Monday, April 26, 2010

Mari's Mailbag - Competing Alts

There has been lots of discussion about Second Life (SL) av's (avatars) deciding to begin again with an alt (alternate avatar) and some are even competing in SL surfing. Not sure what everyone else thinks but I feel if you do that you are cheating.  It's that simple. I mean, if you have an alt, that's one thing.  But to claim to be a beginner at surfing is lying. Why do some hang up their first av to take on a second idenity and try to start again?

Do you have one or more alts? What do you use them for? Privacy, land and financial holding account, protecting your reputation from your more dubious recreational activities, or something else?  Maybe along the way something has happened to your identity that you are just not proud of.  It's completely okay to apologize to everyone and continue on, same as Real Life (RL).

If you have alts, it's fine, but my point I am hoping to make is please don't use that alt as a FANTASTIC new surfer if, in fact, you have surfed for awhile.


Lissa Pinion said...

Thank you Mari, I totally agree. If you have watched riders long enough as I have with judging, you can almost always tell an alt because of the fact we are creatures of habit and will use a similar style.
V and I have Gremmy Lowtide for sim finances but I doubt you will see him in the water....he is a gremmy after all lol

Siennna Velinov said...

Hi ya Mari, this is a very interesting issue. I watched one season when it was well known one rider was an ALT for a well known surfer...and SOMEONE voted that avi best rookie or some similar award....which was ridiculous.
that is in the "whateva" category.

Jimbo said...

If you use Alts instead of being your own Avi, you may be having an idenity crisis. Be yourself, be kind to people, and you will never have to reincarnate who you are.

Kekoa Arbizu said...

I have two alts for building, terraforming, working quietly (i’m blonde and sometimes I need to concentrate really hard without interruptions) filming, knowing my items can be transferred from one avi to the other before handing them out etc. I call them working avi’s and they cleary state they are my alts.

What I do not like are spying avi’s they give me the creepies. Pretending to be a noob to win an award that is a new one on me…too funny lol.

Coolkat Delicioso said...

Hi Mari, yea I agree totally on that one too.We all spend time on various surf sims, and get to know the surfers who frequent them. so when a so called "new" surfer turns up at a comp, who nobody has ever seen on the water before,and makes the podeum, well it stands out like a sore thumb.
It is a shame, but like any sport, you will always get cheats.and if they wish to prosper through using an alt or other devious methods, there isn't a lot we can do about it.They'll always get found out in the end tho, given enough rope..