Sunday, September 9, 2012

20 Questions: Surf Perspective - Colleen Brennan

Submitted by Zelda Zimberman

20 Questions: Surf Perspective is part of a continuing series SurfWatch will be running as participants respond to Zelda's questionaire.

1. Name: 
Colleen Brennan

2. Team: 

3. Surfing Since: 

4. Favorite Board and why?: 
That is to hard to say. I haven't met a surfboard I do not like. I love all my ssi boards, some are so precious to me because of the memories. I love my HP boards too especially the pink one given to me by a special  friend... and last but certainly not least I love the LSD board that cracks in  half when I  hit a rock and wipes me out... makes me  smile and laugh at Luscious's sense of humor which is  greatly missed these days.

5. Favorite Wave and why?: 
Maybe the LSD Malibu just because it is that perfect, sweet spot is between a fluff and a pipeline and I like how it looks.... I really can't  name just one favorite though, I love everything I have  ever surfed, even my nemesis the Cortes wave. Seb  definitely designed that to make me humble.... always  makes me want to try again... I get so close but never  feel like it is conquered.
6. How did you come across surfing on SL and what was your first initial reaction to it?: 
My second day here I found a surf-anywhere board  (was before waves) and I surfed everywhere. Then one day Hall of Fame surfer and SLSA founder Seano was out looking for beaches and sponsors. He landed on mine and saw how I was surfing flat water and said "let me show you the light". He tp'ed me to some fluffs where Kimmy Fitzgerald let me borrow her board and I don't think I have spent much time on dry land since.

7. Are you involved in the SLSA (second life surfing association) in any way? (competitions, events, etc.): 
I have been a member since the  first competition. I have served on the board  three times. I have been an adviser and worked as staff as well as hosted comps. I have been a team founder and a team captain. But what I am most proud of is that of the 51 comp we have had I have surfed 48 of them. I never missed one until this season. Also, as  far as I know there has never been a SLSA comp that either Bobbi Laval or I have not surfed in. I am proud of that.

8. What are your thoughts or opinions on the direction on the SLSA from 2012 and beyond?: 
Same as always, the mission of the SLSA is to promote surfing in SL in all it's forms and as long as it can do that and make a happy atmosphere it will thrive.

9. What do/did you find positive and negative about it?:  
I am 100% positive that the SLSA can work through just about anything and keep its' mission.

How would you like to see it improve more?: 
I would like to see all its' members (whenever they can) be friendly to new people and invite them to join the party.

10. Do you compete in any surfing competitions SLSA or non?: 
Almost everyone I can find. I have also hosted my own independent ones and I respect the hard work   people do to make them.

11. What do/did you find gratifying and dissatisfying about  competitions?: 
The most gratifying thing is the  friendships built and going through the battle together. Of course the dissatisfying things is the fact of life we call lag. But you should have seen it in the old days  when we could not even wear hair.

12. How do you feel about the SLSA using non SSI boards for competitions? (ex; HP5, LSD, Action): 
The SLSA is to promote all surfing so if a board is relatively in circulation it should ge a chance. It also makes it so the SLSA champ has to be a real master of all boards and not a one trick pony. Variety also means a more level playing field.

13. If you are currently inactively involved in competitions (surfing, judging, etc.) what was the reason for leaving? Would you want to come back and participate? Please explain your answer: 

14. What are your thoughts on the team dynamics?  Is there a team you particularly like? Why?: 
I love all the teams and have friends to all. I like the friendly  competition but of course Tsunami is family to me. To be on Tsunami it's easy: Bet along with others, love surfing, be able to show up for some comps. Skills will vary and that is secondary.... we love helping people learn.

15. Is there anyone on here that particularly had an impact when it came to surfing, mentoring, and overall being a role model for you? Who and why? Please explain your answer: 
Oh there are so many people, I can't even answer this. I remember initially though way way back when I saw Devinna Toll winning, and the guy  surfers being afraid to get in her heat that I thought  "Wow, maybe I can surf like that too."

16. What was your favorite moment or memory on surfing here?: 
Winning my second "Surf Jamz" after   finishing dead last on the prior one is up there. So was making HOF my first season on the last comp of the season. But my favorite moments are when I am just surfing with friends and  enjoying their company. I used to be so happy surfing with Kim Henig at Nash's sim or  catching a few waves at Wil's house, or when we went to Bobbi's house and just surfed to surf.

17. Is there anyone you know or knew that isn't active as much in surfing and would like to see come back? Who and why?: 
That list is so so long starting with Kim Henig. Then so so many others, I am afraid to miss anyone so I won't start naming names.

18. Many people have strong opinions when it comes to SL surfing and RL surfing. What is your take on the comparison?: 
They're so different, but the one thing that makes SL surfing just like RL for me is that no matter how good a ride I just did, I know there is an  even better one waiting on the next wave and I can't wait to find it.

19. Do you have any advice for new SL surfers on here?: 
Join surfing groups and make surfing friends. It is a great way to meet nice people and have a lot of  fun. Never worry about your skill level. Just have fun. The greatest surfer is the one who enjoyed it the most.

20. Any other thoughts?: 
I love Surfwatch, I missed it  and all my friends here and I am so happy to be back  again.

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