Friday, April 11, 2008

First post-Havok4 havoc Second Life surfing competition now set for 19 April

Time for Vibers to paddle out and practice!

The VSA (Vibrations Surf Alliance) confirmed today that its third Surf Jam of the year will now take place on Saturday 19 April 2008 at 1100hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT) on Majini Island, making it the first Second Life surfing competition to take place in the post- Havok4 update world. The competition was scheduled for this Saturday 12 April.

"The VSA Surf Jam has been moved to April 19th to allow organizers a few days to assess the post-Havok havoc and inform the VSA group members gather the staff to make
Surf Jam 3 as much fun as possible in spite of the recent changes in Second Life," said VW Sands, organiser and Bishara Resorts Estate Manager. "Look out for in-world notices for information and heat draws for Surf Jam 3!"

Vibers will now have to wait until next weekend to
find went who gets to stand on top of the winners' podium and how Second Life's new physics will make its mark on the competition. The last Surf Jam was won by Buffy Monro, with February's winner Oneill Auer coming second and Jaqueline Infinity close on their heels in her second number three placing of this year.

The monthly Surf Jam's are members only events, which take place on
Majini Island, part of the Bishara Resorts sim. Competition entries are limited to 20 competitors and surfers face off in four preliminary heats, narrowing down to 10 surfers in the semis and 5 for the finals' heats.

Please note that VSA competition surfers must register again for the Surf Jam 3 as soon as possible in light of the new date (i.e. competition registrations for the orginal date are not valid for the rescheduled event). The heats draw is expected to be announced on or before Friday 18 April.

Surfers contact: VW Sands

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