Saturday, November 29, 2008

Socks spot of the week - Easthaven

By Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent.

It's amazing what you find when you're not looking for anything in particular. That's the case here when I stumbled into Easthaven. As far as surf sims go, this one is very quiet. But that's what I like about it.

It's a residential sim of two people who have opened it up for everyone to explore. I've chosen the teleport point below as it's right next to the waves. Surfing wise, there is a single pipeline wave that's about half the sim, and a very short fluffy run that is more than wide enough to be interesting. Loaner right near the TP point, or bring your own.

As always, it's the area too. It's probably one of the more crammed spots on the grid, and well worth exploring. There's a hidden treasure here somewhere, but heck if I can find it. But the dragon is worth finding for yourself!

So if you need a nice place to get away, try Easthaven for a nice change of pace. I promise, something more exciting next week.

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