Saturday, May 31, 2008


31 May 2008 -- SurfWatch is reporting live from the Majini Island on the VSA Surf Jam 4 -- Starting Saturday 31May 2008 from 1200 hrs Second Life Time (SLT or PDT) or 1900 hrs GMT.


This is the fourth VSA Surf Jam of the year, which takes place today on Majini beach's Epic wave break. 17 surfers are expected to take part in the competition.
SurfWatch will post the competition heat draws, semi finals results and finals results only for Surf Jam 4.

SurfWatch Results is also available on the mobile (cellular) Internet via SurfWatch Mobile

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Anonymous said...

The EPIC crash yesterday should be investigated. Having other EPICs down at the same time smacks of some underhanded action by LL again. We have seen the 'helpful' returns of certain fluffies or foam waves this past month by the Lindens for apparent lag causing reasons, none of which were justified when judged by the only data we can see, the sim's performance. Now we see the Surf Jam completely spoilt by this situation, that could only have been down to two things, network issues, not apparent at all yesterday, or a Linden action. Maybe an investigative follow up here on Surfwatch could expose what happened?