Saturday, December 12, 2009

Montego Longboard Epic Invitational Results for Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scores and photo courtesy Ashley Dickins

The results of the Montego Longboard Epic Invitational, the final SLSA competition of 2009 Season 2:

First Place:  Desirae Beaumont ' 17.50000

Second Place Tie:  Followingwaves Sirbu' 16.50000 and Kimmy Jigsaw ' 16.50000
Third Place:  Colleen Brennan ' 16.33333

Maldrul Morris ' 15.83333
Sweetcajan Voom ' 15.16667

Heat 1

Desirae Beaumont (RED) - 17.0
VW Sands (BLUE) - 16.66
Sassy1 Fizzle (GREEN) - 16.5
Colleen Brennan (ORANGE) - 17

Heat 2
Followingwaves Sirbu (RED) 15-5
Maldrul Morris (BLUE) - 16.16
Bobbi Laval (GREEN) - 14.0
Kim Henig (ORANGE) - 13.33

Heat 3
Kimmy Jigsaw (RED) - 16.66
Velvetori Twine (BLUE) - 0
WickedV Carver (GREEN) - 15.33
Sweetcajan Voom (ORANGE) - 16.33

Heat 1:

Desirae Beaumont - 17
Sally LaSalle - 14.5
Angelle Aluveaux - 15.5
Followingwaves Sirbu - 16.33
Desne Aabye - 16.16

Heat 2:
SexyBoy Oh - 16.16
VW Sands - 17.16
Kimmy Jigsaw - 17.33
Abel Halderman - 15.50
Sandipanimuni Haiku - 15.5
Jordan Mendle - 15.5

Heat 3:
Socks Clawtooth - 16.25
GiavannaMarie Melody - 13.5
Maldrul Morris - 15.5
Rhett McMahn - 13.3
Velvetori Twine - 13.6

Heat 4:
Wilfrid Decuir - 15.83
Bobbi Laval - 16.0
Sassy1 Fizzle - 16.16
Triston Mayo - 13.66
Cymindra Deschanel - 12.00

Heat 5:
Colleen Brennan - 15.83
Sunrize Mornington - 13.33
MarkFoo Waverider - 15.66
WickedVCarver - 16.16
Robbin Ember - 14.16

Heat 6:
Sean Azambuja - 13.16
Kim Henig - 15.66
Sweetcajun Voom - 15.5
Lacy Rossini - 13.3
rain Tigerfish - 14.3

Friday, December 11, 2009

Montego Longboard Epic Invitational Heat Draws for Saturday, December 12, 2009

Posted by the SLSA: Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:21 am

The Montego Longboard Epic Invitational competition heat draws scheduled for Doobie on Dec 12, 2009 (

The competition starts at 11am SLT sharp.


Desirae Beaumont (RED)
Sally LaSalle (BLUE)
Harbor Piers (GREEN)
Followingwaves Sirbu (ORANGE)
Desne Aabye (PURPLE)
Kait Seetan (BLACK)


SexyBoy Oh (RED)
VW Sands (BLUE)
Kimmy Jigsaw (GREEN)
Abel Halderman (ORANGE)
sandipanimuni Haiku (PURPLE)
Jordan Mendle (BLACK)


Socks Clawtooth (RED)
GiavannaMarie Melody (BLUE)
Maldrul Morris (GREEN)
Rhett McMahn (ORANGE)
Velvetori Twine (PURPLE)


Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Bobbi Laval (BLUE)
Sassy1 Fizzle (GREEN)
Triston Mayo (ORANGE)
Cymindra Deschanel (PURPLE)


Colleen Brennan (RED)
Sunrize Mornington (BLUE)
MarkFoo Waverider (GREEN)
WickedV Carver (ORANGE)
Robbin Ember (PURPLE)


Sean Azambuja (RED)
Kim Henig (BLUE)
Sweetcajan Voom (GREEN)
Lacy Rossini (ORANGE)
LilMario Lavendel (PURPLE)

1. luke Fenutzini
2. Bodhi Lowtide
3. Angelle Aluveaux
4. Aurora Jacks
5. Snapple Sneerwell
6. rain Tigerfish
7. Jac Mornington
8. Rayzza Rubble
9. Sunshine Zhangsun
10. Coolkat Delicio

Thursday, December 10, 2009

SurfWatch Advertising

Exposure...advertise to a growing market

SL surfing is one of the fastest growing activities in SL and SurfWatch is the premier news source for everything related to SL surfing with 24/7 exposure and live SL surf world coverage, and in our SurfWatch In World Edition hard copy magazine currently published quarterly.

If you have a venue, service, performance, event, product, idea, real estate, retail, anything that could benefit from exposure - then you want to advertise with SurfWatch. Affordable and effective, there are several ways to advertise with SurfWatch!

Blog Posting:

A member of the staff will do a "front page" write up of your venue, sim, event, service, etc. with an inserted photo with 24 hour "front page" exposure. (Posting may be bumped for breaking news, then reposted as "front page" to complete the 24 hour exposure). 2,500L

Sidebar Advertisement:

150L per day - minimum of 7 day run required. Includes one 100x100 ad placed on the blog sidebar giving it 24/7 exposure. If booked for 14 days, a discount is issued and total fee is 1,750L

In-World Edition:

These advertisements will be published in the next available in-world publication. If you would like to request a specific publication date, please let us know and we can discuss upcoming release dates.

2 pages spread - 3,000L - size: 768x512
1 page - 2,000L - size: 384x512
1/2 page wide - 1,200L - size: 384x256
1/2 page tall - 1,000L - size: 192x512
1/3 page column - 500L - size: 128x512
1/8 page blurb - 300L - size: 192x128

All sizes are width x height

Combo Packs:

Epic - 2 page spread, 1 review, and 2 week run in sidebar - 4,500L
Pipes - 1 page spread, 1 review, and 1 week run in sidebar - 3,000L
Fluffy - 1/2 page orientation choice, 1 week run in sidebar - 2,000L
Sea spray - 1/3 page column, 4 day run in sidebar - 900L
Ripples - 1/8 page blurb, 1 announcement or review - 400L

Talk to Tauri Tigerpaw or Ashleigh Dickins today and see if SurfWatch can meet your advertising needs.

The Eddie!

photo courtesy Jac Mornington

Inspired by the first 30 foot waves to hit Waimea Beach in five years prompting "the Eddie", a competition held only when waves top 20 feet (this is only the eighth time the conditions have been right since the event's founding in 1984), Jac Mornington headed out to Mori to start his own Eddie, but conditions there prove to be just a little different!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL) Competition Results

submitted by Colleen Brennan, Special Correspondent and Program Director
photos courtesy Wil DeCuir

The results of Sunday's, December 6, 2009, Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL  (ABSSL) competition are as follows:


First place:  Tico Bechir
Second place:  Markfoo Waverider
Third place: Guiloan Graves
Bobbi Laval




Mari's Mailbag - Running for Director

When asked to write about what it was like to run for SLSA Director, I wrote two different articles that quickly found their place in the trash. So many mixed emotions. The reason I ran seemed so dark and so hopeless. After having a few days to reflect, I realized it isn't that way at all. We all care about SLSA.  We "are" SLSA, all of us. Seems even through all the negativity that's been going on, we are all still laughing and smiling, telling the same silly jokes.

I initially ran because I felt the need to jump in and to help, but some of us feel no matter what he or she does to help, SLSA isn't going to change. That's where you are all wrong. Great things take time.  There are lots of issues on the table to be discussed. This cannot happen when you think it should, it happens as the issues are ironed out. I honestly don't think you would want it any other way. With so many members concerns, it shows we care. The SLSA Forum  is giving us all an opportunity to suggest ideas for improvement.  No matter what they are, present them, and maybe one of us will think of the one thing that can help get us back on track by next season. Lets stop the ridicule, name calling, back stabbing and the negativity that is draining us all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mori Pwani Surfing Snowmen Contest!

Where: Mori Pwani Deck

When: Sat. 12/19/2009

What: Create an original surf themed snowman/woman/whatever and get it to us by the 15th when they will go on display til the 19th. Judges will decided on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as Most Original and Most Warped Mind!

For more details or any questions contact: Sienna Velinov, VW Sands, Kana Quan, or Lissa Pinion (your judges). Judges can and should be bribed heavily as all proceeds will go to Toys for Tots charity! Donation boxes can be found on the deck at Mori and at the Cafe on Tuli


1. Must be made of snow, sand, or rock
2. Max height is 4M tall
3. Must be Surf Themed
4. Clothing, Accessories, or whatever will be accepted
5. Must be created by you and not store bought or made by anyone else.

Toys for Tots History:

Toys for Tots began in 1947, when group of Marine Reservists in Los Angeles, California collected and distributed

5,000 toys to needy children. For 62 years the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program has distributed more

than 400 million toys to more

Glitch Glide

submitted by Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent

The controls of a standard SSI surfboard are pretty basic. Forward, left, right, a little reverse as well. Then it doesn't take much to find the next few moves like the flip and the crouch. But I want to take a few moments to tell you all about one more move that has been "standard" on surfboards for a long time and is probably the best kept secret of many pro riders. I should know, I've been using this myself for a long time before I realized that not everyone knew about it.

Some things first that we all know about surfboards in Second Life (SL), at least the standard SSI model. You don't stand on the board until you've achieved enough forward momentum. When you lose your momentum, you fall, or "belly out". The flip and crouch moves are pretty basic, but it wasn't until months into my surfing in SL that I found, quite by accident, the second crouch move. When you press page down ("C" out of keyboard chat mode) and the up arrow ("W"), you can produce an arms-out crouch as you surf. However, and this is the true secret, you don't need to be "standing" on your board to initiate this move. You can perform this move on dead calm water or even on land.

So how is this a secret? Over the seasons I've been in the SLSA events, I've noticed a lot of the top pros seem to belly out and miraculously pop up into the "arms out" crouch stance. They glide across the wave, stand up, and turn back into the wave. Most people think this is a controlled maneuver but it's not. What they've just done is use the scripting to their advantage. Since the arms-out crouch does not require forward momentum to start, you can belly out on a wave and pop back up in this stance.

The long glide that follows is, in reality, gaining momentum to regain a true stance. It's why they pop up from the arms-out crouch to the full standing mode.  They're technically going from a "belly out" to a normal stance, they're just hitting the key combo of page down/up arrow to appear that they're remaining on their feet the whole time. In fact, it's happened that a rider has gone off the wave in this stance and simply glided backwards to catch another wave. In truth, they bellied out, but since they remained "on their feet", it was allowed and rewarded with a full ride.

So do you need a special board? No. Stock SSI boards all do this trick, you only need to make it reflexive to hit it when you belly on wave. 5.1 scripts have an advantage in that they don’t' submarine when you do this, so you can stay on the surface and appear to be in control. 5.2 scripts DO submarine, but they also do the trick quite nicely if you're high enough on wave.

You also need a lot of running room. On a 4 panel epic, you can usually pop back up from the "belly crouch" in about 1-2 panels. On a pipe wave, you need about the same. If the edge is too close, your best bet is to swallow your pride and slam the brakes. Hit reverse to stop your momentum forward before you sail off the side. You'll stall on the wave, but going high enough will get you back on your feet properly.

I've seen many past Second Life Surf Association (SLSA) champs use this technique, but I've also seen a lot of people who didn't use it at all. The ones who don't use it, for the most part, don't know about it. The advantage is that it appears that you only belly for a microsecond, possibly a lag spike or a server glitch in the eyes of the judges. But it's simply a way to look like you are in control when, in reality, you're not. And if it's good enough for some Hall of Fame surfers, it's good enough for me.

And, if there's demand, in our next installment, we'll describe why in SL surfing, you should remain in a crouch for 80-85% of your run, even though in real life surfing they never do.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Surfing 101 - Life of a Surfing Nomad

Mick Lunasea is a long time surf instructor (editors note: See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, and owner of Pacific Coast Hwy sims and SurfCrazy surf shops. Mick will be periodically sharing his knowledge with the readers of SurfWatch. Click on the PCH logo on the sponsor logo section to the right to link to the Pacific Coast Highway blog.

Second Life (SL) is a perfect place for the surfing nomad second lifestyle. No home needed, just a surfboard and surfing attire.When I first hit SL, I landed in Robin Mapp's Surf City (SC). SC was perfect for the surfing nomad. There was a cubby hole under the pier where I lived, not unlike real life (RL) surf rats world wide. I had adopted a kid-like avatar, full trenchcoat, the whole "I'm a kid again" mode. As time wore on, I got my shop, etc., but would still hide in the cubby hole working on avatars, bits, etc. Later, Braata Beach was home. My shop was up, I settled in. Only trouble was when doing female product photo shoots (yeah, Mick can be foxy Mick), things could get wierd. One time I'm at the shop in female mode and a customer out of view starts making inquiries. I shot 200m into the sky quicker than you can say Jiiminy Christmas.

   Mick's first avatar

Being a gypsy nomad was cool.  I woke up on beaches all over SL and a lot of nightclub floors half drunk, bleary eyed, too. I didn't gain a lot of respect but hey, who cares, I'm a surf bum! I met a gal at Chi once.  She was a nomad and lived there. She sweet talked me and at Christmas I gave her a surfboard. She didn't take to the board that well. She was more interested in being an exotic dancer, I found out later.

One day she IM's me and says,"Hey, come see me dance. I TP there. Shes got boobs bigger than her head. "These babies make me tons of cash", she tells me. Hmm...okay, I think. She invites me to Chi. We arrive. Who do I run into almost immediately? SALLY (LaSalle)! I bet Sal doesn't remember.  Here I am, boobcity at my side, I know of Sally, know it's her sim, embarassed as all get out, I sheepishly type, "Hi Sally."  (smiles) Thankfully, she's kind or maybe didn't realize boobcity was with me.

Surf Nomad tips:  Always expect the unexpected.  Be quick with your thoughts.  Keep your wits about ya. Need to bail out fast, open map, tp anywhere. Meet and befriend sim owner, if possible. Always consider a sim whos owner is asleep when you're not and vice versa. Best places to sleep, empty out of the way beaches, under structures, under bushes in thickets or jungles, that way you have time to compose yourself, read group messages, IM's, adjust clothes, etc.   Worse places are open beaches full of beach chairs, towels, pose balls, etc, shops, city streets, people's homes (unless friends with permission, of course).

Being a surf nomad is a great way to see SL surf beaches and meet new people.

Until next time, be a surf nomad...GO SURFING!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hang-10 Surf HUD

submitted by Syx Toshi

Hang-10 Surf HUD
A cooperative effort by Locksley Blitzstein (HUD designer and programer) and Rayzer Haggwood(animator).

Just a note before we proceed, maybe you're like me and have heard all of the initials that are used in Second Life. Well, I’m going to use a few and for those that don’t know what they mean, heres a quick definition:

HUD: This stands for Heads Up Display. HUD displays normally are a graphic interface or Icons that indicates that the HUD is attached to your Avatar and provide you control over animations included animation overrides (AO’s).

AO: Animation Override. If you've been in SL for more then an hour you probably have used these while dancing. An AO does exactly what it says it will - override the normal SL animation. Just about everyone uses these to change their avatar’s normal everyday walk, stand and sit. In the surfing world, these are utilized to provide different animations while your surfing.

For everyone out that that enjoys surfing and is looking to enhance their experience, the Hang-10 Surf HUD may be for you. The creators wanted to replace the static default animations with one that would look more realistic and bring more of a real life feel to the experience.  The Hang-10 HUD has a nice little rectangle graphic with 7 interactive buttons that allow you to override the normal animation of your surfboard to perform selected moves and tricks.

Now the Hang-10 HUD is not new by any means.  I’ve had mine for about a year, but I run into new surfers everyday that are looking to purchase the HUD. For beginners, it will get you up and surfing like a pro with less belly time. Experienced surfers will love it for all the great photo opportunities it gives you, and who doesn’t want a life size picture of themselves doing a flying eagle hanging on the wall of their 6x6 hut (smiles).

There are 5 moves and 7 buttons that come with the Hang-10:

Curl: The Curl is a cool move that gives you sort of that realistic wobbly feel while reaching down and touching your board.

Glide: A nice replacement for the standard surfing stance. This to gives you that “keeping your balance” look.

Note: These first two animations can be triggered to replace the default animations that come with your boards.

Flying Eagle: This is a cool move.   It allows you to jump off your board, do a spread eagle move, and then come back to your board. This is a seamless animation that gives you a nice trick.

Hang-10: For a RL Longboarder like myself, I love this move. The animation allows you to walk to the end of your board, hang 10, and return to your original position. This again is a great seamless transition.

Back Flip: This triggers the default back flip standard with your board.

Stop Animation: Pretty self explanatory. If you don’t click on this button, you will not return to the belly position.

?: The question mark button will give you a notecard that explains the product and features.

I have used the HUD with SSI, Action and HP4 and it works fine with these boards. I usually recommend "Try it before you buy it", but this won't work with the Hang-10 Surf HUD.  There are no Demo versions available. My suggestion is to ask around before you buy. I recommend this for anyone who really loves to surf and has L$600 to spend on surf gear.

Remember you can find the HUD at Surf Shop 6, but most stores that sell boards will have the Hang-10.

ABSSL Heat Draw for Sunday, December 6, 2009

submitted courtesy Leogarto Burt


01-Rick Glli 15:05-15:10 --------------- Camiseta - Verde
02-Sally La Salle 15:15-15:20 --------------- Camiseta - Azul2
03-Taiane Oakleaf 15:25-15:30 --------------- Camiseta - Cinza
04-Bonheur Chenaux 15:35-15:40 ----------------Camiseta - Vinho
05-Bibii Alex 15:45-15:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Amarela
06-Colleen Brennan 15:55-16:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Purpura


07-Markfoo Waverid 16:05-16:10 ---------------- Camiseta - Marron
08-Second1819 Actor 16:15-16:20 ---------------- Camiseta - Amarela
09-Vana Loire 16:25-16:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Roxa
10-Bobbi Laval 16: 35-16:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Azul Claro
11-Tico Bechir 16:45-16:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Vermelha
12- Biofa Benelli 16:55-17:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Preta


13-Cristyano Winstanley 17:05-17:10 --------------- Camiseta - Branca
14-Guiloan Graves 17:15-17:20 --------------- Camiseta - Dourada
15-Kahuna Michigan 17:25-17:30 --------------- Camiseta - Caqui
16-Ammie Graves 17:35-17:40 --------------- Camiseta - Pink
17-Barbra Kungle 17:45-17:50 --------------- Camiseta - Salmão
18-Velvetori Twuine 17:55-18:00 --------------- Camiseta - Turquesa


19-Wiffrid De Cuir 18:05-18:10 --------------- Camiseta - Laranja
20- Kimmy Jigsaw 18:15-18:20 ---------------- Camiseta - Lilas
21-Lourinho Nizna 18:25-18:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Amarela
22-Luca Maynard 18:35-18:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Laranja
23-KinderBiedermann 18:45-18:50 --------------- Camiseta - Branca
24-Junior Balzibo 18:55-19:00 --------------- Camiseta - Prata


25-camarada Pralou 19:05-19:10 ---------------- Camiseta - Ocre
26- Francine Piers 19:15-19:20 ---------------- Camiseta - Verde Escuro
27-Cird Tauru 19:25-19:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Azul Marinho
28-Avril Radmussen 19:35-19:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Prata
29-Sassy Fizzle 19:45-19:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Azul
30-Giavannamarie Melody 19:55-20:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Amarela

Lista de espera Element