Saturday, December 3, 2011



Ice Skating Party !!!
7:00 - 9:00pm SL time
Saturday, December 3rd

DJ Dan will be streaming his SLs Mix - FG Radio show from Laval Art and Photography Gallery during our Ice Skating Party. Join us for the fun and music!! Skate, stroll through the winter landscape or visit the gallery.
 Free skates available, or bring your own.


Miracle Mini Comp
3:30 -6:00pm SL time
Sunday, December 4th

Shangri-La Beach Resort Lagoon. All boards, huds, anything goes. 1 rider at a time, 3 waves. NO Judges, peoples choice! FUN! Invite your friends, stuff the ballot box. FUN!  Prizes include lindens, trophies and a free week at one of the houses at Shangri-La !

**Have an event?  Surf related or not, let us know so we can help get the word out to the community. Contact Lissa Pinion (Sands) in-world via notecard or at**


CK said...

was great fun, no bs, just good ol fashioned fun!

Kantbe Thursday said...

Dang! Sorry I missed that one.

In addition to letting Lissa know so she can get these things posted on SurfWatch, if y'all can get me the peculiars, er, particulars as soon as possible, I can try to get them posted on SL's Featured Events in their Destination Guide.

A brief description, time, date, a pic, and SURL would be great if you could send it to my email: