Friday, July 31, 2009

SharkBite Competition Results

submitted by Lala Recreant

SharkBite had a great event Wednesday, July 29, at Mori Pwani, with the second in their series of fun competitions! Six riders took part, each putting 100L into the pot, winner taking all, and SharkBite gave all riders free clothes with a special selection for the winner.

The competition was a three wave, any board, total scores out of 10 for each wave basis. ONeill Auer judged and Lala Recreant marshalled. The epic was temperamental for sure, but all the surfers made the best of it and had a great time. Socks Clawtooth, with his usual flair, even used his windsurfer for his second wave!!!

Next week, the competition will be at a different location and many kind surfers have offered their sims to keep the competition exciting. Scores as follows:

Sweetcajan Voom: 24.8

Tanya Sideways: 24.7

Socks Clawtooth: 19.9

Luke Fenutzini: 19.1

Wandering Soulstar: 17.9

Leilani Siamendes: 15.9

For those of you that wish to join in the weekly madness, please IM Lala Recreant to be added to the SharkBite group. Otherwise, please feel free to join in when we post notices in various groups.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brophy's Choose Aloha over other Options in Texture Dispute

by Rhett McMahn, Business Columnist and Investigative Reporter

Stemming from a series of postings in SurfWatch about a possible texture infringement of famous surfer and artist, Drew Brophy, a post was made by a person claiming to be Maria "Spunk" Brophy, wife and CEO of Son of the Sea, Incorporated, the marketing and licensing agency for all of Mr. Brophy's enterprises. On behalf of SurfWatch, I contacted Ms. Brophy (MB) first on Monday, July 20, 2009, with a pre-interview by phone. She could not at that time go into details of the situation but did confirm she had posted with her real name to the SurfWatch blog and that talks and negotiations were still underway. She promised SurfWatch a full exclusive interview. SurfWatch has given Ms. Brophy review and approval over the contents of this interview to assure accuracy. Today, myself and Maria Brophy sat down to complete our discussion on this topic of interest to the SL surfing community. Continue to watch SurfWatch for future updates to related topics.

SW: SurfWatch would like to confirm that Maria Brophy made the comment posting of July 6, 2009. What prompted you to comment on the SW comment postings at that time?
MB explained that more than one person from SL was contacting her about the board design question. They sent her the SW blog link. She was shocked by the anger and emotion of the bloggers. She could not believe how passionate they were, but felt that the discussions had gotten away from what she was concerned about, and that is the protection of her husband's intellectual property. She just wanted to state facts, set the record straight. She made a specific point that she didn't try to ever conceal her real identity.

SW: Was there any limited use agreement of Brophy textures made several years ago?
MB recalled that in 2006, SSi partner, Sebastian Saramago (SS) contacted them (the Brophy's) via e-mail. She didn't really understand what SS was talking about and, in her words, "kind of didn't think about it much." When asked if she ever responded, she recalls talking to him (SS) by phone but states she never explicitly gave permission to use Drew Brophy artwork. When asked to clarify whether she specifically denied the use of Brophy art, her reply was, "You know, I never said no, but never said yes." It bothered her a lot. MB says she had sleepless nights over making the right decision that would be best for everyone. And tho she had people urging her to come down hard on SSi, her gut instinct was telling her that the best thing to do was to work it out with them instead. She has a lot of respect for Sebastian and how he willingly cleaned the slate, so to speak. "SS took responsibility for his actions, made things right, and because of that integrity, Drew and I decided that he would be the right partner to bring quality surfboard to SL. I've spent hours with him on the phone. He is a very nice man." When asked if Drew Brophy was actively involved, MB explained, "I don't lay problems on Brophy until I've come to a decision on what I think we should do. Usually he agrees with what I come up with."

The board licensing and design issues in SL continued to bother her and options were brought to her by people in-world and by Drew fans. Some people were outraged. She had an option of a battle with lawyers under the Linden's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), against SSi and SS. She is strong in her belief that SS is a good guy and didn't mean to do wrong by her personally or Drew. MB decided it would be better for everybody to move on and figure out how to bring Brophy to SL in the correct manner so everyone can enjoy it. "And he paid his licensing. We back-charged the agreement for the last three years as to be fair and reasonable. He agreed." They made an agreement as to financial terms and had an amicable discussion. "I'm a very direct person and was direct with him. He responded to that and apologized, and we worked it out. He wired money to our account. He did everything he said he was going to do. I appreciate that. We (have) decided to let SS license Drew's art to SSi so that he can make it available on his surfboards. We're working out the details right now."

SW: Can you share with us the current status of any additional arrangements being made to allow the use of Drew Brophy designs in SL?
MB laughed and explained that they will make a presence in SL, including Brophy's other merchandise like posters, prints, gift certificates, etc. They will cross market from SL to their online and RL functions, as well.

SW: Does the Brophy organization have a representative currently in SL they will be working exclusively through who will be representing them?
MB states that they have not. They do not at this time. Slowly and carefully, with planning, they will begin by representing themselves.

SW: Does Sebastian Saramago have a licensing exclusive?
MB was clear that SS and SSi is the first. She won't do a license for another person if it negatively impacts an existing license. "Everything we do, I weigh the pros and cons. Boards, artwork, etc. will be available." She and Drew will be a presence in SL.

SW: What are your thoughts about your experience with SL and SL surfing at this time?
MB laughed again, exclaiming openly that SL makes her nervous. She does seem excited about SL. She can see the potential, and she even understands what makes our community tick. "I surfed! I can't remember where it was." Figured it out pretty much on her own, with minor help by a friendly surfer who didn't even realize he was helping the famous "Spunk" Brophy! "I can walk into a RL party and not know anyone and by the time I leave, I know half the people. In SL, I'm real shy."

SW: What does the future hold? What does Drew think of it all?
MB states, "Drew's brother told him about SL about four years ago, and that he (Brophy) really should do something with it. It didn't register at the time, but he remembers his brother's conversation, and he thinks he wants to have a presence in it. Not sure how that will go - we can't even get him to answer his cell phone half the time." Drew might do some seminars in world via telecom, etc., and when she is comfortable with making sure her hair is not stuck to her back and her surfboard will rez, MB assures SW that the entire surfing world will get the opportunity to know Maria "Spunk" Brophy, and maybe with a little prodding, the man, the legend, the artist, the really laid back non-computer guy, Drew Brophy himself.

SW: Maria, thank you for your time today and for working with SW to get the truth to our community. SW would like to give you the opportunity to have the last word for our growing and learning community. Is there any final thought you would like to leave the SW readers with?
MB states, "We want to leave people with the feeling of aloha which is being friendly, welcoming people to sharing waves, making a contribution to the surf community. People do that in different ways, the waves, scripts, whatever - making a contribution. Drew contributes by doing what he does best, creating happy, colorful art. And hopefully (by) resolving this situation, maybe we can leave a message to people that you can resolve something amicably. It doesn't have to be a big battle. I really feel that about how we ended this chapter, knowing that I didn't go to battle with a human being that might have made a little mistake. Now we are working together to do something great for the surfing community. I hope that other people get that and understand cause I think there's some people that might be disappointed. I feel good about it, that it's resolved."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RFL RfaC, Hope Beach and more...

submitted by Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent

Relay for Life 2009 in Second Life has shattered all the previous records. As of this moment, over $260,000 USD has been raised for the American Cancer Society. "Riders for a Cure" has been actively fundraising and has raised over 200,000L. In real world cash, that's over $775 USD. It may not seem like much, but when you're fundraising for nickles at a time, it's incredible.

"Hope Beach" was a 1/4 sim beach location on the Relay for Life cluster. It was off the main track so it was spared the worst of the lag. Weekend events included surf and simboard lessons and a "Midnight Madness" competition held at midnight SLT. Amazingly, 12 surfers showed up with no notice, to surf and donate to Relay for Life! An Analog 6.1 board was put up for grabs. 25L minimum donation got the rider three waves. The audience got a vote, the ultimate judge (Socks Clawtooth) got a vote, and scores were added to give the rider a final score.

The twist was that, for another 25L donation, the riders could get three more waves! The event ran for three rounds and it was won by Socks Clawtooth. Seeing as he didn't want to win his own event, it went to second place, SexyBoy Oh, "SB". SB donated the board to the RFL charity where it was sold with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.

Many of the surf world vendors stepped up and helped with products that were sold thru RFL kiosks. Over the weekend, these kiosks generated more than 60,000L of sales. .TGA, Surfcrazy, Basics, JAK SURF, The Balloon Store, SSI Surf Systems, eMotions, SurfWatch, Kahuna and Surf-FUR donated products for resale. At the last minute, Sebastian Saramago donated a custom "RFL" surfboard which caused a mini-flood as people teleported in to buy theirs. Simboarders also helped with donations from Samz World and Artcrimes.

The Relay itself only lasted for 24 hours but the fundraising beforehand lasted for months. "Riders for a Cure" would like to thank all of the beaches who donated space for a fundraising kiosk, as well as the beaches that hosted events for the last few months. We'd also like to thank all the people who worked on events in one way or another and the surfers who came to "Hope Beach" to cheer on the Relay for Life walkers on the track. Without your help and support, this would have been a very hard event to do.

Mostly we'd like to thank the surf and simboard communities. Every person who even dropped a single linden into a kiosk helped. "Drops in a bucket" add up very quickly and in the real world, we helped make an impact. Until there is a cure, we will continue to relay.

Surf scores for "Midnight Madness" comp. Highest score is used for ranking. Some riders had to leave after Round 1:

1. Socks Clawtooth - 18.5 but still contesting it /16.2
2. SexyBoy Oh - 13.9/16.66 repeating
3. Quench Spotter - 15.8
4. WickedV Carver - 15.75/13.75
5. Bonheur Chenaux - 13.916/15.5
6. Rhett McMahn - 12.3666/14.4/15
7. Sunrize Mornington - 14.333/13.75/14
8. Maldrul Morris - 10.5/14/13.2
9. Sweetcajun Voom - 13.8/14
10. Desne Aabye - 12.6
11. Clarke Torok - 11.53333333
12. Velvetori Twine - 11.125

Socks' Event Photos can be seen at: Midnight Madness Comp photos simboard park venue Hope Beach venue General RFL photos

Monday, July 27, 2009

SurfWatch Headquarters

Come check out the new headquarters for the SurfWatch offices at Destiny, Azure East (221, 228, 21). Grab a SurfWatch in-world edition, hang out in the break room and enjoy coffee and a danish, log onto SurfWatch on our computers, check out the surf monitors always scanning the beaches for news, or stay for a meeting and a martini in our conference room. And while you're at Destiny, play some volleyball, relax in the sun, sit around the campfire, or catch a Sunset wave! We look forward to having you drop by anytime to see what we're working on, share a bit of news, or just hang out. Who's watching the surf? come watch us!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thetis Surf Sim Updates

With Thetis at Topanga and Ocean Shores Surf Beach, there are now two great surf sims for surfers to enjoy! The 100M Sunset wave is now located at Thetis at Topanga (243, 182, 21). Surf the Sunset wave in one direction, paddle a bit south to the other bay, and surf some fluffies back to the other end, paddle under the bridge and start all over again in an endless loop of surfing! Adjacent to Thetis is a residential sim with lots of great spots still available for rent - an awesome selection of tiki houses and huts of various prices and sizes to match anyone's budget.
Thetis Bahia has been re-built and rebranded Ocean Shores Surf Beach (9, 173, 21), loaded with pipes with fluffies, and also a solo fluffy run. Just be careful not to sandbag in the rocky reef! There's also great kayaking at the southwest corner.

For more information on these two great surf sims or to find out about rentals, contact Wilfrid DeCuir or Kimmy Jigsaw.