Monday, November 29, 2010

SLSA Monkey Cove Longboard Open Registration

as posted on SLSA Forum:

This is a registration topic for the season finale series at Monkey Cove.

When: December 4th and 11th, 11am SLT

Where: Syx, Monkey Cove

Boards will be SSI Longboard script 5.1, 5.2 or 5.2dlg.

Waves: SSi Cortes

1. The Open event is open for ALL new surfers and also those currently ranked below 20th place. The Open comp will take place next Saturday, December 4th (11am SLT). It will have it's own winners. There will be podium, awards, trophies and all the fun stuff. All heat winners will advance to a final heat which will determine that overall event winner, winning prize and trophies.

2. All first and second placing riders from the Open will be automatically qualified to compete in the next stage of the event, the Monkey Cove Pro taking place on Saturday, December 11th (11am slt). All registered current top 20 ranked surfers are qualified to sure in that competition, as well as heat winners and runners-up from the Open competition. The Top 2 Open scores that don't automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Pro.

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