Friday, April 30, 2010

Follow Friday: Fifty Linden Fridays doesn't sacrifice style for sales!

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

Last Friday, very late at night, Tauri and I were having a chat. Somehow we got on the topic of shopping, and money - after all, we are girls! After I tossed a bunch of URLs and suggestions and landmarks and tips her way, Tauri suggested we share all these things with you guys. Why not?  Everyone could use a little help and tips once in a while.  But instead of just a list of things for you all, we decided to spotlight a cool page, place, group to follow every Friday, kind of like Follow Friday on Twitter, but more useful.

Today's first Follow Friday on SurfWatch is focused on the awesome in-world group, Fifty Linden Fridays. Formed by OMGWTF Barbecue this group is great, especially in this economy. Even though Linden Labs (LL) and Wall Street say the recession is over, I have my doubts -- I don't see the signs they do. So being able to get great products from some of Second Life's (SL) most amazing designers for only 50L, is like having a birthday every Friday!

The Fifty Linden Fridays Sign, keep an eye out for it to save $L!

Each Friday, midnight to 11:59 PM SLT, stores participating in that Friday's sale will have an item set out in front marked down to 50L. Sometimes it's something already on the wall, sometimes it's something brand new which will be going up in price on Saturday, sometimes it's something just for that day. Like I said, some of SL's greatest designers are included in this group. One of my personal favorites is Artilleri.  They're actually the shop that kind of started mine and Tauri's conversation, if I remember right. Also of interest would be Reek, Sand Shack Surf Co., Botanical, Whippet and Buck, Long Awkward Pose, and sooo much more!

This entire outfit is things I've gotten from Fifty Linden Fridays in the past, including hair.

Each week it rotates with new items and new designers. So, in order to get in on the goodies you need to join the group in world. Just click on this link to do so: Join Fifty Linden Fridays! Once you've done that ,keep an eye on notices for 'The List' for the upcoming Friday. Please do check them out, I promise it's worth it (and yes, there is guy stuff, too!)

Stay tuned for next Friday, you never know who SurfWatch will be following next!

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