Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tauri's Tidbits and Sticky Situations #9

We were recently having a convo about Second Life (SL) situations and talking about SL etiquette - is there such a thing? You know, the kinds of things you run into in SL and are not sure of the proper way to handle. We'll be periodically posting these dilemmas and looking for genuinely constuctive feedback on your opinion. If you have a comment or a dilemma of your own, let us know and we'll add it to the list!

If you go to a live SL performance and the performer is really bad, is it okay to just poof? Or should you shout out that you forgot you had a root canal scheduled before you rush off?


Kantbe Thursday said...

I just mute my SL sound and tune in my iTunes Tigerpaw channel... Isn't that what everybody does?

Jimbo said...

Just poof, but leave a tip first, even if it's just a few Lindens

Buffy said...

It's fine to just poof...Would they even notice, unless you were the only one there because they really are that bad? hehe!! We don't all like the same things, so who cares?

Cat said...

OMG, heehee, never been to a performance so bad I would mute them.
I like Jimbo's answer, yeah tip and Poof! If the dances r really cool, maybe toss some of Zitfaces channel, she rocks way hard!