Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chi 4th Anniversary Open Results!!

scores courtesy of Ashleigh Dickins, pictures courtesy of Lissa Pinion


Van Valeeva - 13.33
Ceedi Doghouse - 14.66
Oldsurferdude Danitz - 13.83
Cristal Rowland - 13.00
Rom Heungsung - 12.83
Jayden Domenici - 14.00

Heat 1:
Avidward Flagon - 13.16
Van Valeeva - 13.83
Jayden Domenici - 13.83

Heat 2:
Dane Kutenai - 13.00
Lourinho Nizna - 12.00
Ceedi Doghouse - 14.83

Heat 3:
Oldsurferdude Danitz - 15.66
Rick Galli - 11.16
FrankiePalmero Actor - No Show

Heat 4:
Adrien Roxley - No Show
Alexia Marais - 12.16
Cristal Rowland - 13.00

Heat 5:
Alexander Dreier - 11.66
Rom Heungsung - 12.33
GiavannaMarie Melody - No Show

Staff: Ashleigh Dickens, Mick Lunasea, Sierra Sugar, Wilfrid DeCuir, Sally LaSalle, Abel Halderman, Cloudy Matova, and Desirae Beaumont

Friday, November 5, 2010

SLSA's Chi 4th Anniversary Open Heat Draws

Courtesy of Ashleigh Dickins, SurfWatch Reporter and Head Judge

Heat One:
Avidward Flagon (RED)
Van Valeeva (BLUE)
Jayden Domenici (GREEN)

Heat Two:
Dane Kutenai (RED)
Lourinho Nizna (BLUE)
Ceedi Doghouse (GREEN)

Heat Three:
Oldsurferdude Danitz (RED)
Rick Galli (BLUE)
FrankiePalmero Actor (GREEN)

Heat Four:
Adrien Roxley (RED)
Alexia Marais (BLUE)
Cristal Rowlands (GREEN)

Heat Five:
Kim Henig (RED)
Rom Heungsung (BLUE)
GiavannaMarie Melody (GREEN)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashback! November 7, 2008

Hello fellow time travelers! Come with us as we take a look at what was going on during the week of 11/2-11/9 2008 in our surf community!

Win 250L!

photo courtesy Lynda Mimulus

Where can you find gorgeous surfers hanging out, Bandit munching on scooby snacks, a teleporter to all the hottest surf spots, a kiosk to pick up an in-world edition of SurfWatch, a SurfWatch group subscriber, SurfWatch Headquarters, some of the hottest surfing in SL, a continuous slideshow of memorable SL surfing and SurfWatch moments, and so much more?  Stop on by and pay us a visit!

And be the first to post in the comments the name of that paper-bagged anonymous secret correspondent that had a regular advice series early on with SurfWatch (pictured in the background on the slideshow) and win 250L just like that!

Lynda and Bandit taking a break from the surf

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Boards in Town!

SurfWatch recently caught up with Aussie surfer Rayzza Rubble to talk about his new sticks.

SurfWatch: So tell us about your new line of boards. What sets them apart? Rayzza: I have tried to go for a retro look, made some classic pintails and some fish boards as well as a coulple of malibu's.

SW: Where are they available? And are they SLSA competition approved?
Rayzza: The boards are available at Monkey Cove and are great boards if you're looking for something that responds well, they have been mod'ed slightly to give you a better ride I feel. All 3 styles are good to go if you surf in SLSA comps. So grab a beer and try them, cause they go well and have had some great comments on the boards so far.

Comments on the new boards:
Desne Aabye: They are f***ing awesome... :))))))))))))))))))))))))) seriously the best board I have ridden in 3 years.. good work Rayz... you have come up with a real gem.
Mick Lunasea: "the bonzer fish makes me ride like a hero on the Cortes wave at Monkey, perfect balance, leave it to an an Aussie to carve the perfect shortie, the artworks spectacular too"

There ya have it! Awesome new sticks waiting to be waxed and ridden! Check them out at:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Up Coming Events Call!

We at SurfWatch want to make sure you are always in the loop as to what is going on in the surf community. Have an event or project going? Let us know and we will get the word out. Any and all are welcome! Please contact Lissa Pinion or Ashleigh Dickins.

Chi 4th Anniversary Open Comp Registration is open

as posted on SLSA Forum registration for the Chi 4th Anniversary Open Comp and Pro Comps are now open.

Boards will be SSI Longboard script 5.1, 5.2 or 5.2dlg.

Waves: SSi fluffy (foam waves)

1. The Open event is open for ALL new surfers and also those currently ranked below 20th place. The Open comp will take place next Saturday, November 6th (11am SLT). It will have it's own winners. There will be podium, awards, trophies and all the fun stuff. All heat winners will advance to a final heat which will determine that overall event winner, winning prize and trophies.

2. All first and second placing riders from the Open will be automatically qualified to compete in the next stage of the event, the "SLSA Chi 4th Anniversary Pro" taking place on Saturday, November 13th (11am slt). All registered current top 20 ranked surfers are qualified to sure in that competition, as well as heat winners and runners-up from the Open competition. The Top 2 Open scores that don't automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Pro.

Tauri's Tidbits and Sticky Situations #10

We were recently having a convo about Second Life (SL) situations and talking about SL etiquette - is there such a thing? You know, the kinds of things you run into in SL and are not sure of the proper way to handle. We'll be periodically posting these dilemmas and looking for genuinely constuctive feedback on your opinion. If you have a comment or a dilemma of your own, let us know and we'll add it to the list!

What's the best way to tell someone you really do not want to be in their group without hurting their feelings?

Monday, November 1, 2010

What the LL Sim Price Changes Might Mean to WOI Surf Sims

courtesy of Bobbi Laval

On October 4th Linden Labs announced updates for 2011 land pricing ( This is generally good news for retail private regions as they will have no increase in price even for prices which they may have grandfathered in. Though for education and non-profit organizations they will lose their non-profit discount on their next invoice after December 31, 2010. (Unlike retail private regions that pay tier fees month to month, education and non-profit regions are invoiced and pay for 6 months at a time in advance) Lissa Pinion form SurfWatch asked me how this announcement will affect West of Ireland (WOI) and the future of the surf sims that WOI supports.

West of Ireland is an estate created to support the programs of the South Texas Celtic Music Association (STCMA), a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. The mission of WOI is to promote Irish and Celtic culture within Second Life, to raise awareness and funds for their partner charity War Child North America, and to provide guests and community members with an entertaining and welcoming environment. Irish culture has always had a strong relationship with the sea. WOI has been maintaining surf sims since 2007, Bundoran Reef has been continuously operating since 2007. The WOI surf sims are unique in that they in that they are cold water sims unlike the majority of tropical surf sims.
But the future of WOI surf sims and WOI itself is threatened. WOI was forced to restructure and get rid of land due to the price increases from January of 2009. The harsh reality of the new price increase for WOI and its mission of raising funds for War Child are clear. WOI currently sends about $400 a month to War Child, this is down from $600 and more per month. The economy and recent drop in value of linden dollars has already had a negative effect on WOI revenues. The increase in tier cost for WOI will be $960 a month.

It is obvious that WOI can’t survive and still fulfill its mission of raising funds for War Child with the new rate increases. WOI is committed to survive as long as it possibly can. Linden Labs has offered to invoice WOI at the current rates for a term up to 24 months. WOI does not have the savings to pay for 24 months in advance, but is looking at paying 12 or 18 months in advance. In the meantime much can happen and circumstances may change. If circumstances do not change, WOI will continue to operate until it can’t cover cost and serve it’s mission. When that happens WOI and the surf sims it maintains will simply cease to exist in Second Life.