Thursday, October 28, 2010


Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is hosting a number of Halloween oriented fund raising activities the week of October 25th through 31st of 2010. Event coordinator, MaryAnn Maa, reports that they will be auctioning a Halloween themed surf board from Luscious Starship, and that Mick Lunasea has donated a Surfcrazy Classic Noserider Longboard. The boards are on display at Archipelago, and all proceed will go to the SLSA Archipelago sim fund.

Be sure and check out the path that leads to a haunted house. Set your lighting to Midnight and crank up the volume.
Saturday at 11AM SLT will begin a Halloween and 1st Year Anniversary for Archipelago Party. The internationally renowned DJ Mal will be dusting off his 700 years of collected tunes to entertain us.

Mary says there will also be an open mic available if you've got some talent you'd like to share. She reminds us that since it's Halloween and there will be a number of ghosts and ghouls in attendance, you shouldn't be embarrassed because much of the sound will be falling on dead ears anyway. If you'd like a spot at the mic, contact Maryann Maa inworld.

It is Halloween, so costumes are encouraged.

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