Thursday, May 1, 2008

Majini all set for Saturday's Secondreef

Secondreef Windsurfing Competition to take place at Majini Island in Second Life and at Pozo Izquierdo in the Canary Islands at the same time

Final preparations are being made at Majini Island for the Secondreef Windsurfing Competition, which takes place on Majini Island at 10.00 hrs SLT (17.00 hrs GMT) on Saturday 3 May 2008. SurfWatch hears that Heather Goodliffe herself has tuned up Majini's Epic wave and the flags are out for the big competition day.

"We are proud and excited to be hosting this event which will be streamed live from Majini Island to screens in Pozo Izquierdo where the real life event takes place in the Canary Islands," said Poid Mahovlich, the event organiser. "We also hope to convince some of the world class windsurfers competing in Gran Canaria to take part in the windsurfing event at Majini."

The second competition of its kind in Second Life, Secondreef will be held on the same day as the annual Secondreef windsurfing competition in event in Gran Canaria. Windsurfers from all over the world will congregate at Pozo Izquierdo on Saturday to waveride the beach's famous pipeline set. Meanwhile, Second Life windsurfers will compete using Sebastian Saramago’s boards with Heather Goodliffe scripts to ride Majini's Epic wave.

Judges Craig Stallion, Keala Mimistrobell, Sally LaSalle and VW Sands will be awarding points for jumps and wave riding tricks in what promises to be an exciting event. Men and women will compete together at Majini, in 5 person qualifying heats leading into semi-finals and finals.

Photo credits: Secondreef (left); Alessandro Dieffenbach (right)

Several top ranked SLSA surfers have already signed up to compete at Majini on Saturday. "This competition is a wave riding competition. Wave usage, flow and style all count for the good rider, but windsurfing has an excitement all it's own in that the tricks and overall dynamics are different," said VW Sands, Bishara Resorts manager and competition judge. "We're all looking forward to a fast paced free-style event with the biggest, fastest wave that Second Life has to offer!"

More information and details are available on the competition

SurfWatch: SURF REPORT -- Majini Island
URL: Virtual Windsurf Contest
Bishara Beach (spectator area for the VSA Surf Jam)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pova remains on top!

Pova Rustamova's retains his number one ranking in the season's standings despite his untimely exit from the SLSA Surfline Shortboard Pro last Saturday, but Devinna Toll is close on his heels, just 45 points behind. Colleen Brennan keeps her number three placing.

The big change in the SLSA rankings is Abel Halderman's rise from 15th to fourth place as a result of his win at Surfline! And he is trailed by Desirae Beaumont, who has moved up from 18th to fifth. With so few points separating Pova and Devi, Neart will prove crucial to the final
SLSA season's standings. Only 23 days to Neart!

1. Pova Rustamova (1,995 points)
2. Devinna Toll (1,950 points)
3. Colleen Brennan (1,735 points)
4. Abel Halderman (1,660 points)
5. Desirae Beaumont (1,430 points)
6. VW Sands (1,330 points)
7. Christine Daffodil (1,240 points)
8. Bobbi Laval (1,155 points)
9. Milo Voss (1,080 points)
10. Ashleigh Dickins (1,015 points)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surf naked

By Socks Clawtooth,
Senior Furry Correspondent.

I'm a furry, the picture (right) should pretty much remove all doubt of this fact. A lot of my fur friends want to try surfing, but there's a snag. A lot of us don't wear clothing normally. I mean we're not being vulgar, but can you imagine your favourite pet, who already has a permanent fur coat, wearing something over it to walk around? Well neither can a lot of my furry friends. So they go 'naked'. So finding a place that they can try surfing, well it's not easy.

It's not an exaggeration to say that 99% of the beaches in Second Life that support surfable waves are not 'nude beaches'. Oh sure, there are nude beaches out there, but most of them are hangouts (pardon the expression) more than surfing areas. And just because I know there are a few prudes, 'nude beach' does not mean 'sex on the beach'. It just means 'clothing optional'. And for my fur friends, that means they don't have to dig in their inventory to find something to wear.

But I really want to share the fun of Second Life surfing with my fur friends, so I go on safari to find that 1%. Let me tell you, finding that 1% is not easy! It's doable, but not easy. Ok, fine, a casual search of 'nude surf beach' and you get some interesting places in Second Life, most of which don't even offer actual surfing! Or if they do it's on a 'party board' which is like standing on a platform as you get whitewash on your ankles. Woah, hold me back, I'm gonna party like its 1999.

On the off chance they do have fluffy or pipeline waves, now the real fun begins. Find a place to rez your board. Some are easier than others, and no nude beach with surfing waves have loaners on the beach. Now make sure that you are, indeed, on a nude beach and not a victim of keyword commando tactics and subject to being thrown off the land and possibly losing your surfboard. Now try to ride in a sim not build for good surfing, and usually has sale boards and other things peppered all over the place. That is assuming, naturally, that you can even find the water after you're forced to teleport into the middle of a mall with "BUY OUR BITS!!!!" on hundreds of prim sale boards, each with it's own unique graphic that takes an hour to load.

A rare find in Second Life: a surfable nude beach

You'd think that in Second Life, a place where you can buy scripted body parts, a place where proportion and scale have little to no meaning, a place that "teh intarweb is 4 p0rn" is proven time and time again, you'd think naked surfing would be more predominant. Granted, most surfers really don't want to see 'bits' when they ride, but there's something to be said for the vulgarity of the idea too. But I'm surprised that it's not easier to find places you can, well, let it all hang out!

Nakedness has it's time and place in Second Life, and I'm not suggesting that all surf beaches go 'nude'. In fact, in a lot of cases, it's a good thing they're not. Thankfully, unlike the real world, that big hairy guy with and the gold necklace doesn't look like that online. All I'm saying is that in Second Life, we design our own bodies, and a lot of them look very nice. It's a shame to keep them always covered. Or, at least from a furry perspective, it just makes sense for some of us to go about sans clothing. As long as it's not public sex or acts of vulgarity, there's nothing horrible about being naked, especially virtually so.

So, I'd like to announce that I'm planning on opening up a 'clothing optional' surf beach some time in the future when I have gobs of disposable income. It won't be much, just fluffies and pipes and a beach. Possibly a pier with a dance area too. Why do this? Well, a nice casual place for people to surf, and 'come as you are' doesn't seem like a bad idea to me. Mostly for my fur friends, but anyone can get in and surf if you're respectful. And, just to give it the right feel, I may just call it 'Fluffers Cove'. What do you think?

What? I shouldn't include the pier?