Friday, November 12, 2010

Chi 4th Anniversary Pro Comp Heat Draws

as posted on: draws for the Chi 4th Anniversary Pro

When: Nov 13th, 11am SLT
Where: Chi
Wave: fluffy (foam wave)
Board: SSi longboard

In order to accommodate a surfer that could not surf in an early heat, and having received acceptance from all original heat 1 surfers, the first heat based on the SLSA formula of making heats, has been moved after heat 4 and heat 2 has become heat 1, as it looks below. Heat contents does not change. Therefore heat draws for the Nov 13th look like this:

Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington RED
Robbin Ember BLUE
Mick Lunasea GREEN
Rayzza Rubble ORANGE
Dane Kutenai PURPLE

Heat 2
Bobbi Laval RED
Followingwaves Sirbu BLUE
Ashleigh Dickins GREEN
Ceedi Doghouse ORANGE
Alexia Marais PURPLE

Heat 3
Wilfrid DeCuir RED
Velvetori Twine BLUE
Jordan Mendle GREEN
Van Valeeva ORANGE
Alexander Dreier PURPLE

Heat 4
MarkFoo Waverider RED
Maldrul Morris BLUE
Coolkat Delicioso GREEN
Cymindra Deschanel ORANGE
Rom Heungsung PURPLE
Lourinho Nizna BLACK

Heat 5
WickedV Carver RED
Jac Mornington BLUE
Sven Homewood GREEN
Jayden Domenici ORANGE
Rick Galli PURPLE

Heat 6
Colleen Brennan RED
Triston Mayo BLUE
Harbor Piers GREEN
Cristal Rowland ORANGE
Avidward Flagon PURPLE

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