Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Registrations close for Surfline

Three top 10 ranked surfers fail to register

Registrations for the upcoming SLSA Surfline Competition closed on Monday March 24th after 40 entries, less than 48 hours after opening for surfer registrations.

Notably absent from the 40 signed-up surfers are Milo Voss, currently ranked 4th in the 2008 SLSA Season Standings; Timbo Flanagan, who is ranked 5th; and Lanelle Saunders, who is ranked 8th (although perhaps Milo's recent election to the SLSA board may explain his absence). There are also at least half a dozen mid- to low-ranking competition surfers in the table that have not registered. At time of publishing, Carolin Gausman was the only surfer signed-up on the
Surfline Competition waiting list (which remains open by the way).

A pelican at Surfline sim yesterday (who declined to comment).

The Second Life Surfing Association event at Surfline will take place on Saturday 5 April on pipeline waves with 40 surfers taking part in 8 heats.

Surfing Calendar - March-April 2008
URL: Surfline Competition Registration

SLURL: Surfline

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