Thursday, December 22, 2011


Kant was last seen wandering aimlessly around the SurfWatch Headquarters mumbling in awe, "So this is where everyone works!"  If you see her wandering around, send her home to Tan. 

Beach Fashion

Decorating is always more fun with tall friends whose shoulders help you reach the tallest parts of the tree!  Merry Christmas!

On Location At: Alliance Surf Vibes Beach Vibes Clubhouse

Hair: TRUTH Twiggy Cocoa
Eyes: Earthstones Stoned Eyes in Labradorite    Lashes:CCD Eyelashes - Bedroom
Skin: LAQ Nellie 05 Mocha
Shape: Custom made
Clothing: MDI: Kiss Me Quick full set
Jewelry/Accessories: *Sweet Sin Tatto* I'm Bad? Oh yes, My Heart is Yours bracelot, bbb Engagement/wedding set, M!ne Christmas trees in white earrings, Earthstones Aculo Bracelet and Necklace

Hair: TRUTH Drake Streaked Golden
Eyes: ::Exodi:: Twilight Eyes in Bella
Skin: LAQ Jonas O8 Mocha
Shape: The Classic Male Novus
Clothing: Splenduers Hybrid Boardshorts in Green

SSP Hang A Shining Star Pose set
Hope Creations Sparkling Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays from Sally and Bobbi

Surfing with Lissa

This installment is all about the Great White North where the crazy hard core surfers find the best surfing in the winter months. Come on! I'm serious!  Why else would Santa live up here?  Check out the vids below for some frozen surfing action!

Yakutat, AK USA

Tofino, Canada

Monday, December 19, 2011

SurfWatch Surfing Sim List

taken from
SurfWatch Surfing Sim List
submitted by Kantbe Thursday Updated: December 19, 2011

This is the VERY basic listing of what's out on the grid, broken apart by wave size offered. Many places have multiple wave styles and like to change them up from time to time, but this list represents what was found at the time they were all checked.

NOTE: Some beaches have loaner surfboards, some have rez areas for using your own board, some require joining their group in order to use your board or loaners.

Thanks to Socks Clawtooth for all of his work in creating the original list of surfing sims from which this is based.

Cape Marina / Lock's Crib -  (Action - Maverick)
HP Surf Point -  (Joaquina)
Kauai, Hawaii -  (Sunset)
Monkey Cove -  Sunset 200m, Epics,100m Sunsets, Joaquina)
Monkey Tail -  (Action Nitro and Joaquina and Maverick (Alt))
Pirate Point Break -  (Epic)
Picturesque - Panda Bay - (Jaws and Fluffies)
T'ai -  (Epic Cortes, Pipes, and Fluffies)
Tsunami Beach - (Sunset, Cortes Twins, Various LSD)
Vibe Beach, Alliance Surf -  (Epic Cortes Pipes and Fluffies)
Wingprincess - (Teahupoo and Fluffs)

Medium (some with Pipes and fluffs, some alternate)
Bundoran Reef - R.I.P.
Cartagena Pipeline 
Chi -  (Pipes, Fluffs)
Kokomo Beach 
Kick Back Beach 
Lily, Lily Beach 
Oahu Hawaii 
Onyx Cove -  (LSD 50m "Mick's Malibu" and 10m "Kimmy Jigsaw's" Fluffie)
Pelican Bay (Dee Waverider) 
Rodos; Wings Shores 
Serina & Oventa 
SL Surfing Association home beach - (changes wave types frequently)
Southern Coast Surf & Sky  (loaner board, but no rez area)
Syx Monkeys Beach -  (Pipes)
Teahupoo - World Class Surfing - (Action)
Thetis Bahia Surf Beach  
TiKi Lounge; TiKi Tattoo  
Tortola  (Action)
What? Surf & Simboard Park 

Small (Fluffs)
*PX* Caves and Surfing
Women Only, A Womans Touch - men welcome if accompanied by women


December 20th:

 Lola & Pammie's place

 7:00 pm SL time
Tis the Season To Be Jolly!  and what better way than with a christmas bash!!  Why not take a well deserved break from all that shopping! Grab some eggnog, spiked preferably, and join in on the christmas cheer!!!!

December 21st: 

Club Electricity:  

Grand Opening to welcome the Winter Solstice
6:00 PM SLT: The amazing vocal and guitar stylings of the Notorious Digby Smalls. Do not miss the opportunity to hear this truly wonderful singer.

7:00 PM  - 8:00 PM SLT: Dance on the snowy rooftops of the club. Play games and socialze. All while listening to great tunes from the swing era and beyond, solstice, celtic and some surprises. Music to celebrate the season!