Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SLSA Announces Rule Change

Today the SLSA announced a change to the rule that allowed those riders who worked as comp staff to have their worst score dropped. In order to encourage more riders to work surf competitions as judges, the rule was changed to the rider working as a Judge will be giving rank points equal to their average place for the season.  More information can be found here.  Interview with Board of Directors to follow soon.


CK said...

Always a difficult one this, but I think what will happen is that surfers will always want to judge at their least favoured wave or comp', that they normally couldn't score well on, is that really fair? Not only on others, but also on HJ's trying to find judges.
I think if you decide to surf a whole season you should be prepared to judge at least 1 comp' per season. I think if surfers were to select two comp's they would judge at,once venues have been announced,(but would be selected for 1 during the season), it would give HJ's an "actual" pool of judges per comp' to choose from. Also every registrant should be asked to take mandatory judge training at some point, to enable this option.
If something like this isn't done soon, I'm afraid Hj's will still be at wits end, asking for last min' volenteers. Totally not fair on them or seeing the same ol' faces having to drop everything to help out.

Lissa Pinion said...

Abel started a sign up list season before last and I put one up on the forums last season. I know having people sign up ahead of time worked well. Bottom line is that until folks figure out that everyone needs to pull together, judges will always be the same people sacrificing so the majority can surf. Once your judges burn out or decide its not worth it, there goes the comps. Its a shame this is an ongoing issue with more than 900 members.