Saturday, May 1, 2010

VSA Mini Competition

submitted by Abel Halderman

In lieu of SurfJam today, Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) held a VSA mini Second Life (SL) surfing competition.  The results are:

1st Place:  MarkFoo Waverider
2nd Place:  Abel Halderman
3rd Place:  Lynda Mimulus

Breaking News: New Beta Test Wave Spotted

submitted by Colleen Brennan

Surf Spotters report a new wave sighted in beta test form by Japanese scripter, Eathon Sands.  While the board and wave are still in beta version, there is a wave specific board rezzer at the beach.

Nicolesamantha Destiny advises that phase two of the project is to make the waves SSi compatible. We tested SSi and HP and neither will work with this wave yet.

All surfers welcome to come test it out!

Southern Coast Surf & Sky, NARITA (180, 72, 20)

The End of an Era

reprinted with permission of MaryAnn Maa

The sim of Maa has been sold.  A last goodbye party is scheduled for 2 PM SLT on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

A woman asked a man, "When people come to this sim in 100 years, what will they know?"  The man replied, "They will know that the people who built it loved each other very much."

If you were married, fell in love, partied, surfed, or resided here, please stop by.  Thank you for all the years of love and friendships formed on Maa.

Maa Welcome and goodbye Area, Maa (202, 71, 21)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Follow Friday: Fifty Linden Fridays doesn't sacrifice style for sales!

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

Last Friday, very late at night, Tauri and I were having a chat. Somehow we got on the topic of shopping, and money - after all, we are girls! After I tossed a bunch of URLs and suggestions and landmarks and tips her way, Tauri suggested we share all these things with you guys. Why not?  Everyone could use a little help and tips once in a while.  But instead of just a list of things for you all, we decided to spotlight a cool page, place, group to follow every Friday, kind of like Follow Friday on Twitter, but more useful.

Today's first Follow Friday on SurfWatch is focused on the awesome in-world group, Fifty Linden Fridays. Formed by OMGWTF Barbecue this group is great, especially in this economy. Even though Linden Labs (LL) and Wall Street say the recession is over, I have my doubts -- I don't see the signs they do. So being able to get great products from some of Second Life's (SL) most amazing designers for only 50L, is like having a birthday every Friday!

The Fifty Linden Fridays Sign, keep an eye out for it to save $L!

Each Friday, midnight to 11:59 PM SLT, stores participating in that Friday's sale will have an item set out in front marked down to 50L. Sometimes it's something already on the wall, sometimes it's something brand new which will be going up in price on Saturday, sometimes it's something just for that day. Like I said, some of SL's greatest designers are included in this group. One of my personal favorites is Artilleri.  They're actually the shop that kind of started mine and Tauri's conversation, if I remember right. Also of interest would be Reek, Sand Shack Surf Co., Botanical, Whippet and Buck, Long Awkward Pose, and sooo much more!

This entire outfit is things I've gotten from Fifty Linden Fridays in the past, including hair.

Each week it rotates with new items and new designers. So, in order to get in on the goodies you need to join the group in world. Just click on this link to do so: Join Fifty Linden Fridays! Once you've done that ,keep an eye on notices for 'The List' for the upcoming Friday. Please do check them out, I promise it's worth it (and yes, there is guy stuff, too!)

Stay tuned for next Friday, you never know who SurfWatch will be following next!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mori Pwani Showcase Series

submitted by Lissa Pinion

Mori Pwani Estates is proud to present our Showcase series. Each month, beginning mid May and ending mid August, you will find some of the best designers in Second Life (SL) in one place. Each showcase month will highlight a particular theme so that we can properly do justice to these amazing creators.

May's Showcase is dedicated to Beach themed housing, furnishing, and decor.

June's Showcase is the always fun beach vehicles, boards, and toys.

July's Showcase will show off the best beach clothing designers on the scene

August's Showcase will wrap a summer of talent up with the best in beach artwork.

Each Showcase will be one week long from Sunday to Saturday. Space will be limited and on a first come first served basis. Each will also be listed in Events and posted on the Mori Pwani Estate blog at

If interested in showing off your talent, please contact Lissa Pinion by notecard.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Special Letter from the Editor in Chief

We all get focused on our own Second Lives (SL) and Real Lives (RL), especially as summer approaches and reality beckons us out into the real world to enjoy the sun, work our bodies, and interact in 3 dimensions.  Before another day goes by, I personally would like to acknowledge some key members of SurfWatch and the surfing community that give so much to SurfWatch and SL surfing and ask for nothing in return. 

For no pay, very little recognition, huge amounts of time and effort, on behalf of SurfWatch, I would like to acknowledge and thank:

Ashleigh Dickins for always bringing energy, excitement and delight into my SL with her creative efforts on SurfWatch In World Edition and in our personal relationship.  She always brings a smile to my RL face. 

Colleen Brennan for always striving to be fair, calm, level headed, appreciative and creative.  She has a million creative ideas going at once and the fact that her committments truly matter to her makes her a rare find in SL.

Marianna Monentes for always bringing encouragement, reliability, laughter, trustworthiness, and a moral compass to my SL. 

You guys have courage, dedication and enthusiasm and you guys are the reason SurfWatch keeps going.  Thank you for everything you do.

Tauri Tigerpaw

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fashion Feature: J&M Creations Bikini

Versatility from hill to shore, this bikini does it all.

Eyes: FS New Eye Multicolor (ghost)
           LAQ - Glow eyebrows
          Vixen - eye Lashes
Hair: preto curto com chapeu caveira
Shape: AladyMissSLWinner2006
Skin: League Skin Deeptan-Kate-YinYang
Accessories: Detour Nails - French-Pink
                      DP D-Platinum-Sig-Round-Bamboo Hoop
Outfit: J&M Creations Black Rings Bikini
Location: SurfWatch Studios, Stables
Photographer: Tauri Tigerpaw

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mari's Mailbag - Competing Alts

There has been lots of discussion about Second Life (SL) av's (avatars) deciding to begin again with an alt (alternate avatar) and some are even competing in SL surfing. Not sure what everyone else thinks but I feel if you do that you are cheating.  It's that simple. I mean, if you have an alt, that's one thing.  But to claim to be a beginner at surfing is lying. Why do some hang up their first av to take on a second idenity and try to start again?

Do you have one or more alts? What do you use them for? Privacy, land and financial holding account, protecting your reputation from your more dubious recreational activities, or something else?  Maybe along the way something has happened to your identity that you are just not proud of.  It's completely okay to apologize to everyone and continue on, same as Real Life (RL).

If you have alts, it's fine, but my point I am hoping to make is please don't use that alt as a FANTASTIC new surfer if, in fact, you have surfed for awhile.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carnival at Goombah

Remember to stop by Southend at Goombah Estates to check out the carnival!  Ride the rides, stuff yourself with cotton candy, visit the amazing Madame Tigerpaw and have your fortune told!  All day Sunday, DJ from 4-6 PM SLT at the club!  I see it in your future!

SurfSide Hideaway Week of 4/25/10

Get the Surfside experience. Join us for fun and sun at our Tai location hidden away between the volcano of Chi and the surfing beach of Tai.

We're a fan-funded venue and these artists clearly perform because they enjoy what they do and love doing this for their fans!

Sunday 4/25

1:00pm Kitzie Lane
2:00pm Takezau Abbot

Monday 4/26

1:00pm SLavE Girls
3:00pm Cree Cybertar

Tuesday 4/27

3:00pm Saintess Larnia
4:00pm Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday 4/28

2:00pm Lexie Luan
3:00pm Zorch Boomhauer
4:00pm CharlieO Michigan

Thursday 4/29

4:00pm Ciske Crumb

Friday 4/30

3:00pm Clairede Dirval
4:00pm NANCE Brody