Sunday, October 24, 2010

Director By-Election Today

as posted on SLSA's Forum:

By Election for the vacant Director position will be held on Archipelago 12am October 24th - 11.59pm Oct 24th. Applications for candidate deadline was Friday October 22nd at Midnight SLT. We now have one candidate for Countess Decosta's vacant position.

Mick Lunasea

I, Mick Lunasea, am able and willing to serve the remaining term on the SLSA Board of Directors.

Mick Lunasea, owner of surfcazy surf shop and surfcrazy surf team throws hat into the ring.

SL Surfing is bigger than any individual. The SLSA is the perfect platform for embracing all surfers spreading the warmth and stoke. Monthly competitions, the gatering of the 'tribes' unite us all furthering that end. That's my vision.

I will do my best to serve. Thank You.

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