Friday, May 23, 2008

Estates join forces to create massive watersports development

Broadwater Antilles well positioned to become the largest group of surfing sims, the largest group of ocean sims for the Neo-Realms Fishing System and the largest group of ocean sims for sailing outside the Second Life mainland.

Pipeline surf break on Saba Island

Three Second Life entrepreneurs have announced an ambitious new project that will include what could be the largest watersports development in Second Life. The new mega-estate or 'continent' is called the Broadwater Antilles and it looks set to become a powerful force in Second Life diving, sailing, surfing and other watersports.

ATown Fall, Phelan James and Niki Wilder, owners of TCH Estates, Hedonism Estates and Wilder Estates respectively, have already begun integrating their estates to create Broadwater Antilles, which will consist of 26 sims in the first two phases of its development, while at least 12 more sims will be added to the development during phase three. TCH Estate's sims, which will form the core of the new development are not yet connected to the other estates' sim, however more sims are expected to be integrated into the development as Linden Lab processes requests to relocate sims on the Second Life grid. All sims will be open with no ban lines obstructing free passage.

TCH, Hedonism and Wilder estates combined account for well over 100 Second Life sims, although Broadwater is tight-lipped about the final number of sims that will eventually be integrated into phase four and five of the development. Importantly, these estates are being linked together by a large expanse of landscaped / seascaped ocean sims that will be dedicated to sports and leisure activites including surfing, sailing and diving. The first two phases inlcude two Epic wave breaks (including TCH's Barbuda and Hedonism's Kahuna Beach), four pipeline wave breaks (including TCH's Saba Island and Mandi Island) and numerous ocean foam wave breaks (or fluffies).

For those that appreciate larger craft, Wilder Skies' aircraft carrier

According to Broadwater, the development is being created to further develop the core activities of each of the business partners including Wilder Skies (home to Second Life's biggest public aircraft carrier), TCH Dive, TCH Surf, TCH Sports, TCH Yacht Club, Hedonistic Isle Marina and Kahuna Beach Mall. Broadwater Antilles is expected to become a major player in Second Life sailing with the largest group of ocean sims outside of the mainland. It will also boast the largest group of connected sims for the Neo-Realms Fishing System.

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