Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to the Jungles of Sol Mananero

submitted by Colleen Brennan

Nature abounds at Sol Mananero! It is a good thing for Second Life (SL) surfers and explorers that sim owner, Jac Mornington, and partner, Sunshine Zhangsun, do not believe in the old adage that if something is not broken, don't try to fix it.  They have dead center bull's eye success in their recent remodel of the always beautiful Sol Mananero Surf Sim.

The beach now has a true “jungle break” that is reminiscent of what one might discover in Costa Rica.  It is jaw-droppingly beautiful and a must-see for surfers and sim explorers alike.

If you desire to get away from it all and get back in touch with nature (albeit virtual nature), this is the place to visit. In a departure from most surf sims, there is no apparent commercialization pollution.

Attention to detail is apparent from the beautiful flora and fauna that starts under the sea in the scuba area and runs seamlessly to the top of the mountain. My personal recommendation is that you set aside some time to explore this sim and find its hidden treasures.

The surfing is top notch and the lag was almost non-existent on the Teahupo wave. If you need a break from the great breakers, just simply take a few steps off the sandy beach and explore some of the hiking and riding trails.

I was a little lazy so I took my tour on horseback and let Mr. Ed do most of the work while I got to relax and smile and enjoy. The trails are extensive and filled with plants and animals of the jungles of Costa Rica.

There is a surprise around every bend. I particularly enjoyed the hidden waterfalls which sim vistor, Emma Paramour, tipped me are extremely beautiful and very realistic.

She was right, everything is very realistic. I was amazed when I entered the pasture land adjacent to the stables that Jac and Sunshine even remembered to include some pesty insects to add to a sense of realism.

It is obvious that Jac and Sunshine enjoy their work and my great pleasure to talk with them a little bit about it. The main thing Jac said he was hoping to accomplish was for the visitor to feel his love for natural surroundings of the unspoiled jungles of Costa Rica. and to have a unique surf sim where the visitor is immersed in that experience.

I have to say he hit his mark. I am saving for a real life Costa Rica surf adventure starting today! 

I think Robbin Ember may have the same idea. She was exploring the undersea areas while I was there and I think she liked it too much to leave.

Though the sim is open now to all interested visitors, Sunshine and Jac are hosting a special open-house on Sunday, April 25th at 7 PM SLT. I am hoping to be there and hope that this article will entice many of our readers to be there, as well.

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