Monday, May 5, 2008

Heather Goodliffe announces board update program

In response to popular demand, Heather Goodliffe has announced a surfboard script update program to update surfboards purchased pre-Havok4. Abel Halderman of Team Tsunami has taken on the update project and has been set-up by Heather to service 'no copy' transferable surfboards and update their scripts in return for a small fee.

"We decided to start this program due to the number of people and partners asking about Havok4 issues (and seeing how slow Linden Lab has been with the fix)," said Heather Goodliffe. "I imagine that this will probably involve at least a few hundred boards. Abel's probably already updated quite a few and, independently, I've handled a number of copy and copy/mod boards already."

Surfboards and surfable waves all started behaving differently following the
roll-out of new Havok4 server code across Second Life by Linden Lab in early April. Surfboard behaviours changed overnight in the number of ways including floating a few inches under the water instead of on top of it and and changes to maneuverability and wave interaction. The easiest way to tell if you have a pre-Havok4 surfboard is by looking at how is sits on the water. If your board floats under the water, then it has a pre-Havok4 script.

Meanwhile, those who have bought post-Havok4 boards that are missing the tube cam option, own a 'copy' 'no transfer' board or who own a custom
'no transfer' board should contact Heather directly, in which case a slightly higher fee is involved. This offer applies only to surfboards with Heather Goodliffe scripts.

"I'm keen to help minimalise the number of unhappy surfers," said Abel who is now ranked fourth in the SLSA standings. "It's a lot of work, but its what surfers need right now and the new update incudes script 5.1 with a camera option in menu. Otherwise, surfers will get back exactly the same make and model board as they currently own, just with an updated script."


If your board floats under the water, then it has a pre-Havok4 script and will behave slightly differently than in the past. However, bear in mind that the way your board performs is related to a number of factors: the board script, the type of wave and the wave script, the way the wave has been installed by the sim owner, the sim environment that you are surfing in, plus fixes and updates installed by Linden Lab from time to time. There is no doubt that pre-Havok4 boards are performing much better now than directly after the first round of Havok4 updates in April (and many waves have also been adjusted since the updates to perform better). However, all pre-Havok4 boards still float under the water and if you want that fixed then this is how to go about it.

Please note that this update program is a one-way upgrade of your board, so only participate in the update program if you are sure that you want your board script changed permanently. Surfboards cannot be down-graded from the new Havok4 board scripts to the older scripts once upgraded.

If you own a 'no copy' transferable board that was created with a Heather Goodliffe script, give your board to Abel Halderman together with a notecard stating your name, the name and brand of your board, plus L$100 towards modifying your board. Abel will check your board out and confirm whether it is possible to update the script.

If you own a 'copy' board or a 'modify/copy' board that was created with a Heather Goodliffe script, you should contact Heather directly with a notecard stating your name, the name and brand of your board, plus L$250 towards modifying your board. She'll contact you regarding the upgrade.

If you own a custom board that was created with a Heather Goodliffe script, you should also contact Heather directly. If you are not sure if your surfboard is custom made board or not, ask the surfboard designer or vendor to verify this for you. Then give Heather a notecard stating your name, the name and brand of your board, plus L$500. She'll contact you regarding the upgrade.

If you own a post-Havok4 board, but it is missing the 'tube cam' option in the dialogue, you should contact Heather directly.

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Schrottvogel Wei said...

geeyhmxWould be good if boardshapers have known this before to inform their customers.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the board a bit underwater, and contacted Sebastian Saramago. He took my board and for the nominal fee of 100 L$ reworked it and shipped it back. THANKS ! What Service! -Tory Micheline