Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surf-Safari Hit the Beaches of SL

Surf-Safari, a Vibrations group tradition since 2008 when it started on Majini, saw a revival on December 18, when the group hit six surf sims and ripped the waves up enjoying great friends, great waves, and laughs by the oceans full. Check out the action below:

First stop is Monkey Cove well known for great surfing.

Second stop is Panda Bay where Vibes did nearly crash the sim.  

Third stop is What? Surf and Simboard Park home of red rock surfing and good times.

Fourth stop was Crab Island where it was decided that jetskis and surfers don't mix well.

Fifth stop on this Surf-Safari was Bisous where the owner owns more waves than the SL gods and rocks them hard.

Last stop Chi Where lil fluffy waves kick butt and take names even for Vibers.

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