Friday, August 7, 2009


Dharma Austin, longstanding member of the Second Life surf community, beloved by some, whose real life death was reported to be 3-3-09, now appears to be alive and well as alleged on 8-7-09 on the post-mortem website It is well known and communicated by Dharma herself in SL that the RL person behind Dharma's persona has been fighting liver cancer for some time, and the SL community was told that she had died of complications. The fact that this website claims to be her stating she is alive in RL will come as a huge relief to those in SL that cared about her.

While Dharma Austin's identity has exited Second Life and is for some reason currently inaccessible, she remains listed on the Reef Riders surf team as the founder of the team, was heavily involved with the Armstrong charitable organization, Livestrong, and was a founder of several organizations (you can read more about her SL experience at her website). Supporters attempting to posthumously induct her into the Second Life Surfing Association Hall of Fame may be relieved to hear that she survives.

The website states Dharma made a reappearance in Second Life as Clare Abbey (rezzed 4-3-09 and states on Abbey's profile on 8-7-09 "account closed on June 10, 2009, at 8:28 PM"), introducing herself to many in the surf community, including SurfWatch, as Dharma's "neice" ( A few weeks ago, someone claiming to be Clare Abbey and Dharma's neice in RL contacted Barchan Paderborn, SurfWatch founding editor, to make an offer to buy SurfWatch. Was this the "real" Clare Abbey who states on her website as of 8-7-09 she is "not in virtual games any longer", or someone impersonating Clare Abbey? With so many alts at large, it is difficult to tell. SurfWatch is investigating and will keep readers updated.

She Lives!!!

Breaking news: Dharma Austin who's RL death was reported several months ago causing much sadness and heartbreak among those that loved her in SL reports on her website that she actually lives but faked her RL death for a number of reasons. She states she returned as Clare Abbey who SurfWatch can confirm was active in SL for a number of months. Stay tuned to SurfWatch for additional information on this breaking story.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sharkbite Third Competition

submitted by Lala Recreant
Sharkbite had a fab time today at Sol Mananero Surf with the third in a series of their fun mini competitions. Seven riders took part, and we had a class field of surfers! Each rider put 100L into the pot, joint winners splitting the pot, and Sharkbite gave all riders free clothes with a special selection for the winners.
The competition was on a 3-wave, any board, total scores out of 10 for each wave basis. ONeill Auer judged and Lala Recreant marshalled. The epic ran smoothly at Sol and the riders all put in fantastic performances. Socks Clawtooth was in his usual jovial form, and we nearly ended up having a NAKED surfing competition!!
We ended up with joint winners, scores as follows:
Joint Winners:
Bonheir Chenaux : 25 points
MarkFoo Waverider : 25 points
In order of high scores:
WickedV Carver : 24.8 points
FollowingWaves Sirbu: 24.0 points
Lynda Mimulus: 23.4 points
Luke Fenutzini: 23.3. points
Socks Clawtooth: 21.o points
As you can see, a tight, high scoring competition. The competition will be at Sol again next Wednesday, so for those of you that wish to join in the weekly madness, please IM Lala Recreant to be added to the Sharkbite group. Otherwise, please feel free to join in when we post notices in various groups.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kohana Kahaka

One of the best kept secret surf spots in SL (until now), Kohana Kahaka is Robin Mapp and Monq Pinklady's surf haven and home of the Da Hui surf team. Knarly waves crashing on an exposed reef and extra long runs in a beautifully laid out tropical lagoon, Kohana offers both SSi and Jaws boards for demo use and have a large array of both for sale. It's also the home of Rob John's Surf Shop and Surfa Girl Sign Shop.

Kohana is designed by a surfer specifically for surfing. The wave types are constantly rotated to offer a unique experience all the time. Just as wave conditions in RL change, Kohana Kahaka may offer epics one week, Sunsets another, or maybe a pipes/fluff combo. Kohana Kahaka is open to the public. Check it out at BlueSky Dreams (241, 232, 22).

Win Linden!!!

Honey, I shrunk the cat! Be the first to correctly identify this crazy little surfboard hood ornament in the comments section and win an eeeeeezzzzzzz 100L!!!

Take a close look....think you know who that might be? C'mon - take a wild guess! And if you're right, you could win 100L right now!