Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surf Jam 13 Results!

The VSA held their 13th Surf Jam today, and we have the final scores!

First Place: Abel Halderman - 16.83
Second Place Tie: Kantbe Thursday - 16.66; Bodhi Lowtide - 16.66
Third Place: WickedV Carver - 15.83
Fourth Place: Bobbi Laval - 15.66

Congratulations to the winners!

Surf Jam 13 Heat Lineup

Saturday, November 21, 2009, 11 AM SLT, Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) will host it's local surfing competition SurfJam, in its 13th run.  According to VW Sands, VSA founder, "The VSA Surf-Jam was created way back when to provide Vibes members their own contests in a relaxed and less "serious" environment, mainly for the benefit of new riders to get a taste of the comp scene before heading out to the SLSA events."

While Surf-Jam is for Vibrations members only and NOT an approved or sanctioned SLSA event, the rules of the competition adhere to SLSA rules and principles of "Fair Play".  Saturday's comp will be held on pipeline waves with crossing fluffs. Boards are open choice of ALL SSi boards, Action or HP (NO MOD BOARDS)

Pre-lims and semis will be 3 waves each and the top 2 waves will be totalled and averaged. Finals are 4 waves each. Scoring per SLSA rules, 0.5 - 10.00 at .5 incriments.  The top two (2) riders from each of the 4 pre-lims will advance to the semis and the top 2 riders from the semis to the final heat. Exact scoring ties send all 3 riders through.

Heat 1
1. Mick Lunasea ( BLACK )
2. Bodhi Lowtide ( BLUE )
3. Kim Henig ( GREEN )
4. Abel Halderman( ORANGE )
5. Cloudy Matova( PURPLE )
6. Silvia Warden ( RED )

Heat 2
1. WickedV Carver (BLACK )
2. Snapple Sneerwell ( BLUE )
3. Bobbi Laval (GREEN )
4. Colleen brennan( ORANGE )
5. MarkFoo Waverider ( PURPLE )
6. sassy1 fizzle ( RED )

Heat 3
1. sandipanimuni Haiku ( BLACK )
2. Rhett "MadDawg" McMahn ( BLUE )
3. Sally LaSalle ( GREEN )
4. Mariposa Bigboots ( ORANGE )
5. Sweetcajan Voom ( PURPLE )
6. GiavannaMarie Melody ( RED )

Heat 4
1. Desirae Beaumanont( BLACK )
2. Sunshine Zhangsun ( BLUE )
3. Robbin Ember ( GREEN )
4. Kantbe Thursday( ORANGE )
5. Angelle Aluveaux ( PURPLE )

Friday, November 20, 2009

Australian Surf Association

photos courtesy Syx Toshi

Final Scores for the first Australian Surf Association competition at Monkey Cove:

1ST PLACE : Sally LaSalle  16.00000
2ND PLACE: Sassy1 Fizzle  15.50000
3RD PLACE: Crusader Arado 14.00000
4TH PLACE: Countess Decosta  13.50000
5TH PLACE: LilMario Lavend  3.500000

Scheduled to surf in the first competition of the Australian Surf Association held on Friday, November 20, 2009:

Heat 1:
Red: Rayzza Rubble
Blue: Countess Decosta
White: LilMario Lavendel

Heat 2:
Red: Velvetori Twine
Blue: Rhett McMahn
White:Sassy1 Fizzle

Heat 3
Red: GiavannaMarie Melody
Blue: Sally LaSalle
White: rain Tigerfish

Heat 4:
Red: Willy Sabretooth
Blue: Crusado Arado
White: Yendor Destiny

Peahi and Paia

Please enjoy two classic surf sims, Paia Beach and Peahi Beach! Surf, hangout, or explore the beaches around the private properties. 

From exquisite sim detail to surfing to weather systems rolling thru, Peahi and Paia offers residents and guests a unique island experience.

Peahi and Paia rentals now available!

-  Open rez sim
-  Entire sim open for use
-  Surfable waves
-  Live music
-  Island living.

See the rental boxes on tiki roofs for information. Any questions, contact Sean Azambuja. Peahi (13, 30, 21) and Paia Beach (165, 99, 46).

Surfing 101 - Style

Welcome Mick Lunasea to the pages of SurfWatch!  Mick is a long time surf instructor (editors note:  See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, and owner of Pacific Coast Hwy sims and SurfCrazy surf shops.  Thanks to the brilliant idea of our own Mari Monentes, Mick will be periodically sharing his knowledge with the readers of SurfWatch.  Look for more entries from Mick in the future!

Okay, forget everything you think you know about SL surfing. Forget the board, the key work, the physics and all the rest. We're going to get right down to the nitty gritty of being a surfer. Its all about style.

Style starts with how you look. I was in Lincoln City, Oregon, years ago exploring for waves. This guy
cruised the highway in a Corvair with a board strapped on top. He never took it off the roof. He had bleached blond hair. We laughed - thought he was a kook, hodad, a highway surfer. But you know what? When he pulled into the Frostie Freeze, he was swarmed with chicks. They oohed and awwed, ran their hands along the rails of the board. The guy had SURFER STYLE working for him!

Surf Trunks:

(What boardshorts were called in the 60's, maybe had sonething to do with elephant, ears etc.  I dunno.)Long "Jams" below the knee were out. Why? Because the crotch ripped out within 10 minutes of surfing. Yeah, they protected your legs, but it gave new meaning to 'balls out surfing'. With the recent introduction of new stretchy fabrics, now surfers can surf in pants if they want. Style lesson? Wear above knee "Trunks"  to make a classic statement or go with long "Boardies" to show you one hip rippa.


Remember now, they were invented and named after nuclear testing on Bikini Atol in South Pacific. They've been causing chain reactions ever since. I love Zuma Beach, gaping shore pound, always a wave. During the summer, unsuspecting housewives would go for a swim in the churning waves. Most often the bikini top suitable for the suburban pool would get ripped off, entangled in their hair. Bottoms yanked by Poseidon to their ankles turning them into instant sea nymphs. We'd be courteous, averting our eyes after they got their hair outta their faces. Thankfully, virtual kinis are glued and not an issue. Style lesson? Serious gal rippers wear substantial top and bottom. Want to make male friends or find playmates? Wear G string and areolla pop out style tops.

One Piece Suits: Seldom seen but if purchased from good SL designer, a sure bet.

Rash Guards:

(Rashies) A somewhat modern invention to prevent under arm rashes while wearing a wetsuit. Why SL surf contest JERSEYS are call rashies, I have no clue. Rash Guards do come in handy in the tropics preventing sunburn, chest and nipple rash. Nothing feels worse or looks funnier than nipples covered in bandaids. Style lesson? Totally cool to wear, especially on tropo sims.

Surfing Naked: Virtual thrill not recommnded in RL. Too many ouchies to think about.

Okay, until next time, do it in style... GO SURFING!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the Spotter!

Sunday, November 15, 2009, MaryAnn Maa surprised her partner, Quench Spotter, with a celebration of his RL birthday and 3 year Rez Day all in one!!  

Plenty of Quench's friends were on hand to celebrate with dancing, music, and celebration!

Quench said, "The party was a treat I did not deserve!  (big smiles)  I know I have alot of love from people.  That, and Mary, keep me going!"

He added, "Thank you to all our friends - what a great surprise party!  Let's do it again next year!  Mary and I are rebuilding the sims to entertain our friends and newcomers alike.  We'll keep everyone posted on our progress!"

SurfWatch In World Edition - December 2009

Ready for SurfWatch In World's 3rd edition? December will be our International Edition, featuring our International SL surfing friends. Be on the look out on December 1. And if you are interested in ad space in the December issue, please contact Ashleigh Dickins. We also have Dec, Jan and Feb calendar listings. Contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Ashleigh Dickins to get your event listed and ad space now.

Announcements III

Welcome to our third installment of Announcements! Be sure to go to Announcements and Announcements II and see what else is shakin' in SL surfing!


Hallelujah Azul Art Walk

November 14 thru November 30
The Hallelujah Azul Art Walk is an open-air exhibition featuring 15 artists from across the grid and throughout the world. Media include RL painting, photography, collage, enhanced SL photography, SL sculptural builds and others. Artists include: Daire Aeon, Sasha Bazilinski, Bayley Boucher, Therese Carfagno, Amarynth Emmons, Bobbi Laval, Skarat Lefebvre, Lingual Markus, Nessuno Myoo, Lubnatsi Papp, Juliete3d Quinzet, sistagriro Wei, Nevar whitfireld, Clementine Whitt, Dorothy Urvilan.
Hallelujah azul is a "small town" sim with 16 shops, a coffee house, a live music venue, and residential parcels. For more information, contact Gwendolyn Bieler.

LilMario Cutout Creations

Ooo, who's that holding an awesome crouch on their board in the sand? Wait, that's a giant cut out! If you would like a lifelike giant cutout of yourself surfing, contact LilMario Lavendel. Standpose is 100L, action shot on the wave is 200L, and a team shot is 600L.


Head out to party at a live concert at the SLSA sim starting at 1 SLT today! Party, dance, laugh, and have a great time - all proceeds to benefit the SLSA!


For information on surfboards, clothing, inner tubes, beach furniture and items, contact Analog Jun.


Grabbing fashion by the throat


Mixed reality event: Art and Education, the University of Applied Sciences Kiel and the rest of the universe, October 31, 8 AM SLT. Introduction and field report about SL projects by Nadja Franz, associate lecturer FH Kiel, fraufranz konzept Y& dezign. Exhibitions and discussion by Ulrike Meyer, Mencius Watts, and Hanno Tietgens.


Looking for a place to dance, have fun, hear live music, be with your friends, and always feel welcome? Then check out for Sunshine Beach Club, Topanga (50, 229, 21) Be on the look out for their grand opening event coming soon. Contact Amy Eclipse for more information.


Be prepared to have the bejebers scared outa you! The Haunted Castle and Graveyard are OPEN and waiting for you - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Put on your scariest costume, set to midnight, and hang on to your bejebers as you explore the haunted, spooky scariness! The main party is scheduled for October 31 at the beautiful Eons Ballroom at Maa (179, 70, 21) but you can come explore anytime!


Check out some of the longest horseback riding trails available in SL! Visit Southend (89, 246, 44) and ride the trail signs thru moutains, beaches, up hills, thru tunnels. The trails are part of an incredible 36 sim complex including a surfing beach and public party area, so pack a lunch and plan to stop and explore along the way.


Making his musical debut at Kikeli in Archipelago (50, 89, 23) on Friday, October 16, Church Drascal wowed the crowd with his incredible guitar, vocals, and song selection. Be sure to catch him performing in SL. For more information on booking Church or finding his performances, contact Sassy1 Fizzle.


Stop in for lunch or dinner and share an intimate meal with a loved one or just dish with the girls. Sunset Dance Pavilion overlooking the beach, the forest, and the fountains. Boracay Islands (73, 24, 26)


The Deamscape 1 is a 73 meter sailboat yacht that is livable with custom furniture and finely made exterior and interior created by Carson Nexen and Joice Dreamscape. Boats photos can be found at: Yacht includes: bed with poses, removable custom couch and chairs, removable custom picture frames, flat screen tu, removable custom build dining table, kitchen area, above deck couches with poses, security doors, lights. You can also contact Carson and Joice to see the boat in world.


SL ranked surfer and artist, Bobbi Laval, will be displaying her Fall Show - Autumn Pics and Portraits - Thursday, October 15, 2009, at 6 - 9 PM SLT, Vertex Plaza. Next door will be a display of her favorites and some of her newest work. Check it out at Vertex Plaza, Artists Studios,Gemini Elysia (58, 14, 50) and 10 Laval Studios, Gemini Elysia (49, 15, 49).

Bobbi states: Thank you for coming to the October opening of my new work at Vertex Plaza Gallery. I sincerely appreciate your support. The work I am showing is a departure for me in several experimental directions and the works fill the plaza and extend to both levels of my studio right next to the plaza. I look forward to you attending and appreciate your support.


Set your world to midnight and be prepared to be scared out of your boardies as you explore the hauntings going on at Sebastian Saramago's Halloween Haunted house at Green River (69, 50, 21). Be very scared....


Join the fun Saturday for the Grand Opening and Weekend Bash at Magic Beach! The weekend theme is beachwear with lots of prizes, lindens and fun! Saturday from 1-3 and 6-8 and Sunday from 1-3! Head on over to Magic Beach, VenYue (205, 121, 24) Contact MiaBelle Magic for more information.


Nestled in the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (35, 190, 74) you'll find the amazing fountain designs of Marianna Monentes reaching into the international marketplace. Stop by to tour the Eiffel Tower and make an elevator stop on the first floor. Check out the M.M. Changing Fractal Fountain that displays a menu of fractal art textures created by Amorina Ashton when you touch it. Or visit the main shop location of Fountain Fantasy at Boracay Islands (40, 107, 21).


If you missed the "Bright, Bold & Beautiful" Fall Colours graduation fashion show from the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy on Sunday, September 27, check out this link of photos taken by the amazing Kohana Schimmer at featuring the beautiful Emma Portilo as part of the graduating class. Some of the fashions include Azul, Butterfly Effectz, My Precious, Ora Trei and Orage Creations. Take a peek to see some of the hottest SL fashions for this fall.


Sharkbite is announcing the release of the new, fantastic Sharkbite Beach Set! This set is composed of a bikini set (including the very popular bootie style), an overshirt, a gorgeous sweater (with resizing menu) and some matching beach wedges, all for 199L!!!

If you haven't made it to the new store, stop by and check it out! At the new main Sharkbite store at Nebulous, Sharkbite offers bikinis for 99L, shirts for 95L, and you will rare find anything for sale above 100L. Shop and surf the pipes at Sharkbite, Nebulous (34, 252, 30) and check out Sharkbite2@Mori (42, 201, 22).


Made in Heaven Fashion and CONSTRUCT Furniture have teamed up on a sim called "Made in Heaven". The sim, designed by Cat Carfagno of CONSTRUCT, has 3 distinct areas: CONSTRUCT Furniture Beach Line (home furnishings); Beach Lounge for dancing and romance; and Made in Heaven Fashion offering casual wear for men and women, including shoes and jewelry, with bikinis for only 49L.

Grand Opening is planned for Thursday, October 1, at 11 AM SLT, with door prizes and DJ Nox Larsson at the Beach Lounge. Next to Made in Heaven island is Made in Heaven 2 island called Aloya Reef where FAKT surfboards are available. Made in Heaven (113, 120, 21) Contact Cat Carfagno for more information.


Yendor Destiny took first place in the High Prim - Anybody Parts category at the recent RocknRoll Indian Summer Bike Show and placed 5th in the Biker City Australia Spring Bike Carnival! See more on Yen's bikes in SurfWatch, "Yendor Destiny, Following His" posted on 9-23 and contact Yen in world for more information.



Montego Surf Team welcomes the beautiful and talented Bobbi Laval, member of the SLSA Hall of Fame, surfing instructor, #3 ranked surfer for SLSA 2008 season, never missing an SLSA competition, former team captain of Reef Riders surf team, famed SL photographer, as the guest speaker for Thursday, October 1, at 4 PM SLT at Knowhere. Bobbi will be talking primarily about her history in SL surfing and how her technique and coaching methods have developed. Don't miss it! Contact Kohana Schimmer for more information.


See Surferjoe Wind's live webcast at

photos courtesy Monq Pinklady


Open to the public - come surf, play beach volleyball, tennis, ping pong, explore SurfWatch headquarters, drink coffee, watch a movie, check it out! And now, whitewater canyon kayaking!! (43, 91, 25)


The public is invited to the opening reception for this new show at Laval Photography Gallery featuring the works of WickedV Carver, Crystalship Rehula, and Bobbi Laval.
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 6th, 11am - 1pm sl time
Live Music: 11am sl time, Claire Dirval, the Sexy Seductive Songstress and musician
~ WickedV Carver~
Wicked is a talented up and coming photographer. Well known in the SL surfing scene, her inworld photos have been shown at Museum of Second Life Photography and Orange Island. She has been recognized as a finalist in the H2O contest and Face of Koinup contest.
~ Crystalship Rehula ~
Crystal, an accomplished though somewhat under recognized photographer, will be sharing the first floor of the gallery with Wicked. Her work is creative, imaginative, and moving. Sometimes a bit dark but always invokes emotion.
~ Bobbi Laval ~
Bobbi continues to experiment and push her limits. Upstairs will feature her newest digital paintings, new inworld photography celebrating fall, and her popular favorites and favorite portraits.


Boracay Islands now has dining and dancing at the Sunset Dance Pavilion, a romantic place to unwind. Great views surrounded by the Pacific and the forest of the Pacific Northwest. You will also see the many fountains created by Marianna Monentes. Come unwind at Boracay Islands Sunset Dance and Dining Pavilion (78, 44, 26)


Live in one of the most beautiful surf sims in SL. Open rez sim, surfable waves, attached to Braata, SE corner of the sim (134, 33, 21). 625L/week, 300 prims. Contact Sean Azambuja for more information.


Want to find out what's in your SL future? Contact Becca Horsforth and see what's in the cards. Tarot readings by appointment only, 1000L/15 minutes.


Bobbi Laval and Eliza Quinzet will be featured together in a collaborative display in the center section of this month's multi-artist show at Pyramid Gallery. The collaboration features Eliza's sculptures with Bobbi's artistic impressions of each sculpture. Reception and show opening is Saturday, August 29, 2009, at 9 AM SLT (202, 94. 63).


MUST's website now features a blog, surfer individual profiles with bio, pictures and individual self posting blogs. Check out the surfers that MUST surf.


If you have an interest in what's going on in SL surfing, consider joining the SurfWatch team! We're always looking for reporters, photographers, columnists and ideas for our staff. Talk to Tauri Tigerpaw and find out more!


And who was the big winner of the Boracay Burger Bash? Colleen Brennan found the hamburger hidden in the Fountain Fantasy gardens and won more than just a meal! She won 500L provided by SurfWatch AND a beautiful St. Brigid's Cross Three Tier Fountain created by Marianna Monentes. Brennan commented, "The burger was still delicious and everyone should visit this spot because the fountains are beautiful - the whole sim is beautiful - and it is a great place to chill and relax." You can bring your own burger, browse thru the incredible fountains, surf, swim, party, relax and hang out at Boracay Islands (64, 98, 21)

If you have an announcement, partnership, birth, event, death, business, or any news you'd like to share, contact Tauri Tigerpaw and we'll help you get the word out! It's free!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two November Surfing Competitions Coming Up!


The newly formed Australian Surf Association just announced its first competition scheduled for Friday, November 20, at 5 PM SLT to be held at Monkey Cove (20, 53, 21).  This competition is now open to all surfers!

No registration is needed, any Heather Goodliffe long or short board with a quick surf off on the Maverick wave:  3 at a time, best of 2 waves.  Trophies and linden will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Contact Desne Aabye for more information and stay tuned to SurfWatch for more details.


Vibrations Surf Alliance will be hosting another SurfJam competition open to all VSA members on Saturday, November 21.  This will be pipes and crossing fluffs, surfers choice boards (all SSi 5.1, 5.2, 6.4, Action, HP) but no mod boards.

Contact VW Sands for more information and stay tuned to SurfWatch for more details.

Passing of Cipriano Grut

October 28, 2009, the SL surfing community lost a member in Real Life who had an impact in many ways in Second Life and on those he knew.  Sioban McMahon and West of Ireland held a memorial service in honor of Cipriano Grut on November 3, 2009, at 4 PM SLT at Nancy Blake's Pub on West of Ireland sim. 

Derry McMahon gave an opening prayer which ended with, "Blessed are You, God of Life, who alone knows the hour of our death and ultimate union with You."  Several others spoke during the service to share their interactions and perceptions of Cip.  A booklette is currently being prepared in world by several of Cip's friends to compile all his many writings for distribution. 

The service closed with a poignant prayer and blessing by Derry called "A Surfer's Prayer":
"Oh great and powerful ocean, I fear and respect your beauty.  I wish not to take away nor leave anything behind.  I only wish to dance with you for a short while." 

This was followed by "Blessing": 
"Deep peace of the running wave to you.  Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.  Deep peace of the shining stars to you.  Deep peace of the infinite peace to you."

Mari's Mailbag - Teaching Trix

I wanted to say that it's awesome being around surfers who genuinely love to surf and put their hearts into it, who help the newcomers and uplift the spirits of the veterans. There is always something new we can learn when it comes to surfing because it is never predictable...except, of course, for the lag.

When you see a new surfer, see how they're doing. Ask if there is anything you can do to show them a trick or two. Chances are you will not only be helping them to overcome new anxieties by giving them some encouragement, you will also gain the general great feeling of helping someone. It's the best feeling when you see that surfer later in his or her surf adventure and they are offering tips to somebody new and to also see them excel at events. What a great feeling that is.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Results of SLSA R2 Analog HoF Surf Competition

photos courtesy Snapple Sneerwell

SECOND PLACE TIE WINNERS:  Desirae Beaumont and Colleen Brennan
THIRD PLACE WINNER:  GiavannaMarie Melody

Desirae Beaumont:  15.00000
Colleen Brennan:  15.00000
Bodhi Lowtide:  13.00000
GiavannaMarie Melody:  14.66667
SexyBoy Oh:  15.50000
Kim Henig:  14.33333

Heat 1
Desirae Beamont:  14.6666
Colleen Brennan:  14.3333
Sassy1 Fizzle:  12.000000
Mick Lunasea:  14.00000
Cymindra Deschanel:  12.6666

Heat 2
Bodhi Lowtide:  14.666666
Harbor Piers:  13.8333
Sean Azambuja:  13.6666
GiavannaMarie Melody:  14.6666

Heat 3
SexyBoy Oh:  13.83333
Sunrize Mornington:  13.16667
Kim Henig:  13.50000
Sally LaSalle:  13.16667

Heat 1
Desirae Beaumont:  15.5000
Bobbi Laval:  14.0000
Lacy Rossini:  13.1000
Bodhi Lowtide: 14.33333
Sven Homewood:  12.1666

Heat 2
SexyBoy Oh:  15.50000
Colleen Brennan:  14.83333
followingwaves sirbu:  13.0o0000
Abel Halderman:  14.33333
Rhett mcMahn:  14.16667

Heat 3
Socks Clawtooth:  13.000000
Sunrize Mornington:  13.66667
Harbor Piers:  15.33333
Aurora jacks:  11.50000
DeVinna Toll:  12.33333

Heat 4
Sean Azambuja:  14.66667
Maldrul Morris:  12.50000
Sassy1 Fizzle:  15.16667
Kohana Schimmer:  14.16667
Lynda Mimulus:  14.33333

Heat 5
VW Sands:  12.33333
GiavannaMarie Melody:  13.66667
Kim Henig:  14.000000
Mick Lunasea:  13.66667
Sandipanimuni Haiku:  12.66667

Heat 6
Sally LaSalle:  14.66667
MarkFoo Waverider:  12.33333
Sweetcajan Voom:  14.33333
Sunshine Zhangsun:  13.16667
Cymindra Deschanel:  14.66667