Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surf-Safari Hit the Beaches of SL

Surf-Safari, a Vibrations group tradition since 2008 when it started on Majini, saw a revival on December 18, when the group hit six surf sims and ripped the waves up enjoying great friends, great waves, and laughs by the oceans full. Check out the action below:

First stop is Monkey Cove well known for great surfing.

Second stop is Panda Bay where Vibes did nearly crash the sim.  

Third stop is What? Surf and Simboard Park home of red rock surfing and good times.

Fourth stop was Crab Island where it was decided that jetskis and surfers don't mix well.

Fifth stop on this Surf-Safari was Bisous where the owner owns more waves than the SL gods and rocks them hard.

Last stop Chi Where lil fluffy waves kick butt and take names even for Vibers.

Art and Ice Skating Tonight!

Artist Reception: 6:30 - 7:00pm sl time, TONIGHT Sat Dec 17
Ice Skating Party 7:00 - 9:00pm sl time, TONIGHT Sat Dec 17

New Mixed Media art by Bobbi Laval along with some never seen RL Photographic works,  flowpaper drawings and more.

Following join us outside on the rink by the dock for an Ice Skating Party.  DJ Dan will be streaming the SLsMix - FG Radio show live from frozen ice. Join us for the fun and music.  Don't worry,  free skates are available.

Another surprise in time for Christmas,  Bobbi has scattered her Holiday Bears and other goodies around, come grab them for free or almost free, including holiday frames. :)

SLSA Birthday/Rezz Day Celebration and Fundraiser: December

The SLSA met on December 12th to celebrate December birthdays and rezz days as well as raise funds for the sim tiers. In addition to a raffle and party, there was a mini comp (scores to follow).  In the raffle there were two surf boards courtesy of SurfCrazy and LSD, a mesh wave by LSD, artwork from Bobbi Laval, and holiday decor from Sally LaSalle.

Mini Comp Results: Top 3 received trophies
1st: Zelda Zimmerman
2nd: Jayden Domenici
3rd: VW Sands and Mick Lunasea
4th: Damiana Babcock
5th Trista Potez

The event raised $20,000L for the sim tiers.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Wishes

It's that time again when you send us your holiday wishes and we post them the week before Christmas!  Hint: this is where you send me a full perm version or email it to me at   Get them to me asap!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

SLSA Announces Home Sim Move

Abel Halderman, Communications Officer on the SLSA Board of Directors announced the home sim for the SLSA has been moved to Solace Estates  According to the announcement some benefits for the SLSA move include advertising to a large group base of about 6000 avatars, event advertising across all the estate sims, use of neighboring sims for stands and other events, and cost of maintaining the sim will remain the same as well.

It was emphasized the SLSA's mission remains to promote surfing and having a large group to recruit from will ensure that happens. SLSA members will also have free access to rezz anywhere on the sim with designated members stopping by to clean up the sim on a regular basis. Inclusion to such a large estate will help in negotiations with Linden Labs in obtaining status as an Info Hub and destination for new avatars coming from Orientation.

The full announcement can be seen here:

Stay tuned for a more in-depth interview coming soon!

Surfing with Lissa

With the first day of winter fast approaching, I thought I'd take us to some warmer climes in the never ending pursuit of sweet surfing! On today's trip, we are heading to Greece where we will bask in the sunshine and try not to look at men in speedos. Really, guys, no one ever looks good in those!  And we will visit a beach that is home to a family of pandas!  Bring plenty of bamboo! Oh and don't forget your best stick!

First stop is Panda Bay!

Panda Bay
Quiet lil stretch of beach inhabited by a family of pandas. Jaws wave and fluff running.  Plenty of places on the grassy beach to cuddle or chill before or after a surf sess. Watch out for the planes tho. Some of us are still learning to fly after all.  And be respectful of the house being private.

Next stop is Greece!

Rodos, Wings Shores
A trip to the Greek Isles is a good way to bask in the sun, eat some great food, and rip some waves. You wil find pipes and fluffies rolling into the shore where you can hang out afterwards and ride the water slide or play with the seals.  Tired of paddling out?  Grab a speedboat to take you to the sweet spot.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodbye Bundoran Reef: In Our Hearts You Will Stay

Bundoran Reef, or as most of us know it, Bundy, went the way of so many of our beloved surf sims today. I thought a lot about how to best tell the story of Bundy. My words cannot fully express the loss so many people are already feeling so let their words do it.

Ibrew Meads: My first time surfing was here on Bundy. Cipriano taught me the basics of how way back in 2008, but I never became a regular surfer. I've always loved Bundy, though. It's always been a beautiful beach. I used to fly over it every day going from my home to Nancy Blake's where I was a hostess. I was delighted to see the surfers and people on the beach enjoying the place. Later, I learned to sail here, trying to avoid the waves, hehe, or surfing them in a boat for an exciting ride. This has been my home for four years, and will be greatly missed.

Mick Lunasea: one of the originals, all good things must come to an end but this one hurts.

Melian Catronis: Well I haven't frequented Bundy much but in the short time I've been here surfing I've come to love this place. It's very unique not only for the cold water but the wildness of the landscape and the rocks.

GiavannaMarie Meldoy, Co Captain of Reef Riders.As a Reef Rider....I am sad to see Bundoran leave us. My history with Bundoran first starts when i became a Reef Rider.  One of the forgotten Reef Riders is the one who mentored me, Cipriano Grut.  When I first popped up onto Mori, another great sim that is gone, he saw potential in my surfing.  He taught me how to surf and invited me to become a Reef Rider.  At that time, the Reef Riders home was on Neart, again another sim lost.  I can remember I was getting so frustrated trying to prepare for my second comp ever, Chi...Fluffies.  I had never surfed Fluffies before.  I was so intimidated by everyone being able to surf the fluffies at Chi, Cip took me to Bundoran Reef, where they had fluffies running at the time.  Bundoran Reef was where I spent time perfecting how to ride Fluffies.  Over the next couple of years, people have come and gone.......I became Co Captain of the Reef Riders.  While I have memories of those people that I had the privilege to call team mates,                                                                                                          Bundoran Reef will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was where I would go to relax, show new Reef Riders how to surf, and just chill at Nancy Blake's. In the true Irish way I would like to end with a thought, an irish Proverb:

       May the road rise to meet you, 
    May the wind be always at your back, 
May the sun shine warm upon your face, 
   May the rains fall soft upon your fields, 
   And, until we meet again, 
          May God hold you in the hollow of His hand

Abel Halderman: I don't remember much from last year. Spent some time in the hospital and had to learn how to walk again.

 Imzadi Amaterasu: Bundy will always have a special place in my heart.. I won my first in-season comp here.. I started practicing not thinking id be able to do it with the rocks.. Thats when I really got to know some of the surfers and knew the SLSA was the best place in all of SL .. really sad to see Bundy go :(

Sunrize Mornington: I remember sitting by the fire and listening to the music and watching the waves. Great way to relax and sometimes laugh at the songs. :)

VW Sands: What I will never forget is the lonley, cold mornings at Bundy. Surfing all alone only to be joined by Robin or Bobbs, Devi on occasion. Then the solitary quiet after our sesh´s there.

Desirae Beaumont:  Bundoran Reef closing, a sad day. Neart and Bundoran were the home beaches of the first and only team I ever joined. For me as newcomer it was a great honour to be allowed to join them and thats what I will never forget. Lots of great memories will disappear with the last West of Ireland surf sim. Gone, but never forgotten....ReefRiders Surf Team and West of Ireland Surf Sims Neart and Bundoran Reef will always remain as a big part of my surf career in SL. Farewell Bundoran Reef

 Nash Laville: A place where you can always have whole lot of fun with a bunch of soul. A great combination.

Pics courtesy of Bobbi Laval, GiavannaMarie Melody, VW Sands, Petra Xaris, Abel Halderman, Melian Catronis, and Ronan Roxly 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of an Era

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

There are somethings where words aren't needed.  Goodbye Bundoran Reef.

Beach Decor: The Beachstore

Shot on Location at: Alliance Surf aka Vibes Beach
Creator: The Beachstore!
SLURL for Creator
Additional Info: This hammack comes in Single and Couple configurations and has PG and Fun er Adult poses.  Texture changeable.
Prims: 11

Sunday, December 11, 2011

SLSA Celebration Party and Mini Comp

as posted on the SLSA forums found here:

When: December 12, 2011 12pm (noon) till 4pm SLT

Party on James Isle -
surfing on Archipelago

It's a fundraiser for Archipelago and a celebration of all December birthdays and rezdays.

We will be having a mini comp. The mini comp will be a SSI board of choice on Archi. The waves are already set up if you wish to check them out. There is a limit to 15 surfers so sign up early. If you wish to surf Contact Sunrize Mornington by midnight slt December 11, first come first serve! Trophies for the top 3 surfers. WE ALSO NEED 3 VOLUNTEER JUDGES FOR THE EVENT. This is a good way for new judges to get in some practice before next season!

Maldrul Morris has kindly donated his time to rock us as our DJ. Be sure to hit him up for a request.
There is also going to be several items we are raffling off on raffle boards.

Flashback! Week of December 6, 2009

Quick! In the sleigh and off we go to the week of December 6, 2009 and lets take a look at what was ringing through the surf community!