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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Every once in awhile an idea comes along at a perfect point of time in a perfect place.  For me, SurfWatch was that idea.  Here was Barchan Paderborn, the original founding editor of SurfWatch, in the virtual world of Second Life (SL), watching the start of something new - virtual surfing - along with the competitions, the organizations, the personalities, the venues, the retailers, the rivalries.  He had the foresight and vision to cover the sport like a real life event, with real time event scores, interviews, backgrounds.  No one else came close to his idea or having his professionalism in implementing his idea.

When Barchan handed the reins to me, my idea was to expand SurfWatch to a variety magazine format to reach a broader niche.  We expanded into all areas of media - in-world magazine, video, marketing - as well as the broader area of beach lifestyle and surfing in all virtual worlds.  It was fun on top of fun.  We never let fear of disapproval or unpopularity determine what topics we would cover.  Even through the criticisms, intimidations, attacks, power plays, rivals, threats and difficult times, SurfWatch tried always to maintain a level of integrity that readers could trust, and we are very proud of our record.

When I announced to the SurfWatch Staff group back in August that SurfWatch would be shutting down operations in September, I expected a rash of immediate departures.  Instead, the SurfWatch Staff continued to submit to and support SurfWatch into its final day.  I'd like to acknowledge and deeply thank the Second Life SurfWatch Staff group for their unpaid efforts, enthusiasm and support of SurfWatch.  These are members of the virtual surfing community that work behind the scenes to keep surfing strong, never for their own self promotion, usually on multiple projects, and have a strong history with the surfing community:

Cierra Theriac - A long history with SL surfing as one of the founding members of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA). Cie volunteered to be the link to keep readers up to date on SLSA news such as elections and, most importantly, provide the competition heat draws and competition results as soon as they became available.

Kantbe Thursday - Always juggling multiple SurfWatch submissions with the highest quality of writing and coming from a background with the SLSA, wearing many hats and working tirelessly behind the scenes, Kant brought a variety of topics to SurfWatch including Kantbe Serious columns.  She maintains the most comprehensive virtual wave report, constantly updating to keep the information current, for wave locations and wave types in all virtual worlds

Lissa Pinion Sands -  Coming from a background of beginning the Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) and working many seasons as Head Judge for the SLSA, Lis took the reins as editor in 2011/12 while I was away to keep SurfWatch going for the benefit of the surfing community.  She spent countless hours researching topics, managing and writing postings, and staying connected to the entire surfing community for the benefit of SurfWatch readers.

Maxwell Silvansky - Never one for self promotion or self aggrandizement, Max spent years behind the scenes teaching and encouraging new surfers, mentoring experienced surfers, and keeping a positive vibe in the community.  Always original and entertaining, Jimbo the Cart Boy could be counted on to come up with the most original, inclusive, hilarious variety of posts, including all of Bandit's many surfing adventures.

Zelda Zimberman - The newest member to join the SurfWatch staff group, Zelda's enthusiasm for all things virtual surf comes through the moment you speak with her.  Zelda put together her 20 Questions:  Surf Perspective series to share individual points of view on virtual surfing and the SLSA which I believe also served to show how much we all share the same love of virtual surfing.

Special acknowledgement goes to the members of the SurfWatch Honor Roll whose work with SurfWatch made it the unique project that it couldn't have been without them:

Barchan Paderborn - Founding Editor

Ashleigh Dickins - In-World Edition Editor, one of the most creative and persevering talents behind the scenes in the virtual surfing community.

Colleen Brennan - Special Correspondent bringing SurfWatch readers a true feeling of inclusiveness in the surfing community.

Rhett McMahn - Special Correspondent fearlessly tackling the most controversial and challenging topics.

Many others contributed to SurfWatch either as staff, sponsors, special contributors or correspondents through the years, and I'd like to thank you for bringing your uniqueness to the pages of SurfWatch.

Most of all, my heartfelt thank you to the many readers of SurfWatch through the years - those who took the time to comment, those who submitted photos, videos and information, and those who checked in regularly.  You are the reason we have continued as long as we have, you are who we have been reaching out to in the pages, and you are who we will miss the most.

It has been my great pleasure to have worked on SurfWatch these past years, and I thank you,

Tauri Tigerpaw

Letter from the Editor

Submitted by Lissa Pinion

An era is coming to an end with SurfWatch retiring officially.  So this will be my farewell to the only publication in the SL Surfing community that consistently brought us births and deaths, hard hitting interviews and light hearted exposes, designers on the surfboard and fashion scene and an outstanding quarterly in-world magazine as well as all the breaking news many would not have known about had they not read SurfWatch.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals that made SurfWatch what it is and will always be remembered for Tauri, who trusted me to be neutral and tell the story, Ashleigh, who worked tirelessly on the inworld magazine which, frankly was like herding cats, Kantbe who always brought a light side to any situation...think of her as the UN of surfing. To all those who I called up and said, “hey give me your opinion on this”...Thank you. And last but no-where near least, Barchan, who had a vision and ran with it then had the brains to turn it over to Tauri to keep it going.

I’m going to miss reading SurfWatch as well as working on it, but I know someone will step up maybe with their own style and message and carry on to keep the surf community informed and up to date.

I want to thank all those who trusted us over the years with information, opinions, and comments. Thank you to V for being patient when so much of my time was going towards the blog, thank you to Tauri in believing in my judgement to handle the management of SurfWatch for two years and thank you to the readers. Without you we would have never been.

Lissa Pinion-Sands

Monday, September 17, 2012

20 Questions: Surf Perspective - Zenon Parnall

Submitted by Zelda Zimberman

1. Name: 
Zenon ... not sure though since most people simply call me Z.

2. Team: 
TUNA - Team (of) Unsolicited Nap Attacks.

3. Surfing Since: 
Since standing on four paws. Some say even before but I lost memory after a board hit my head.

4. Favorite Board and why?: 
My old FAKT, I keep losing it due to SL rezzing problems, but it mysteriously returns all the time. On second thought I might not like it that much, this sounds more like a dog...

5. Favorite Wave and why?:
Really hard to tell, for some reason they all have the tendency to make me wet.
Mavericks maybe, make me think of steaks.

6. How did you come across surfing on SL and what was your first initial reaction to it?: 
You know, all the beaches, all the sand... and then there was the chance to catch a fish without having to dive in.

7. Are you involved in the SLSA (second life surfing association) in any way? (competitions, events, etc.): 
Oh yes, I love their beach. So much sand!

8. What are your thoughts or opinions on the direction on the SLSA from 2012 and beyond?:  They are doing a great job, I was impressed by the SL9B exhibit. Even if there was no fish.

9. What do/did you find positive and negative about it?  How would you like to see it improve more?: 
They should rake their beach more often.

10. Do you compete in any surfing competitions SLSA or non?: 

11. What do/did you find gratifying and dissatisfying about  competitions?: 
a) Fun people, b) No fish.

12. How do you feel about the SLSA using non SSI boards for competitions? (ex; HP5, LSD, Action): 
I love seeing people belly on different boards!

13. If you are currently inactively involved in competitions (surfing, judging, etc.) what was the reason for leaving? Would you want to come back and participate? Please explain your answer: 
I'm a lazy cat, I guess that should answer all the above.

14. What are your thoughts on the team dynamics?
Is there a team you particularly like? Why?: 
I like them all, they keep surfing up.

15. Is there anyone on here that particularly had an impact when it came to surfing, mentoring, and overall being a role model for you? Who and why? Please explain your answer: 
Certainly VW Sands, he's the best scratch post of all.

16. What was your favorite moment or memory on surfing here?: 
Oh, definitely when I was happily surfing the Epics, then passed out for a moment and found myself inside a shack several miles inlands. (note to you - not part of the answer: this was an old "glitch" in SL with surfing, old guys will understand).

17. Is there anyone you know or knew that isn't active as much in surfing and would like to see come back? Who and why?: 
Oh well, there are many people I miss from my early days, but SL moves on, and so do people.

18. Many people have strong opinions when it comes to SL surfing and RL surfing. What is your take on the comparison?: 

19. Do you have any advice for new SL surfers on here?: 
Talk to people, surfers are usually very friendly folks. Try as many boards and waves as you can, and don't get your tail wet.

20. Any other thoughts?: 
Thinking... (naps away.)

NOOB and NOW: Revy Benoir

Submitted by Jimbo the Cart Boy

We all know that change can be good, especially when it comes to our personal appearances. Your friends at SurfWatch are excited to bring to you a new ongoing feature we like to call "NOOB and NOW". Today we proudly present to you, Revy Benoir: 
Revy Benoir - NOOB
Revy Benoir - NOW

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming NOOB and NOW posting?
Click this link for instructions:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SLSA Tsunami Pro Heat Draws

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

Saturday, September 22, 2012, 11:00am SL Time (check in for heat 1 10:45am)
Place Tsunami Beach
Wave: Sunset
Board: SSi Longboard

Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Figger Arun (BLUE)
Graxis Darnova (GREEN)
Rachel Emodemon (ORANGE)
Damiana Babcock (PURPLE)
Katielove Adored (BLACK)

0000Luca0000 Resident (RED)
Pova Rustamova (BLUE)
Sally LaSalle (GREEN)
Sarah's Wirefly (ORANGE)
Jen Gustafson (PURPLE)
Aurora Jacks (BLACK)

Bobbi Laval (RED)
Ignacio pevensey (BLUE)
Lourinho Nizna (GREEN)
Sunrize Mornington (ORANGE)
Robbin Ember (PURPLE)
selina Otsuka

ilaurenb Resident (RED)
Ashoka Mosely (BLUE)
Dax Verlaine (GREEN)
Able Halderman (ORANGE)
nicolette1nico2nikki (PURPLE)

Willowwynn Resident (RED)
Terruce Chau (BLUE)
Petra Xaris (GREEN)
Imzadi Amaterasu (ORANGE)
Lanky Silvercloud (PURPLE)

Colleen Brennan (RED)
Mick Lunasea (BLUE)
Melian Catronis (GREEN)
Rick Galli (ORANGE)
Jordan Mendle (PURPLE)

Standby List For Pro Event:
Valium Lavender
Alliejj Resident
Naviah11 Resident
Curshaw Resident
Followingwaves Sirbu

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