Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Surfing with Lissa

Now that the festivities of the holidays are behind us, most of us are hunkering down to make it through the rest of the winter. Well I say pfft!  We have surfing to do! Sun and waves to follow so grab your boards and lets hit some waves!

First stop!

Grand Haven Futuresurf
Great Lakes surfing at its best. Home of the Great Lakes Surf Association in SL there is plenty to do on and off the Joaquina waves. An art gallery, rental homes, and a campfire to hang out around and bbq at.


JC Endless Summer
Surfing gets a bit of a challenge at this surf spot. A Cortes wave crashes into a sandbar and rocky reef so becareful! Surrounding beach has plenty of spots to hang out afterwards and seek first aid if needed. Black rock dotted with waterfalls makes this a lovely spot to surf.

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