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Surfboards in SL, What's the Difference?

Submitted by Mick Lunasea

Surfboards in SL (Second Life), what's the difference?

The first fully funcrtioning surfboards and waves in SL were Heather Goodliffe / Sebastian Saramago (SSI=Surf Systems Inc) prims, sculpts and scripts. 
Other scripted boards and waves by other builders / scripters.
-Boards / Waves - Action, Action Scripts
-Boards / Waves, HP ( JAWS) Leogarto Burt Scripts
-Boards/ Waves,  LSD Luscious Starship Scripts
-Waves / Maoli Wave Co. Denise Frostbite Script
-Waves /Ninja Studios,
-Boards / Waves, Rob John Surf, Robin Mapp Scripts
-Boards Seb's Surfboards
-Boards Surf Republic
SSI scripts are used in stock SSI shapes w custom textures or custom shapes and custom textures. SSI Scripted SLSA Legal Surfboards:

- Analog (custom and stock shapes/custom textures) All but  6.1 script   slsa approved.
- Baracuda Surfboards (stock shape/custom textures)
- Big Dawg (Misfit) Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Candy Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- DW Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Jaks Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- FAKT Surfboards (custom and stock shapes/custom textures)
- GR Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Hedonistic Isles Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Namiko Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- NZ Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Reaction Surfboards (custom and stock shapes/custom textures)
- RJ Surf Surfboards (custom shapes/custom textures)
- Pray for Surf   (stock shape/custom textures)
- TCH Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- TSS Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
 - SSI Factory Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Sands Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Shark Surfboards (custom and stock shapes/custom textures)
- SJA Surfboards (custom and stock shapes/custom textures)
- Sniper Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- SPL Surfboards  (stock shape/custom textures)
- Surfcrazy Surfboards (custom shapes/custom textures)
- WRD Surfboards (stock shapes/custom textures)

Other Scripted Boards:
-Action  (non slsa approved)
-Analog (other) 6.1 script  (non slsa approved)
-Atlantic Surf   (non slsa approved)
-LSD (non slsa approved)
-RobJohn's (non slsa approved)
-Surf Republic Kiteboards
-Wavelabs  (non slsa approved)
-Zen  (non slsa approved)
*This may not be a complete lists.

What is the difference between scripts?
*SSI Scripts*
SSI scripts are stable and smooth while surfing SSI's Pipeline, Epic and Cortes waves. They also function in action and HP waves. The surfboard interacts with the wave. Tricks, scripted and non-scripted are very stable.  There is only one scripted trick in SSI boards,  that is a backflip using the S and E keys. Croutching is not a trick, it is a way to attain shaper turning radius. Arrow keys, lift boards nose, slow and change board direction.
*Non SSI  Scripts*
Scripts by other makers... some surfboards will interact with SSI and HP  waves others will not.
-Action Surfboards work in SSI waves, many additional animations available with HUD and  keys.
-HP Surfboards work in SSI waves, many additional animations available with additional  keys.
-LSD  Surfboards work in SSI and HP waves, many additional animations available with additional keys.
-RobJohn Surfboards do interact with SSI  waves, keys produce a different riding experience than SSI scripted surfing.
Surf Republic Kiteboards also interact, but not well with the waves. But then Kiteboarding is not a big wave experience anyway, use the fluffies
Special Thanks to Sheridan Flynn for his early research and contributions.

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