Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bella's Cafe - the Place to Party

Sunday, January 17, 11 AM SLT to 1 PM SLT
Chill out to the awesome tunes of DJ Ashleigh Dickins at the new Bella's Cafe

Stick around at 2 PM for a book club meeting

and check out more upcoming events scheduled for Bella's at Facebook:
That's Bella's cafe, Ronoc (133, 199, 27)

See you there!

Bobbi Laval - Seascapes


By Bobbi Laval

L'Quen Art Museum
Opening reception: January 16, 4:30pm SL time

"Secondscapes" is a new show by Bobbi Laval opening Saturday, January 16, 2010, at L'Quen Art Museum (140, 137, 21). A new and different way of looking at Second Life locations, from Victoriana to Venice Beach, each photo has been recolored and retextured artistically showing the scenes in a new and interesting way.

Mari's Mailbag - Exploring Surf Sims

Trusting that you all had a great holiday season this year. Now that the holidays are behind us, we can all get back to the business of surfing. Even though the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competions are between seasons, now would be a good time to explore all the surf sims SL has to offer. Kantbe Thursday has updated Socks Clawtooth's original Rough Guide to Second Life Surfing.  It's posted here in SurfWatch [editor's note, "Rough Guide"...posted 1/8/10] and on the SLSA website.  You need to be registered with the SLSA in order to compete in their competition season, and now is a great time to register so you will be ready by next season. Here is the forum website:

It's great going to all the surf sims between seasons.  It keeps you in great condition and teaches you the sims themselves. Many sims are new but there are some that have been around for awhile and offer great amenities. You will even discover the little shops with really cool finds. There are also great new waves out. I recently installed one and absolutely love it. Technology has advanced and waves are really becoming realistic. Just because we are between seasons doesn't mean surfing stops - quite the opposite. So much to explore, so many bikinis to buy - or boardies. You really need to get out there and explore.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Destiny-Decosta 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, January 9, 2010, Countess Decosta (Island Sea Dreams) and Yendor Destiny (Dream Works) celebrated their one year marriage/partnership anniversary. 

The party was held at the beautiful Eons Ballroom at Maa and was hosted by Maryann Maa and Quench Spotter, who also served as hosts and DJ. 

The ballroom was beautifully decorated and surrounded by screens with scrolling pictures celebrating the couple's year together. 

The party was a formal event, so guests looked spectacular in tuxedos and gowns.

The event was a surprise planned by Yendor, so guests partied and practiced yelling, "Surprise!!!" while waiting for Connie to appear. 

Connie was unfortunately tied up in Real Life (RL) and was unable to make it to the party, but the guests had a great time dancing, enjoying the pictures, and honoring the love that these two special people share. 

Connie wanted to pass along a big warm thank you to everyone that was there at the ready to say surprise!

Contact Information

If you are not in-world but you'd like to contact Tauri Tigerpaw, just click on the link to the right of the SurfWatch blog.  That will take you to her profile page where there is a direct link to her gmail.  We value your input, appreciate hearing from you, and look forward to answering any questions you may have or just more in-depth discussion.  Click on the name highlighted in blue to the right and in her profile, look for the blue email link.

Team Spirit

SurfWatch will be offering this Team Spirit segment so teams can get the word out if they have any needs for members, sponsors, coaches, etc., venues can get the word out if they would like to host a team, retailers can hook up with teams to sponsor, etc.  Let us know if you have a team related need, and we will post it in the Team Spirit section.

Members Needed:

Team Boracay

Under the ownership of Team Captain, Harbor Piers, and hosted by Boracay Islands owned by Marianna Monentes, this team is looking for dedicated surfers that love to surf, will put in some practice, and are willing and able to compete.  "We are a self sustaining team and willing to work with and train anyone who has the will, at all skill levels".  They are a team just wanting to have fun, grow, and do their best to shred waves.  For them, it's about surfing, first and foremost.  They just wanna have fun and hopefully be a bunch of crazy wave shreddin' maniacs.  They believe practice makes the difference.  Piers works with team members' schedules to find times when most can be available.  There is a ton of communication to each other on practice tips, etc.  Piers states, "I promote surfing all kinds of waves at all different sims, practicing on our own time, at our leisure."  If you are interested in joining Team Boracay, contact Harbor Piers.

Tsunami Surf Team

Owned by Tsunami team members under Team Captain, Colleen Brennan, and hosted by Tsunami Beach, this team is always interested in growing and welcomes people of all experience levels.  The main requirements are that you love surfing in Second Life (SL) and enjoy the company of the rest of the team.  Their team charter states they are, "a group of friends who like surfing in SL.  Our goal is to have fun doing so and to share that enjoyment with the people we meet along the way." Their host beach, "Exists only by the generosity and commitment of the team members and generous visitors.  It is open to the public and anyone who so desires may consider it a home away from home."  They have fielded successful teams in the SLSA, PCX, ABSSL and SJs, but competition is not required to be on the team.  They do not have a "pro surfer" title for their members because, "the title of surfer is good enough on it's own.  That is what we are - surfers and friends."  Their practice varies.  If you are interested in joining Tsunami Surf Team, contact Colleen Brennan.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monentes-Waco Wedding

Monday, January 11, 2010, Marianna Monentes and Reemer Waco were joined in Second Life (SL) partnership at the beautiful Midsomer Meadows where they first met.  The bride is owner of the Boracay Island sims and writer of the popular SurfWatch series, Mari's Mailbag.

The bride and groom own, design, script and build Fountain Fantasy, and the groom is the builder of the Sunset Pavilion dining area.  The wedding theme was orchids, and the bride wore a beautiful gown called Orchid made by Tres Beau. 

Tauri Tigerpaw was Maid of  Honor and Tanner Bearsfoot was Best Man.

Mark Dankner of "Let's Knot and Say I Do", Tovah Bravin's wedding specialists, officiated at the ceremony.  The flowers were by Zanza Marx of Midsomer Meadows. 

The bride and groom exchanged their own vows during the ceremony.  A reception for the happy couple is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19, 1 PM SLT, at Southend. Everyone is invited to come celebrate and congratulate the happy couple - dancing to the awesome tunes by DJ Ashleigh Dickins, surfing, horseback riding, boating!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DeVinna Toll Tackles the Fluffs

A Kantbe Thursday Second Life (SL) surfing video originally posted on youtube. DeVinna Toll demonstrates how to tackle the fluffies at Bundoran Reef.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ocean Voices

SurfWatch is all about Second Life (SL) surfing, including the beaches, the oceans, the life and world that revolves around them.  Many of the SL beach combers are there because of their love of the RL ocean, and those that have never seen an RL ocean still share that love and awe of what they imagine it to be.  The Earth's oceans touch and effect all of us, no matter where we live, what we do, and who we are. offers you a chance to add your voice and share what the ocean means to you:

(From the site)
"What is Ocean Voices? Sound artist Halsey Burgund and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols joined forces to collect the voices of people around the world recounting their personal experiences with the ocean. Combined with music written by Halsey, these voices become an integral part of audio collages which listeners can create to suit their own preferences.  Help us by sharing your voice and spreading the words of all participants around the globe.

The ocean surrounds us and sustains us. We can only preserve life in the ocean by working together as a global community. Ocean Voices brings together voices from around the world for everyone to hear. Open your mouth; open your ears; join the Ocean Revolution."

We discovered Ocean Voices at a site dedicated to safeguarding the Earth's environment and natural resources:

Editorial by Socks Clawtooth

by Socks Clawtooth, SW Sr. Furry Corrrespondent, 2009 Last Recipient of Thor Bishop Award

I keep trying to write, and re-write this into a shorter article. I understand that for a web blog, anything more than five paragraphs and people start seeing "chicken chicken chicken"* and not reading what's written anymore. That being said, I'm also trying to fit a gallon of information into a pint bottle, and that doesn't work either. So I figured I may as well cut to the bone.

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has some major issues that nobody feels comfortable talking about. The "Montego" comp was a culmination of the problems, and I forfeited from the event. Why? Abusive Instant Messages (IM's) from SLSA staff, threats, open chat comments made by judges and staff, and rules that were changed mid-event. And all of this stemmed from a "suggestion" that was being treated as a "rule".

In the following weeks, SLSA staff members said some very nasty things to and about me in open forums, all of which continues to be unprofessional behavior. What they haven't mentioned is that I've refused the prize money, the trophy, and prize package from the SLSA because frankly, I'm ashamed to have been in the events when they treat their virtual athletes the way that they do. In the real world, protests would have been filed for most of the unsolicited comments made by the staffers at the event, and people would have been fined and fired. That's not going to happen here, as the main antagonists of the verbal abuse are also the Board members of the association. This is why I walked. I had enough of the snipes, the comments, the threats and the guilt trips from the Board of Directors.

With each re-write of this editorial, I'm asked to come up with solutions. The solutions are simple, but will not be done. A separation needs to happen between the Board of Directors, the marshalling staff, and the riders. If you do one, you do not do another. The Board needs to comprehend that they speak on behalf of hundreds of surfers, and even if they think they're "joking", they speak for the Board of Directors. Rules need to be published weeks ahead of time and not changed mid-event. If something is not a rule and is a suggestion, it is not to be enforced as a rule. Most of the problems from Montego stemmed from this simple thing spiraling out of control, and the inability to answer one yes or no question about it.

Most of all, a decision needs to be made and made soon. Is SLSA surfing a sport or just for fun? With money on the line, people stating that they hate specific riders and hope they fail, people sabotaging events socially or by griefing techniques, it's hard to think the latter anymore.

* For explanation of this, see video at

Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Survey 2010

Want to make your voice heard with the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)?  Your chance is coming.  The SLSA is sponsoring a member survey - 10 pages, 70 questions - to find out what the members want their association to be.  This is  your opportunity to tell them what you think should be improved upon.  Don't miss the chance to express your opinion in this historic survey.  More information coming soon.

Syx Toshi wins Second Life (SL) Surfing Hall of Fame (HoF) Design Contest

As a follow up to his recent win in the SL Surfing HoF design contest, Syx Toshi agreed to meet with SurfWatch to answer some questions about his winning HoF building design.

SurfWatch:  How did you come up with your winning design - what were your influences?
Syx Toshi:  Unlike every other project I’ve worked on, I actually had an idea on this one. I had 3 goals:
1.  Have the new building keep a little of the old building.
2.  Incorporate the ocean.
3.  Build a building that would actually stand out and let people know there’s something special inside.

SW:  What made you decide to enter? Do you have an architectural background?
ST:  I actually entered on the last day, I built the entire building in about 3 hours. I heard about the contest and then forgot about it, but one night I just got a building urge.  I’m a biomedical engineer in Real Life (RL), but I did design 90% of my RL house, so I’m a frustrated architect.

SW:  What are some of the key elements of your design?
ST:  The main element I wanted to express was water, but not just have a fountain in the middle of the building. The glass actually is a titanium texture with an aqua tint - it gives a faint wave feel. I also thought that like RL HoFs, it should have history and be a place to exhibit what SLSA is all about.
I went with what I would consider a modern art deco theme.  It was an easy style to pull everything together.

SW:  While we have you - are there any deep dark secrets that you're dying to share with SurfWatch readers?
ST:  Well, first off my name is really Five.  I changed it when I entered the SL witness protection program. I actually just stand really still inside the HoF and hold a frame so it looks like I'm inducted.  It's a hit with the ladies (smiles).  I want to sincerely thank everyone that voted for me. There were 3 other skilled builders that entered buildings that could have easily deserved to house the SLSA Hall of Fame. It’s an honor to build the new HoF and my hope is it’s a building that can expand gracefully to house all the future greats of SL Surfing."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Competition Venues 2010

The SLSA is taking submittals for 2010 SL Season 1 surfing competition venues.  If you're interested in submitting your beach as a competition venue, go to and complete their venue survey.

Bobbi Lavel - Fire Exhibition

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Wear your best Firey outfit to win a 500L Prize!
Firey Outfit winner to be announced at 3:30 pm!

Come see the Fantastically HOT works of:
Pol Jarvinen, Tegan Jenvieve, Fuschia Nightfire, LawnDart Curtiss, Zhora Maynard, Special Jewell, Callipygian Christensen, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Bobbi Laval, Miso Susanowa, Isobel Gustafson, CHUCKMATRIX Clip & Exosius Woolley