Saturday, November 20, 2010


Check out the new satellite shop of Hoodoo Surf next to the SurfWatch shop at Southend!  Hoodoo's main shop is at the beautiful Hoodoo Surf Superstore located at at Joyful Land 3. The satellite shop at Southend will feature all the great fashions and surfwear you've come to associate with Hoodoo Surf!  Come surf, lay on the beach, hang out at the club and enjoy the new shops going up at Southend including OSD's Gallery, Lourve Fashions, the SurfWatch Shop, and now, HOODOO SURF!  More shops opening soon!  And while you're shopping at Southend, check out Goombah Estate's 36 attached sims of residential living joined by waterways, airspace and trails!

Friday, November 19, 2010

SLSA Director's Election December 1st

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announced the candidates running for three open seats on the SLSA Board of Directors as Coolkat Delicioso, Robbin Ember, and GiavannaMarie Melody. Election will be held December 1st. SurfWatch will be posting interviews of the incoming Directors before the election. To see if you are eligible to vote in the upcoming election, please see and each candidate's intent to run at

Who's Watching the Surf?

created exclusively for SurfWatch by Ashleigh Dickins

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surf In SL - Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor submitted by Rick Galli. 

Hello, friends.........

I just want to express a few thoughts, not make criticism or cause any drama. I just miss the old days and have been reminiscing about how Second Life (SL) surfing has changed so much and pondering why.  I was a resident of Majini Beach that I loved (so many good times).  It was a place where all were welcome and where everyone knew everyone.  I just loved sitting in Analog's chairs (Analog Jun) talking, flirting and, on occasion, smoking "one" (hehehe).  Always we danced. And of course we surfed a lot.  We had a lot of fun.  Competitions were only a detail.

Really, missing Majini.  It was a real surf community where people bonded.  That sense of commiunity seems offten to be missing today.  Just look for friends at the competitions - try to find just a hi, good luck, etc.   Why? I have to wonder.

We currently have many great surfing sims.  I love it, but never or almost never meet anyone.Why?  What is the surf in SL today?   The best surfboard?  The best script?  The best machine?  It can't be about just that.  Where are the people? Where are the friends? Ok...some have gone (we miss them much).  But where is the bonding of people? The welcoming of new people and the the building of the surf community?

Today, with all the new boards and waves ,we can do unimaginable tricks in the surf and make turns and jumps that do not exist in Real Life (RL), even at the top levels. I know we are talking about SL where anything is possible but would be this indispensable? Would this be amusing?  Should we only care about how we are being evaluated by the judges? Who does the most amazing tricks?  The best unimaginable performances?

I do not speak for me.  I never will have this pretension.  I know my limitations.  I know the limitations of my machine and my connection.  But I know, too, that a good performance also depends on a good connection and a good configuration of the machine.  I'm not a bad surfer in RL (hehe), I've surfed since 10 years old.  But here in SL, I do not have a good performance.  Almost 4 years of SL and never climbed a podium.  But, really, this is not important to me, and I will not let the surf or compete for it, never.  But I love to surf and, as much fun as winning a competition must be, there should be more.

I know as I reminisce, I feel like maybe something bigger and better has been lost. I really just miss a place to find my friends, all together.  I miss it.  I miss Majini, I miss the happy afternoons with a lot of talk, where everyone was friends, where all taught all.  I want a place to sit and do nothing, just sit and talk.  And, of course, to surf without wave wars, without board wars.
Why not release all the waves and surfboards?  Why not go back to fun and unpretentious surf?  Why not bring the spirit of Majini, back?

Awwwwwwww....I just miss it.

Thanks for your time to share my thoughts.

Rick Galli

Tauri's Tidbits and Sticky Situations #12

We were recently having a convo about Second Life (SL) situations and talking about SL etiquette - is there such a thing? You know, the kinds of things you run into in SL and are not sure of the proper way to handle. We'll be periodically posting these dilemmas and looking for genuinely constuctive feedback on your opinion. If you have a comment or a dilemma of your own, let us know and we'll add it to the list!  And thank you to those of you that have sent us dilemmas to post, thank you for your input and be sure to look for them in future segments!

If you know someone's partner has an alt and is cheating on them as that alt, or has an alt of another gender, and their partner doesn't know, should you tell them?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Island Sea Dreams

Finishing up the final touches at her newest shop, Countess "Connie" Decosta's Island Sea Dreams has an additional location at:, Second Life's new innovative indoor surf pool!

Connie is debuting a new line of bikinis and wraps in bold, vivid new colors and designs to add to her currently successful line of swimwear, so stop by her newest shop at SL's indoor surfing pool!

You can also check out Connie's new line of bikinis and wraps at the SurfWatch Shop at Southend!

Deadline Approaching for SLSA Director Election Nominees

Reminder:  The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is accepting nominations for Director until November 17.  Step up and commit six months to participating in the organization that supports Second Life surfing.  Syx Toshi, Mick Lunasea (completing Countess Decosta's term), and Harbor Piers' current seats will be up for election on December 1. 

There are five sitting Directors on the Board of the SLSA serving six month terms in elections staggered every three months with alternating two-and-three Board seats coming open.  This ensures experienced directors are always on the Board during an election transition.  The Board manages the finances for running the competitions and maintaining the sim, including fund raising activities and sponsorhips; holding the competitions including registrations, staffing and venue selection and preparation; and many other activities. 

The 3 new Directors will join Kantbe Thursday and Abel Halderman as they complete the second half of their terms.  Kantbe states, "When the discussions and working collaboratively as a team works, it's a great feeling", when asked for a quote about the most satisfying aspect of being a Director.  Refer to for requirements and details on running.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


submitted by Sally LaSalle

Chi is 4.

4 Second Life (SL) years equates to about 100 human ones.  At least that's how long ago it feels to me, that Chi was born.  But born from what?  Born from the creative passion of two people that were driven to make a place that was to be a celebration of the elements that combine to form life, love and creative energy.  Born to be a place of peaceful meditation and quiet reflection, where life's constant ebb and flow can be watched and reflected on.

People have asked, mainly in the surfing community, why has Chi lasted so long, while other surf sims have gone to pixel dust?  The answer really lies in who it is that is asking the question. You see, Chi wasn't created to be a surfing sim. Surfing came later! So from its very beginning, Chi was an unusual place on SL. It was a place that was not carved up into neatly lettable parcels for rent. It was a place that embraced "bumpiness", terraformed to provide a real life feel, and to soothe the eyes with smooth curves, 4 separate rounded bays each with a different atmosphere, a mountain range a volcano, with terrain rising from a uniquely created custom sand texture through verdant greens to craggy rocky heights.

Something else you may or may not have ever noticed, but if you look down on Chi from above, the island is bisected by a deep ravine into two halves, its Yin and its Yang. Much thought and care went into the concept, as did the covenant which provides for a consistent Asian inspired build and the exclusion of smoke belching machines. Chi has also always been an open build sim, a place where people could come and try things out or just rez their shopping and try things on.  It has welcomed and embraced diversity in all its forms, with residents and technology from the broad spectrum of human imagination.

And in embracing that diversity perhaps lies the secret of its longevity.  Chi has never been dependent on surfing or surf related forms of income for its survival.  Economically, it has a very diverse source of income from all forms of SL business and donations. Chi is a very welcoming place, but in a very subtle way, we are not "in your face" with over the top salutations.  We never ask for contributions or donations.  On the other hand, we are very much into providing them, on the basis that karma will prevail and kind deeds, tho reward enough in their own right, will eventually be rewarded in other ways.

Chi has no expectations or aspirations.  Come as you are, enjoy, go as freely as waves on life's energy flow. Stay or not, like it or not, it's your choice and it's a place of non judgment. The only rule is to do no harm and consider your actions or motivations in the broad context of ever-changing life.

Will Chi always be there? I very much doubt it. The only constant in life is change.  It's the essence of the universe we all occupy, so one day Chi will have changed to some other form. That is OK, it's not to be feared or something to be sad about, it's just another phase. For now, as always, from a place of pure belief in my heart, I welcome you all to come visit, maybe stay, but enjoy Chi and Tai as they are in the present moment enjoy the surf, and see you in another year !! :)

Breaking News on Monkey Cove!

Syx Toshi, owner of Monkey Cove sims, just announced with sadness that, "Monkey Cove will be changing dramatically in the next few weeks. I will no longer be renting residential huts/areas. Due to the economic realities of estate ownership, I must change to a better model that will allow me to retain the sims in the estate. Effective immediately, I will only be renting full, 1/2 and 1/4 sims based on availability. This means that once the rent you have paid is up, there will be no opportunities to rent huts. If you are interested in renting a Full sim or Half sim, please send me a notecard. Based on the sim, prices will range from L$ 30,000/month - L$36,000/month for an entire Homestead Sim. L$ 16,0000/month - L$19,000/month for 1/2 Homestead Sim.

Syx states, "What has always made Monkey Cove special is the residents, and I hope to retain some of that magic in this next evolution of Monkey Cove. I think this is the best way to continue to have great surfing at Monkey Cove and meet the demands of the financial realities that go along with surf sims."

Contact Syx Toshi by notecard if you are interested in renting full, half and quarter sims.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

neXXus Dome Brilliance

Hovering over Tai (192, 124, 21), skies of brilliant hues capturing sparkling stars and orbiting planets, or vivid sunset colors swirling in the clouds, or unimaginably beautiful overhead scenery.
Thanks to neXXus Showroom located at Tai (49, 124, 4001), the sky is awash with domes that can cover your sim with spectacular ambiance!

Check out the neXXus Showroom at Tai and enjoy live performances, shopping, rentals, surfing and so much more, adjacent to the serenity of Chi. And don't forget to look up!