Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Special Letter from the Editor in Chief

We all get focused on our own Second Lives (SL) and Real Lives (RL), especially as summer approaches and reality beckons us out into the real world to enjoy the sun, work our bodies, and interact in 3 dimensions.  Before another day goes by, I personally would like to acknowledge some key members of SurfWatch and the surfing community that give so much to SurfWatch and SL surfing and ask for nothing in return. 

For no pay, very little recognition, huge amounts of time and effort, on behalf of SurfWatch, I would like to acknowledge and thank:

Ashleigh Dickins for always bringing energy, excitement and delight into my SL with her creative efforts on SurfWatch In World Edition and in our personal relationship.  She always brings a smile to my RL face. 

Colleen Brennan for always striving to be fair, calm, level headed, appreciative and creative.  She has a million creative ideas going at once and the fact that her committments truly matter to her makes her a rare find in SL.

Marianna Monentes for always bringing encouragement, reliability, laughter, trustworthiness, and a moral compass to my SL. 

You guys have courage, dedication and enthusiasm and you guys are the reason SurfWatch keeps going.  Thank you for everything you do.

Tauri Tigerpaw


Ashleigh Dickins said...

So I get an IM telling me I rock. My first reaction is 'What'd I do now?' Turns out, nothing special. Apparently the person had "read what Tauri said" about me, and then saw my notice in the SLSA and thought to IM me. Okay so, now my reaction is 'What Tauri said about me? Um.. I apparently have not yet read it?' I'm immediately wondering where in the world I screwed up and fell asleep because surely I was dreaming. I guess the person, who I'll now say was none other than Miss Bobbi Laval, had read this. Which I had not yet had a chance to do. It's no secret I don't like to toot my own horn too much over the big things, or fish for compliments. But I also sometimes have trouble even accepting the compliments. It's taken me years to be able to accept them something resembling graciously. So after a long day (as I told Tauri earlier, 2.5 hours standing on my feet making pot pies and cursing pie crust) this was exactly what I needed. *hugs* Thanks Tauri, and thanks Bobbi too.

Lissa Pinion said...

All of you do such an amazing job! A HUGE ty to each of you for all you do to keep us up to date and keep it fresh

Barchan said...

Well said Tauri! Enormous thanks due indeed!

I continue to be amazed at the dedication, care and resourcefullness that the SurfWatch team show week after week in keeping the blog up-to-date with news and comment for the surfing community. Noone does it better.

Anonymous said...

I thanked Tauri in person but realized I needed to do it here as well. For several reasons. Firstly so readers can see that I am indeed very touched by the recognition Tauri gave me and two of the finest women in SL that I have come to know, Ashley and Colleen. Yes Bobbi they indeed Rock. However, the main reason I decided to write a thank you to Tauri is so that it is forever written here... how touched I am. I began writing for SurfWatch because I saw a need and wanted to do all I could to help bring the surf community a little closer. This is no easy task with sometimes such turbulent waters we find ourselves in neck deep. But we all eventually surface and see the ray of hope and the smiles and laughter of Tauri. The essence of SurfWatch. One who herself goes without much thanks or pay and gives so generously of herself. Its Tauri I would love to thank. For being real and for allowing me the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.

Coolkat Delicioso said...

Yep, an awesome team effort to keep us all informed and constantly amused. Well done to evryone. We love you and appreciate the hard work involved in keeping Surfwatch great!
a great big Thank you. :)

Kantbe said...

You guys are great, and I know how much time you put into putting all of this together for the rest of us. As Tauri says, "It's all about the love", and she exemplifies it by taking the time to thank all of you who show us your love by all that you do for us via SurfWatch!!!!!

- K

Colleen Brennan said...

Thank you so much Tauri (and Barch.) I know someone else who rocks...Taurice J. Tigerpaw (her secret full name.) Thank you for letting me participate in Surfwatch. Thank you Mari and Ash for making me look good by association with your outstanding work. Tauri giant giant thank you for making caring so easy. It all starts with you and is infectious!

Barchan said...

So, what does the J stand for? Jocelyn? Jardina? Jell-O? I think we should be told!