Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exploring NS Surf Pool Lissa Style

I recently sat down with Lourinho Nizna and Nara Rugani owners of NS Surf Pool to chat about their new sim. Indoor pool? Yes, think indoor surf pool, shops, hidden caves, inner tube pool and a great cuddle/hangout area.

How long have you had the indoor surf area? When will it be open?
I made this area three weeks ago and we are open for business as of Tuesday October 26th.

What was your inspiration to create something like this?
To tell you the truth, I was watching a Brazilian surf movie, called "Fabio Fabuloso" and I saw one wave pool in Japan and wanted to bring it to sl.

I noticed shop areas, who do shop owners contact if interested in space?
I have my trademarks named Nizna Surf and I want to invest in the store. In the future i want to make my own boards, We will have 2 stores with 150 prims and with 70 prims, I have some friends in the surf area but all surf trademarks are welcome. For the moment we have the Nizna surf, Sharkbite, and Splendeurs. my great friends and give me suport in this new joruney. If interested in a shop location, please contact myself or Nara Rugani.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
I like to thank my wife Nara Rugani for giving me suport in this project ... Colleen Brennan and Luscious Starship for putting your new wave pool and Malu Fairlaidy and Sepultura aldrin without the talent of everyone the pool would not be that way

These pictures don't do the sim justice! Stop by grab an innertube and a drink and float around, explore the hidden areas, kick back under the trees and let the breeze wash over you or go shopping as you stroll along the boardwalk.


It's all about da love but sometimes....
it's all about da scaaarrryyyy...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Zombies read SurfWatch

Halloweeeeen is just around the corner...

Costumes are the name of the game!  Try to eat a little something first...

then plan on hanging out with friends...

flying by a few haunted houses...

and digging up a little trouble!

Whether you want to croak...

or have croaked...

There's sure to be a costume out there just right for your Halloween spirit!

Show off your Halloween finery and send us your Halloween costume pictures for SurfWatch posting!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is hosting a number of Halloween oriented fund raising activities the week of October 25th through 31st of 2010. Event coordinator, MaryAnn Maa, reports that they will be auctioning a Halloween themed surf board from Luscious Starship, and that Mick Lunasea has donated a Surfcrazy Classic Noserider Longboard. The boards are on display at Archipelago, and all proceed will go to the SLSA Archipelago sim fund.

Be sure and check out the path that leads to a haunted house. Set your lighting to Midnight and crank up the volume.
Saturday at 11AM SLT will begin a Halloween and 1st Year Anniversary for Archipelago Party. The internationally renowned DJ Mal will be dusting off his 700 years of collected tunes to entertain us.

Mary says there will also be an open mic available if you've got some talent you'd like to share. She reminds us that since it's Halloween and there will be a number of ghosts and ghouls in attendance, you shouldn't be embarrassed because much of the sound will be falling on dead ears anyway. If you'd like a spot at the mic, contact Maryann Maa inworld.

It is Halloween, so costumes are encouraged.

Jokers Wiiiiiiilllld!!!

With Halloween just around the corner, you never know what creepy crawly things will turn up! 

Be the first to post in comments the name of this "seeeeerious" joker scaring the waves at Chi and win 250L!!!

Halloweeeeeeen!!!! October 31!!!!!!

If you like zombies like I like zombies, head on over to  to Dunwich 35, 114, 28, Village of Nyght, Old time Radio, Horror Haunted House!  Zombies will follow you around (you know I love fans, dead or alive!), chase and bite you, and you can become a zombie with the zombie kit, or fight them off with the anti-zombie kit!  Don't let the zombies win - come on down - hear the screams and check it out! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet the Groms of Surfing in SL!

For over three years, I have been attending or working surf competitions in Secondlife. We have had so many different styles represented within the community. Elves, furries, vampires, goths, nekos, the super tanned avs and white as a sheet avs, and everything in between. While at the last competition, I looked around at our motely group brought together to surf and thought, "when did we get so many groms?" (groms = surf punks = surf kids)

Course this is nothing new, child avs have been surfing with us for a while now. I started thinking about all they have done, all they have accomplished in the surf community. You hear so much the bad about child avs in secondlife. I wanted to point out the good. Below you will find interviews with Markfoo Waverider who is our oldest or rather longest standing grom member in the surf community. Always a positive spirit. sven Homewood who works to get more child avs into surfing. And our newest grom, jayden Domenici.

Markfoo Waverider
How old are you in sl?

Who cares? Wow, let's say not old enough to have a beer but old enough to steal one ;) ok, don't tell Mom, right?

What got you interested in surfing?
I'm surfing RL in France everyday and I know how lucky I am (you already noticed I'm french with my poor english, uh) well, you know, it's easy. Surf is an addiction. When you ride your first wave, you're done. SL is just an extension of RL. Sure, you won't feel the water, hear the wave and drop into the pipe BUT the soul, the spirit, the feelings, all the deep part of surfing, can be reached in SL. And, on top of that, I discovered awesome dudes here. Lots of those surfers have inspired me and influenced my RL surfing and thinking. I'm sorry, the list is too long. I'll have an endless respect to SL surfers. I'm proud to be part of the community. Dudes, bro' and sis, the tribe, the competitions, the party waves!!!! yay! That's all I've had my all life, that's all I want all my life. That's enough to me.

Are you with any teams? What leagues do you surf in?
I'm a Taichier ! Why do you ask ? hahahhaa anyway, belonging to a team doesn't mean a lot ... I'm really proud (again!) to be a Viber and also a Tsunami member and having friends within Reef Riders, Boracay, Piranha,.... but TaiChi is my team of heart and it's sane and real fun to compete for a team with all sis teams around ! woooot Leagues? I think ... all ? SLSA, ASA, ABSSL ... that's always great pleasure to ride with different boards and waves and killer surfers from everywhere! All the directors and crews of those leagues are doing an awesome job and spend sooo many hours, just to allow us to have fun and surf. That's respectable, that gives me a strong motivation to do my best during the comps to honor those guys.

Do you feel child avs have been accepted into the surfing community? Why or why not?
We are not accepted!!! We are not allowed to have a beer !!! uh! ok ok ... I hate this question. I have been more than accepted, I have been adopted. I'm sooooo lucky. It touchs me. Ok next question please.

When you aren't surfing, what do you like to do?
Paddling ... what else? You paddle, you surf, you paddle, you surf ... understand? Easy, huh? I recommend you to try simboarding and base jumping and scuba-diveing, and snowboarding and skating .... all extreme sports are cool ... and I love to hear Tauri's (Tauri Tigerpaw) voice and partying with friends if they only should pay me a beer ..... hahahhhaha ..... I'm a kiddo, a brat ... I like it like that .... catcha on da waves!!! ....... hugz

sven Homewood
How old are you in sl?

What got you interested in surfing?
Well, some kid friends showed me surfing, and I stayed. First I surfed just for fun and never thought about competitions.
Around 1 year later some 'grown ups' asked if i wouldn't like to compete, because my surfing looks good.

Are you with any teams? What leagues do you surf in?
I'm not in a team, I like to be independent. I surf in the SLSA season competitions. I am also a judge and did some judging already.

Do you feel child avs have been accepted into the surfing community? Why or why not?

Yes, they have! The surfers are the most relaxed group I've ever met in SL. When someone's complaining about Child Avies in the surfing community, someone came to my help. Also some surfers ask me, why not more kids surfing (I ask myself that...).

When you aren't surfing, what do you like to do?
Besides surfing I sail, grins :-P

jayden Domenici
What got you interested in surfing?
my daddy taught me everything I needed to know about the surfing way of life

Are you with any teams?
Team Surfcrazy and SLSA

Do you feel child avs have been accepted into the surfing community? Why or why not?
yes they have and I think its wonderful opportunity that they have its fun

When you aren't surfing, what do you like to do?
build things and be with my family

Well, there ya have it folks. The groms of surfing in Secondlife. Watch out for them when you see them on the waves because being a kid won't stop them from giving you a run for your money.


SLSA Announces New Director

The SLSA announced Thursday, October 21, that Countess "Connie" Decosta was stepping down as a Director and the by-election to fill her seat was held Sunday, October 23. Mick Lunasea threw his hat into the ring and was voted in with 7 votes as Director until the December 1st general elections. The SLSA Board of Directors now consists of Harbor Piers, Abel Halderman, Kantbe Thursday, Mick Lunasea, and Syx Toshi

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tauri's Tidbits and Sticky Situations #9

We were recently having a convo about Second Life (SL) situations and talking about SL etiquette - is there such a thing? You know, the kinds of things you run into in SL and are not sure of the proper way to handle. We'll be periodically posting these dilemmas and looking for genuinely constuctive feedback on your opinion. If you have a comment or a dilemma of your own, let us know and we'll add it to the list!

If you go to a live SL performance and the performer is really bad, is it okay to just poof? Or should you shout out that you forgot you had a root canal scheduled before you rush off?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Death and Rebirth in Surfing Sims

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Kinda hard to be humorous and tongue in cheek about losing another surfing sim, especially one that has been one of my favorite little hang-outs. It may be that not many of you went to Kekoa & Rodazz's surfin beyooootch, but it's been retired recently. It was full of all sorts of little hidden and not so hidden fun things to do. My "byline" picture with the giraffe came from there.

It was a fun little place to explore and have a good time. Tanya and I had planned to go back for another round of kung fu fighting to see who would win this time. Personally, I'll miss it.

But, as some go, new ones crop up, and even sometimes, if we're lucky, old ones come back. If you've not seen it, The Deck is back with the New Vibes Beach. Yes, VW Sands and Lissa Pinion are back with a surfing beach. It's also the new headquarters location for SurfWatch.

If you're having trouble keeping up with what's where, what's still around, and who's on first base, try to keep tabs with the SurfWatch Wave Reports site. Tauri has also just placed some multi-point teleporters based upon this same surfing sim list at a few locations around SL, the SW HeadquartersThe SurfWatch Shop, and at Archipelago by the entrance to the Hall of Fame building.

This list is difficult to keep current. If you can, please help us out by letting us know of new surfing sims you've discovered and ones that are no longer available. If you spot something, just holler at one of the Surf Watch staff so we can try to keep things current.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Director By-Election Today

as posted on SLSA's Forum:

By Election for the vacant Director position will be held on Archipelago 12am October 24th - 11.59pm Oct 24th. Applications for candidate deadline was Friday October 22nd at Midnight SLT. We now have one candidate for Countess Decosta's vacant position.

Mick Lunasea

I, Mick Lunasea, am able and willing to serve the remaining term on the SLSA Board of Directors.

Mick Lunasea, owner of surfcazy surf shop and surfcrazy surf team throws hat into the ring.

SL Surfing is bigger than any individual. The SLSA is the perfect platform for embracing all surfers spreading the warmth and stoke. Monthly competitions, the gatering of the 'tribes' unite us all furthering that end. That's my vision.

I will do my best to serve. Thank You.