Saturday, January 30, 2010

SurfWatch in the Tube and on it - Video Commercials

A video commercial of your product, service, talent, venue gives you the exposure you need.  Sign up now for a 60 second video commercial filmed by Soul Wave producer, Aeryn Kidd.  The video will be streamed at SurfWatch's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration, used in SurfWatch's SL Surfing Highlights show, and available on youtube.  5000L for a 60 second spot.  If you are interested, contact Aeryn Kidd by February 15, 2010.  First 10 contacts only, so don't wait!  SurfWatch - in the tube and on it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Australian Surfing Association Competition Heat Draws

Australian Surfing Association (ASA) heat draws for the competition scheduled for Saturday, January 30, 2010, 3 PM SLT, to be held at Monkey Cove (215, 96, 22):

Heat 1

Red  - Rayzza Rubble
Blue - Hummer Lefavre
White - Figger Arun
Green - Colleen Brennan

Heat 2

Red - Velvetori Twine
Blue - Countess Decosta
White - Dixon Martian
Green - Painless Skytower

Heat 3

Red - Crusader Arado
Blue  - Desne Aabye
White - Snapple Sneerwell
Green - Lynda Mimulus

Heat 4

Red - Rain Tigerfish
Blue - carleena Mosely
White - Abel Halderman
Green - LilMario Lavendel

Stand by:

Mick Lunasea
Quench Spotter
Robbin Ember
Harbor Piers
Bodhi Lowtide

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australian Surfing Association Competition Information

In preparation for Saturday's Australian Surfing Association (ASA) competition, the ASA has released some information to help new surfers understand how the competitions work and help in understanding some Australian slang.  Reprinted by permission of the ASA.

Australian Surf Association Surf Competition Guidelines:

ASA surf competitions are for fun!

An opportunity to hang out with fellow surfers and give your best shot at catching that elusive lag-free perfect wave. We have judges that will be sitting on the surfing sim to score your ride. You will have 3 rides and scores are averaged on the best 2 scores. Also a marshall who will guide you and tell you when to take your wave.

You can register for a competition, once it is announced, by sending an IM to the director saying you wish to compete. You will need to be a member of ASA group to compete on the day and be able to rez your surfboard.

About a week before the surf comp, a group message will be sent out with the Heat Draws showing which heat you will be surfing in, what color rashies to wear, and a landmark to the competition sim. Rashies and boardies are also sent out with heat draws.

IMPORTANT: Put on your rashie and boardshorts and remove all attachments, AO's, Scanners, jewelry before your heat.  This reduces lag on the sim and helps you surf better.

There are 2 areas at a surf comp, The Surfing sim and the Spectators Stands on an adjoining sim.

Competitors wait in the Spectators stand until their heat is called. This helps to keep the lag down for surfers.

When called, competitors go to the Marshall area, usually on the beach and wait for the Marshall to say to paddle out to the starting area where the waves rez ( the line up ). Once out at the line-up, you line up in order of your heat.

When it is your turn, the judges will lock in their cameras on you and the Marshall will tell you to take next wave.  Paddle out and GO FOR IT!!!! Don't go before you are called as your ride will be disqualified.

Once you finish your ride, paddle back out to line-up, avoiding waves and wait for next ride. You will have 3 rides and then the last wave is a party wave (all surfers have a surf to the beach).

Results of your heat are announced, usually within 10-15 mins at the spectators stand.

If you are unsure at anytime what to do, ask the Marshall for help. Thats what they are there for.

Things to remember:
1. Make sure you have your surfboard and a back-up ready if needed
2. Put on your rashie and boardies before the comp
3. Detatch all your attachments to reduce lag
4. Know what heat you are in and what color you will be wearing
5. Wait for the Marshall to call you
6. Have fun and do some kick ass surfing!!!!

Selected Aussie Slang:

Amber Fluid : Beer

Apples, she'll be : everything will be ok
Assie:  Australian
Balls Up : a mistake
Barney : an argument
Barbie : BBQ outside - not the doll
Cadbury : a cheap drunk (a glass and a half)
Clayton's : fake, substitute
Clobber : Clothes
Dag : a funny person, nerd
Dero : tramp, hobo, homeless person (from "derelict")
Dill : an idiot
Fair Dinkem : true, genuine
Fair suck of the sav! : exclamation of wonder, awe, disbelief
Franger : Condom
Galah : fool
Gander : have a look at something
Gone walkabout : Wandered off or it's lost, can't be found
Hooligan : Loud obnoxious young aussie male
Hooroo: See ya later, goodbye
iffy : used to indicate that something is a bit suspicious
Jackaroo : a male farm hand
Journo : journalist
Jumped up : stuck up
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock : Intellectually inadequate
King Brown : Snake or a Big bottle of beer
Knackered : Tired, buggared
Larrikin : a joker
Lingo : Language
Mallee bull (as fit as a) : very fit and strong
Mad as a cut snake : extremly angry
Mate or M8 : buddy, friend - Used mostly when you’ve forgotten someones name ( Gday Mate).
Nipper : young surf lifesaver
No wucken furries : No fucking worries
Not the full quid : not bright intellectually
Oldies : parents
Ocker : an unsophisticated person
Offsider : an assistant / helper / partner
Perve : Look at someone
Pig’s Arse: No way or not true
Piker : social misfit / drop out
Quid, not the full : of low IQ
Rapt : pleased, delighted
Ratbag : mild insult
Raw prawn ( to come the): to be generally disagreeable
Scarce as hen's teeth : very scarce or very rare.
Screamer : party lover
Shark biscuit : new surfer
Tall poppy syndrome : the tendency to criticize successful people
Tickets ( to have on oneself) : to have a high opinion of oneself
Toey : Sexually excited
Up oneself : have a high opinion of oneself
Up the Duff : pregnant
Useless as tits on a bull: Incompetent or unhelpful
VB : Victorian Bitter Beer
Veg out : relax
Vego / vegie head : vegetarian
Wanker : Tosser, dickhead
White pointers : shark or topless (female) sunbathers
Woos : coward
XXXX : Queensland Beer 4X
Yack : Talk
Yobbo : ignorant person
Youse : you (plural)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DeVinna Toll Video

 A DeVinna Toll video Second Life (SL) surfing at Tsunami.  DeVinna wants to point out Colleen Brennan surfing and typing past her! Devinna's motto: Never surf's always fun with friends!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Channel Surfing with Jimbo the Cart Boy

SurfWatch ran into Jimbo in the Beachmart parking lot, collecting carts...and boy, did Jimbo have alot to say..about every subject!  (I think we all know the cart boys are the smartest employees at Beachmart!)  So we asked Jimbo if he would like to speak to SurfWatch readers about...well...everything...

Well, well, well. Lookie what just washed up on the beach!

Hello fello Surf Watchers, my name is Jimbo The Cart Boy. I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you all to my first periodic installment of a brand new special delux Surf Watch segment I like to call, "Channel Surfing with Jimbo The Cart Boy".

In the upcomming posts I'll be taking a look and giving my two sents about movies, TV shows, comercials, You Tube videos, blogs, web sites, IPhone apps, and all kinds of "stuff" that all have some sort of connection to the world of surfing, or at least try too. Of course, I am allowed to call the occationall audible and discuss completely obscure topics as long as I put the word "surf" in the post somewhere. My segment, my rules!

Oh, and I also got to warn everyone up front, I like to go off on meaningless tangents, I don’t follow standard grammer rules, I enjoy using run on sentences and my spelling and typos are pretty brutal because I like to spell fonetically and I never learned home row and I also type with two fingers. That's just my trademark and how I roll!

OK, so with that said, I'd like take a second and remind you that at the bottom of this (and most of the posts on Surf Watch) there is a little thing called "comments". That my friends, is your way to give your comments, voice your opinions, show support, or counter point to the blog you just read. So let's hear what you gotta say too, ahright?!? I just love audiance participation!

So, till next time, keep reading Surf Watch, stay tuned for my next post, and always always always be sure to SURF SAFE!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Monday, January 25, 2010

SurfWatch Two Year Anniversary Celebration Fashion Show

Has it really been two years???  SurfWatch is ready to celebrate two years worth of Second Life (SL) surfing in all its glory.  Mark your calendars for a full day event on Saturday, February 27, 9 AM to 9 PM SLT. 

SurfWatch is inviting SL fashion designers to participate in the SL fashion show that will be a part of our Two Year Anniversary Celebration.  If you are an SL fashion designer involved in SL beach fashions and would like to showcase some of your designs at SurfWatch's Two Year Anniversary celebration, please contact our fashion expert, Emma Portilo, who is putting together this fashion event. You may also contact Event Director, Marianna Monentes or Tauri Tigerpaw for more information. 

And if you are not a designer but are interested in checking out the fashions, mark your calendars for this not to be missed event!

Stay tuned for more information about our surf competition, video commericals, entertainers, guest speakers, surfboard and wave demos, surfboard design contest and photography contest!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pacific Coast Extreme Tandem Second Life Surfing Competition Photos

Thanks to Galagan Raymaker and Coolkat Delicioso, Surfwatch has additional photos from the exciting Pacific Coast Extreme (PCX) Tandem Second Life (SL) surfing competition! 

Mari's Mailbag - Forum Debate, Not Name-Calling

Have you been to the Second Life Surfing Assocation (SLSA) forums ( Have you noticed a particular tone in the comments? I sure have. Seems no matter what the thread is, how positive it starts out, somebody always throws in the negative comment and causes the thread to turn ugly. Is this a sport? Seems like it. I mean forums are about discussion, true.  But it should not be about slamming the guy who posted before you. This is not a sport. Sure, in debates we have disagreements, but these seem to have a real nasty tone.

Debating is a formal method of interactive and representational argument. Debate is a broader form of argument than logical argument which only examines consistency from axiom, and factual argument, which only examines what is or isn't the case, or rhetoric which is a technique of persuasion. Though logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are important elements of the art of persuasion, in debating, one side often prevails over the other side by presenting a superior "context" and/or framework of the issue which is far more subtle and strategic. Its not name calling. Or being judgemental about someone's character. Gratuitous verbal abuse or "name-calling" itself is not a logical fallacy. The fallacy only occurs if personal attacks are employed in the stead of an argument to devalue an argument by attacking the speaker, not personal insults in the middle of an otherwise sound argument. Let's think before we speak. Let's be rational. Let's debate healthy.