Saturday, January 28, 2012

SurfJam 19 Comp Results

pics courtesy of VW Sands and JT Castanea

JT Castanea 18
CK Carver 17.75
Sunrize Mornington 17.5
Wicked Carver 15.75

Heat 1
CK Carver  18
Imzadi Amaterasu  NS
NicuTzi Resident  17.5
Wicked Carver  18
Mick Lunasea 17.9

Heat 2
Petra Xaris  14.75
Cristal Rowlands  15.25
JT Castanea  17.75
Sunrize Mornington  15.75
Marcella Belargio  14.75

Heat 1
Mick Lunasea  14.75
Zelda Zimberman   14.25
Ugh Yeu    14
Petra Xaris    15.75
CK Carver   17

Imzadi Amaterasu   17
Dixson Martian  NS
Revlon Benoir  15.75
Socks Clawtooth  NS
Cristal Rowlands  16.25

NicuTzi Resident   17
Xander Datura  NS
Marcella Belargio  15.25
JT Castanea   16.25
Melian Catronis  14.75

Sally Lasalle  17
Sunrize Mornington  17.75
Alliejj Resident  9.75
Wicked Carver  18.25

Staff: VW Sands, Lissa Sands, oigetoffmychips, Cloudy Matova, DJ Ensane Jefferson
Special Thanks to Wicked and CK Carver for allowing us the use of their sim and Icy Fredrikkson for the use of James

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SurfWatch wants to help you!

Please send SurfWatch your questions for the next in-world magazine! Here's some anonymous e-mail websites:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

SurfJam 19 Registration is Open

Contact VW Sands by notecard if you would like to compete. 

Flashback! Week of Jan 24, 2010

Off season for surfing can be wrought with drama, boredom, and tons of questions on when the next season begins. Well, surfers, pull up some sand because this time machine is going back to what kept the community hopping the week of Jan 24, 2010