Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodbye Bundoran Reef: In Our Hearts You Will Stay

Bundoran Reef, or as most of us know it, Bundy, went the way of so many of our beloved surf sims today. I thought a lot about how to best tell the story of Bundy. My words cannot fully express the loss so many people are already feeling so let their words do it.

Ibrew Meads: My first time surfing was here on Bundy. Cipriano taught me the basics of how way back in 2008, but I never became a regular surfer. I've always loved Bundy, though. It's always been a beautiful beach. I used to fly over it every day going from my home to Nancy Blake's where I was a hostess. I was delighted to see the surfers and people on the beach enjoying the place. Later, I learned to sail here, trying to avoid the waves, hehe, or surfing them in a boat for an exciting ride. This has been my home for four years, and will be greatly missed.

Mick Lunasea: one of the originals, all good things must come to an end but this one hurts.

Melian Catronis: Well I haven't frequented Bundy much but in the short time I've been here surfing I've come to love this place. It's very unique not only for the cold water but the wildness of the landscape and the rocks.

GiavannaMarie Meldoy, Co Captain of Reef Riders.As a Reef Rider....I am sad to see Bundoran leave us. My history with Bundoran first starts when i became a Reef Rider.  One of the forgotten Reef Riders is the one who mentored me, Cipriano Grut.  When I first popped up onto Mori, another great sim that is gone, he saw potential in my surfing.  He taught me how to surf and invited me to become a Reef Rider.  At that time, the Reef Riders home was on Neart, again another sim lost.  I can remember I was getting so frustrated trying to prepare for my second comp ever, Chi...Fluffies.  I had never surfed Fluffies before.  I was so intimidated by everyone being able to surf the fluffies at Chi, Cip took me to Bundoran Reef, where they had fluffies running at the time.  Bundoran Reef was where I spent time perfecting how to ride Fluffies.  Over the next couple of years, people have come and gone.......I became Co Captain of the Reef Riders.  While I have memories of those people that I had the privilege to call team mates,                                                                                                          Bundoran Reef will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was where I would go to relax, show new Reef Riders how to surf, and just chill at Nancy Blake's. In the true Irish way I would like to end with a thought, an irish Proverb:

       May the road rise to meet you, 
    May the wind be always at your back, 
May the sun shine warm upon your face, 
   May the rains fall soft upon your fields, 
   And, until we meet again, 
          May God hold you in the hollow of His hand

Abel Halderman: I don't remember much from last year. Spent some time in the hospital and had to learn how to walk again.

 Imzadi Amaterasu: Bundy will always have a special place in my heart.. I won my first in-season comp here.. I started practicing not thinking id be able to do it with the rocks.. Thats when I really got to know some of the surfers and knew the SLSA was the best place in all of SL .. really sad to see Bundy go :(

Sunrize Mornington: I remember sitting by the fire and listening to the music and watching the waves. Great way to relax and sometimes laugh at the songs. :)

VW Sands: What I will never forget is the lonley, cold mornings at Bundy. Surfing all alone only to be joined by Robin or Bobbs, Devi on occasion. Then the solitary quiet after our sesh´s there.

Desirae Beaumont:  Bundoran Reef closing, a sad day. Neart and Bundoran were the home beaches of the first and only team I ever joined. For me as newcomer it was a great honour to be allowed to join them and thats what I will never forget. Lots of great memories will disappear with the last West of Ireland surf sim. Gone, but never forgotten....ReefRiders Surf Team and West of Ireland Surf Sims Neart and Bundoran Reef will always remain as a big part of my surf career in SL. Farewell Bundoran Reef

 Nash Laville: A place where you can always have whole lot of fun with a bunch of soul. A great combination.

Pics courtesy of Bobbi Laval, GiavannaMarie Melody, VW Sands, Petra Xaris, Abel Halderman, Melian Catronis, and Ronan Roxly 

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CK said...

I've had it all at Bundy really,the craic was always good! The wave set up always has been a fun but tough challenge to any surfer, and the addition of the "bloody rocks" made it even more of a challenge.
Iv'e surfed with most of you at Bundy, the belly aches from laughter are countless. Gonna miss u Bundy :(