Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exploring NS Surf Pool Lissa Style

I recently sat down with Lourinho Nizna and Nara Rugani owners of NS Surf Pool to chat about their new sim. Indoor pool? Yes, think indoor surf pool, shops, hidden caves, inner tube pool and a great cuddle/hangout area.

How long have you had the indoor surf area? When will it be open?
I made this area three weeks ago and we are open for business as of Tuesday October 26th.

What was your inspiration to create something like this?
To tell you the truth, I was watching a Brazilian surf movie, called "Fabio Fabuloso" and I saw one wave pool in Japan and wanted to bring it to sl.

I noticed shop areas, who do shop owners contact if interested in space?
I have my trademarks named Nizna Surf and I want to invest in the store. In the future i want to make my own boards, We will have 2 stores with 150 prims and with 70 prims, I have some friends in the surf area but all surf trademarks are welcome. For the moment we have the Nizna surf, Sharkbite, and Splendeurs. my great friends and give me suport in this new joruney. If interested in a shop location, please contact myself or Nara Rugani.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
I like to thank my wife Nara Rugani for giving me suport in this project ... Colleen Brennan and Luscious Starship for putting your new wave pool and Malu Fairlaidy and Sepultura aldrin without the talent of everyone the pool would not be that way

These pictures don't do the sim justice! Stop by grab an innertube and a drink and float around, explore the hidden areas, kick back under the trees and let the breeze wash over you or go shopping as you stroll along the boardwalk.

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Kantbe Thursday said...

We've got this one the SW Wave Report and in all of the SW surf sim teleporters, Ya'll!!!

Teleporters are located at SW HQ, Archipelago, and at Tauri's shop.

Check it out.