, who also sang 4 special songs for the couple at the reception. The couple has been seen surfing some honeymoon waves at various sims and riding their jetski off into the sunset...



Born a day earlier than expected - August 6, 2009 - Kimmy Jigsaw's water broke during her baby shower. Colleen Brennan had an ambulance on standby, administered an epidural, and assisted in the births of:

Sun DeCuir at 20:06 - 5 lbs 2 oz
Moon Galli at 20:17 - 5 lbs 6 oz

Sky Haiku at 20:27 - 4 lbs 12 oz
Congratulations to the new family and, in the words of Thalia Saramago after the shower delivery, "Damn it, Kimmy, you always have the last word!!"

Kimmy, Sandi, Wil and Rick proudly announce they are having babies<3!!!>

Expected date of delivery: 7 August 2009

They are all so proud to be adding 3 additions to their lovely family and older sister, Lacy!

Share da love! If you have a partnership, birth, death, business, announcement , venue, opening, concert or event you'd like to have posted, let all your friends in SL surfing know about it! Contact Tauri Tigerpaw and we'll get the word out!

Heats Draws Round 1 Mori Pwani Pro Challenge

Saturday, August 15, SLSA Season 2 2009 commences with Round 1 of the Mori Pwani Pro Challenge. Start time is 11:00 AM SLT - Heat 1 is instructed to check in at 10:45. Each heat will run approximately 50 minutes and will consist of 3 waves. The top 2 surfers from each heat will advance to Round 2 on August 22. In case of a tie for second place in a heat, both second place surfers will advance to Round 2.

Heat 1:
Red - Lacy Rossini
Blue - GiavannaMarie Melody
Green - Countess Decosta
Orange - Sassy1 Fizzle
Purple - Ashleigh Dickins
Black - Sunshine Zhangsun

Heat 2:
Red - Crusader Arado
Blue - Velvetori Twine
Green - Sean Azambuja
Orange - Sienna Velinov
Purple - Asyah Thorne
Black - Bethany Felisimo

Heat 3:
Red - Kohana Schimmer
Blue - Maldrul Morris
Green - Harbor Piers
Orange - Tanya Sideways
Purple - Sally LaSalle
Black - Ucalegon Zarco

Heat 4:
Red - Mick Lunasea
Blue - Robbin Ember
Green - Tandum Apfelbaum
Orange - Desne Aabye
Pruple - Eliza Wizenheim
Black - SyntheticCynthia Zunimoor

Heat 5:
Red - Kimmy Jigsaw
Blue - Locksley Blitzstein
Green - VW Sands
Orange - Kait Seetan
Purple - Rhett McMahn

Heat 6:
Red - Followingwaves Sirbu
Blue - Bodhi Lowtide
Green - Pova Rustamova
Orange - Pilze Braveheart
Purple - Sven Homewood

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reaction Releases Quad Wing Boards!

If you've been on the waves and beaches lately you may have seen the new Reaction Quad Wings boards. The boards were released August 12, 2009, with 10 designs and a unique sculpted wing tail. With a smooth sculpted design, and the namesake quad fins, this board is lean and mean.

The Quad Boards by Early Light

The board has been in development for a year, as first reported by SurfWatch in August, 2008. As you can imagine, it's undergone extensive testing and has been tweaked for optimal physics performance, making for an extremely quick and well handling board that is a dream on pipes.

To pick up one of these short and sweet rides, head to Reaction in Alternation (110,131,22)

SLSA Director Elections

The Second Life Surfing Association is preparing to elect two new directors for six month terms to fill two vacating seats. If you are interested in running for SLSA Director, send a notecard to each of the five sitting directors - Abel Halderman, Bonheur Chenaux, Robin Mapp, VW Sands and WickedV Carver - stating:

1. Intent to run for Director and complete a 6 month term
2. Product, Team, sim affiliation

Deadline for registering is Tuesday, August 25, 2009, midnight SLT. The election will take place Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

See for more information.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sharkbite Fourth Fun Comp

Submitted by Lala Recreant

Sharkbite had a rocking time today at Mori Pwani with the fourth in the series of the fun mini-competitions! Six riders took part and yet AGAIN we had a CLASS field of competitors. Each rider put 100L into the pot and SurfWatch contributed 500L to the Winner's Prize. Sharkbite also handed out free clothes to the competitors and the winner had an outfit of their choice.

The competition was on a 3 wave, any board, total scores out of 10 for each wave basis. ONeill Auer judged and Lala Recreant marshalled. The Epic caused a few minor skirmishes for the riders, but the winner, Bobbi Laval, pulled out a fantastic ride on her second wave in what turned out to be a very tight competition!

Scores in order of high score:

Bobbi Laval - 23.9
Bonheur Chenaux - 23.3
Kimmy Jigsaw - 20.7
Luke Fenutzini - 20.2
Robbin Ember - 20.0
Socks Clawtooth - 19.0

Sharkbite is suspended for two weeks (for holidays!) but for those of you that wish to join in the weekly madness, please IM Lala Recreant to be added to the Sharkbite group or join it thru open enrollment. Otherwise, please feel free to join in when notices are posted in various groups.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MUST Kick Off

MUST (Metaverse United Surfers Tour) announces the roll out of their website,, with the premier kick off party scheduled for Thursday, August 27. The first MUST competition is scheduled for Friday thru Sunday, August 28-30. More details to follow. For more information, contact Clarke Torok, visit the website or join MUST in world.

Bundoran Beach, Neart, and Crab Island

Submitted by Sioban McMahon
Photos by Tauri Tigerpaw

The West of Ireland (WOI) was founded in Second Life in February 2007 to advance Irish and Celtic culture and to raise awareness of Project Children ( We are an extension of the South Texas Celtic Music Association and a 501c3 non-profit, recognized by
both Linden Labs and the US government. Each month, the West of Ireland hosts over 100 events, provides recreational opportunities, and a wonderful sense of community for SL users across the world. Thanks to the generosity of our community members and visitors, we are
able to make regular donations to Project Children averaging more than $650 US per month.

The history and culture of Celtic peoples, particularly the Irish, are deeply rooted in the ocean, coastal areas, and wetlands. Water flows through our religions, our means of doing business, and our daily lives. It was natural, then, that coastal areas quickly became a part of the West of Ireland. Bundoran Beach was added first, a homage to a fantastic RL surfing place in Ireland by the same name. Bundy, as it's affectionately known, is home to pipelines and fluffy waves that are both a great place to learn to surf and a good challenge to experienced surfers. It also has spots, both obvious and tucked away, to gather with friends to dance or chat.

Next to arrive at the West of Ireland was Neart, the name of which means strength in
Irish Gaelic. Neart is wild, bringing to mind the far flung bits of land along the southern and western coasts of RL Ireland. It is home to both an EPIC wave and diverse icons of Irish rural culture.

The final surfing area to join the WOI family is Crab Island. Strikingly different than Bundoran or Neart, Crab features a tropical theme reminiscent of the New World. This theme provides a diversity in surfing experience at WOI and is a recognition of a major, but little known aspect of Irish history. During the period of European colonization of the Western Hemisphere, thousands of Irish were sent as indentured servants or even true slaves to work plantations across the Caribbean. The reasons for being sent ranged from various crimes to political activities. With Crab Island, we acknowledge this history but represent the linkage in a way that shows growth beyond a painful past. Crab is home to the latest waves by an up and coming designer, Leogarto Burt. Taken together, our three coastal sims provide three entirely different surfing experiences all within paddling distance of each other.

The West of Ireland hosts more than 100 events each month, ranging from concerts to storytelling to art exhibitions to surfing classes and competitions. Our schedule is at: . We hold our larger events on the WOI main sim adjacent to Bundoran to preserve the quality of the surfing experience. One on one surfing lessons are available daily simply by clicking an on-call button on Bundoran. In
all our activities, we try to be very supportive of new residents and strive to follow high standards for hospitality for all guests.

We offer a wide range of surfing experiences in close proximity, coupled with great events and a strong and supportive community. Best of all, underneath all of this lies a great cause: Project Children.

I could tell you about our great waves, about the historical and cultural aspects of our sims, and the wide range of events we host at WOI, but that wouldn't capture what truly makes us special. It's our community. WOI is made up of people I am proud to call friends and whom I'd love to know in RL. You visit a sim to enjoy the builds, you return to a sim for the people.

Thank you for the chance to talk about our sims and community. The West of Ireland is a labor of love for a group of more than 20 volunteers. We are dedicated to creating something wonderful and lasting in SL and to help the children of Northern Ireland in real and
tangible ways through Project Children.

This has been a paid advertisement from one of SurfWatch's sponsors. If you are interested in a SurfWatch sponsorship, contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Ashleigh Dickins.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no

Sunday, September 20, 2009, at HP Surf Point (Crab Island 149, 82, 22), the Brazilian Surf Association's 4th stage championship surf comp will commence! Enjoy the high waves, the sexy surfers, the hot sun, and some incredible wave riding! Contact Leogarto Burt for more information.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The results from the Sunday, August 9, 2009, 11th Surf Jam competition follows:

Placement in the Finals:
1. Wil DeCuir 19.333
2. Desirae Beaumont 18.916
3. WickedV Carver 18.583
4. Sassy1Fizzle 17.833
5. Abel Halderman 17.583

And Scores from the earlier heats of the competition:

Heat One:
1. Desirae Beaumont 16.75
2. Triston Mayo 17.166
3. Kika Arnahan - no show
4. Bobbi Laval 15.833
5. Vy Roux 13.75

Heat Two:
1. WickedV Carver 16.500
2. Followingwaves Sirbu 14.916
3. Ucalegon Zarco 14.00
4. Sassy1 Fizzle 15.083
5. Brigit Ranger 13.25

Heat Three:
1. Colleen Brennan 14.666
2. Asyah Thorne 13.166
3. Wil DeCuir 13.666
4. Blood Klotzel - no show
5. Robbin Ember - no show

Heat Four:
1. Abel Halderman 16.25
2. Droxy Hammerthall - 0.00
3. Noie Randt 16.00
4. Kim Henig 15.25
5. Rachelle Seetan 15.50

Semi One:
1. Triston Mayo 16.666
2. Desirae Beaumont 17.25
3. Colleen Brennan 16.75
4. Wil DeCuir 18.25
Semi Two:
1. WickedV Carver 16.583
2. Sassy1 Fizzle 16.583
3. Abel Halderman 18.166
4. Noie Randt 15.75


Breaking news: SurfWatch business correspondent and investigative reporter, Rhett McMahn, incarcerated for,

"Violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards. The violation in question occurred on August 8, 2009, in the region of Surf Love.
Violation: Disturbing the Peace: Repetitive Content, Spamming Repeatedly and/or persistently transmitting undesired content, whether by IM, chat, notecard, object or texture drop, or email to another Resident is unacceptable.
Action: As a result of this violation, your Second Life account is being temporarily suspended for a period of 1 days. It will return to active status on Sunday, Aug 09, 2009."

When asked for a statement from his LL holding cell, McMahn states, "Look... Bel (Beloved Avril) and I were having a conversation in IM. She was crazy saying I had wrote something about her. I ain't never said a word about Beloved Avril to ANYONE! Next thing ya know the cops are busting my ass out of my hammock and I'm face planted in the rock! I don't know what the hell she was thinking? I never spammed her sim? I haven't been there since June!"

MDSTreasurer Sixpence, an officer for MadDawg Sports and Entertainment, a company owned by McMahn, commented in a brief statement. "Mr. McMahn is only speaking to friends, employees, and family. At this time, an appeal has been filed by support ticket. Mr. McMahn is innocent of what he is accused. Mr. McMahn has agreed that any interviews will be conducted by his editor-in-chief from SurfWatch, Tauri Tigerpaw. Any other inquiries of Mr. McMahn will have to wait until after the SLSA opening competition. Let us not forget folks, Mr. McMahn is a Professional Surfer. Tricks like this could cost him dearly, and ::MD:: does not take that lightly!"

When asked if she wished to make a statement whether she was involved with these charges being filed against McMahn because of the Surf Love region as the violation occurrence, Avril stated, "Suspended? Really? comment. I have no idea why he would have been suspended. Wasn't me." She agrees they had a disagreement but that she didn't A.R. him over it.

Avril and McMahn's disagreement allegedly stemmed over the SW Resurrection post (editors note: see Resurrection blog, August 7, 2009, in SW), altho there was no mention of Avril having any ties made to Austin in that post other than her own public comments linking them. Avril denies being Dharma Austin and knowing or ever meeting Austin, altho both Austin and Avril share the same business partner. Austin "died" on March 3, 2009. Beloved Avril appeared in SL November 22, 2008. Witnesses recall Avril was identified as a founder of MUST (Metaverse United Surfers Tour), altho that affiliation has since been changed. She is involved in retailing various items to the SL surf community, and she is involved in various surfing organizations in addition to being a founder of the Kathy Griffin fan club group. Avril stated in a public posting to Kathy Griffin's website on Wednesday, August 05, 2009 5:33 pm, "I may be 50 years old but I adore Kathy. Im her biggest fan. I play the virtual reality game "Second Life" and I've formed a fan club but no one will join. It's called "Join the D LIST KISS NO a$$" - you see there are avatar "surfers" in this game yah I mean they surf on a board on fake water and compete! anyway it is soooooooo elitist and they all act like A Listers so I am the "rebel" and no one likes me. I am nice I promise! I just don't Kiss a$$ so I'm always saying I'd rather be on the D List than on the A List with you Assholes! They hate me!..." Yours truly, Beloved Avril". She was also a founder of Brass Ovaries, a women's group which no longer exists in SL, but which was coincidentally also the name of a women's group founded by Dharma Austin.

Longhard Rhode, founder of Saints of Hell Motorcycle club and sim, and SL live singer, will be holding a concert tonight, Sunday, August 9, at Southern Oasis at 9 PM SLT (106, 161, 23) and donating all of the proceeds to the Free Rhett McMahn legal fund.

SurfWatch is an SL surf world reporting blog and has no intention, involvement or interest in RL information. However, falsely accusing SurfWatch members in order to have them suspended from investigating SL events only serves to involve SurfWatch further. Was the attempt by Clare Abbey, one of Austin's alts, to purchase SurfWatch also an attempt to silence SurfWatch? SurfWatch will keep readers informed.

Montego Lecture Circuit - Sally LaSalle

Referred to by Kohana Schimmer as "one of the most beloved surfers in our community, she epitomizes the phrase Caring is Sharing", Sally LaSalle's much anticipated lecture for the Montego Lecture Circuit is now posted in full format, lecture and Q&A, at the SLSA website:

Kohana has just confirmed that VW Sands, Bobbi Laval, and Sebastian Saramago are confirmed on the schedule for future lectures. Stay tuned for more details on these events.