Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Who IS Dr. Love???

A lot of you are wondering who I am. Your guesses are amusing, and I absolutely love this! I'm going to clear up a few things here today, but I'm going to keep my identity a mystery. There are reasons why I choose to remain anonymous, and I'll leave that to everyone to ponder why that is. I can only imagine what wild ideas you guys are going to come up with!

Dr. Love

Tauri Tigerpaw

First: Tauri Tigerpaw is my BOSS! A long time ago, when Tauri and I first met, we hit it off and became good friends almost immediately. One of the reasons I am the Love Doctor is my ability to read someone's personality very quickly and know if this person is real. With Tauri...what you see is what you get. I am asking her not to edit this column, as I know she would (editors note: pfffffffffffffft), due to the fact that she's the Editor and I'm writing about her in this week's column! Tauri...get your hand away from the eraser! Folks, I am NOT TAURI!

Second: I AM A MAN, through and through, and I love women and only women. I know that every woman has something special to offer any guy who's smart enough to see it! You ladies all drive me crazy. I sincerely love you all! You make my life so much brighter every day with your wit, your conversation, your sense of humor, your brains, and your beauty.

When Tauri first approached me about this column, she asked what I thought. I told her, "Hey, I would love to do this." But I have only one condition and that is, I remain anonymous to everyone but her, of course. I made her promise vociferously or I wasn't going to do this. I also asked that my name be Dr. Love, and she agreed.

Will I ever reveal myself to the readers of this wonderful SL mag? Probably not, at least, not in the near future. Ask yourselves this: isn't it really kind of fun that nobody but Tauri Tigerpaw knows who I am? I think it is, and I hope you all agree and let's have some fun with it. So people, keep guessing, and I promise this: if anyone gets my identity correct, I will fess up! But, if it's one of you gorgeous female avis, then you and I must go on a the place of your choice! Then maybe you'll see just exactly what the Doctor really knows!

This week's quote:

"Always remember that love is giving someone the power to break your heart and trusting them not to."

Peace and Love
Dr. Love

If you have a love question for the Love Doctor, feel free to post anonymously or not in the comments section. Or drop a notecard to Dr. Love care of Tauri Tigerpaw.

SurfWatch In World Edition

If you haven't seen the June SurfWatch In World Edition, you haven't seen anything! Pick up a copy at a SurfWatch kiosk or contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Ashleigh Dickins to get a copy. SurfWatch In World Edition will be issued on a quarterly basis with stories and photos not covered in the standard SurfWatch. If you would like to host a SurfWatch kiosk at your beach, sim, club, store, venue, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you one.

Who's watching the surf?


Riders for a Cure Surf Open

by Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent

"Riders for a Cure" is hosting a surf event on July 11, 11 AM SLT, at Tsunami Beach. The event is a "surf open", meaning that it's open to anyone to enter, and it's open to any board, surf, sim, wind, kite, and so on. The event is not a "serious" competition but a more laid back event for everyone.

Competitors will be donating 250L to enter the event. They will get 3 minutes of open water time to show off anything they want to. They will then be judged, possibly given an opportunity to bribe the judges with another donation to RFL, and the scores recorded. At the end of the event, the rider with the highest score wins. Time dependent, there may be a re-buy round in which people can donate a little more to get a re-try at the water.

The winners of the event will get trophies but, more importantly, the winner will be "Relay for Life". Post event? Knowing the surf crowd, anything can and probably will happen.

We're currently looking for volunteers who would like to help out, possibly a DJ or similar. Please contact Socks Clawtooth for more information.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

World Cup Renamed to International Surfing Challenge

The SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association), in conjunction with the ABSSL (Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL), announced a name change to their planned interleague surfing competition. The new name is the "International Surfing Challenge" and is designed to better reflect the love of surfing and spirit of fun and cultural exchange which this event is designed to foster. Each of the associations have their own multi-event seasons which require a sustained level of surfing excellence over an extended period of many months, and the winners of those seasons are very special surfers in their own right. This event is designed to bring together people from different backgrounds who share the love and passion for the sport of surfing in a unique, cooperative and fun event, from both a surfing and social point of view.

New to SL Surfing? Try these Places First!

by Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent

These are the five places I recomend people new to SL surfing try first. All have loaners on the beach, some have free items, and all are great spots to learn surfing for free! It has all the wave types you'll find in SL, and give you a good taste for surfing here. Then, once you've tried them, you can try the rest of the Rough Guide for size!

Chi (125, 211, 22)
Wave type : Pipe / Fluffy
Freebies : None that I've found, but search the sim
Sales : Board sales on the beach near the break, and SE up in the town area, as well as apparel.
Beach Loaners : Almost always at least 3-4 boards out.
Pros : One of the oldests surf breaks on the grid, and also maintained regularly.
Cons : The break is short and narrow, but the saying is if you can surf Chi, you can surf anywhere. It can also be "laggy" occasionally.

Moana'Ina @ Weather Island (41, 164, 29)
Wave type : Epic
Freebies : Once you teleport, you will be put on the TP hub on Weather Island. Either walk North over the bridge and follow the path east, or fly direct to the cooridnates you see above. You'll see a blue shack maked "Sebastian's Surf Shop". Walk in through the curtain. Once inside, you can touch a surfbaord and get a free one for you to use. Don't get too excited, it only works on Weather Island. Also look for the crate next to it for a free wetsuit for you to wear too. A little sim crawling will turn up all sorts of freebies.
Sales : The surf shack also has boards for sale, but they don't advertize that fact.
Beach Loaners : None, but the intent is that you go to the surf shack, and pick up a board there to use instead of leaving them on the beach. So, in reality, there's loaners there.
Pros : The build is incredible, so for that alone it's worth coming. The site is also the home of the original "epic" wave, so there's a lot of history here. There are also a lot of atmospherics that make it a great place to ride.
Cons : No music, so that's kinda a downer. It gets very crowded here sometimes, and I've seen on occasion where I couldn't get in becasue the sim was full! And the loaner board is an older script. But even in spite of all that, I still come here to surf when the mood strikes me.

Mori Pwani (121, 221, 21)
Wave type : Epic, but pipes and fluffies are next door
Freebies : Some "dollarbieS" in the stores, but some searching will reward you with some good stuff.
Sales : Plenty, almost all the surfboard reps are here.
Pros : If you want a slice of surf culture, this is the place to go. Good people, good waves, good everything. The people who run this sim also ran the legendary breaks of "Majini" and "Pepo", both sites of past competitions. Also, I recomend joining the "Vibes" surf group while you're here. you'll be happy you did. And check out the pipes / fluffy run next door at Tuli Bahari.
Cons : They don't leave a lot of loaners out, and some days it's crowded. But to be truthful, the surf is only one reason to come here.

Surf Camp (145, 196, 21)
Wave type : Pipeline / Fluffy combination
Freebies : If you go just N / NE of the waves, check out the blue tent and the surrounding area. Lots of cool stuff.
Sales : Lots in the surrounding area, going NW / W of the waves.
Beach Loaners : If you're less than 90 days old, there's a rezzer on the water you can use. Or you can join the Surf Camp group to use the other.
Pros : Well maintained sim, and a good place to get a lot of information about surfing and the SLSA.
Cons : No easy to get loaners, unless you're new or in the group. But, it leaves a lot less clutter on the beach.

Thetis Bahia
Wave Type : Pipe and Fluffy
Freebies : None
Sales : some board sales on the beach
Beach Loaners : Minimal, but I know they're there usually.
Pros : Great place to learn pipes. They have a 3 wide "mini-epic", as well as a standalone pipe. There's also a fluffy run as well.
Cons : None really, except it's usually not that crowded. Not really a ocn, unless you like socializing

Tsunami Beach (247, 103, 21)
Wave type : "Sunset" A single "Megaprim" wave with no seams
Freebies : None
Sales : "Freeport" is one sim over, and has a lot of shops on it with everything from surf clothing to boards
Beach loaners : At any time you'll find longboards, shortboards and windsurfers on the beach ready to use
Pros : Very good sim, and the first to really showcase the "Sunset" wave.
Cons : The "Sunset" is a very hard wave to master. But if you can surf this one, you can ride anything.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

SurfWatch, like the rolling waves of the surf, is rolling with the times. We are so proud to announce our SurfWatch In World edition, spearheaded by the In World edition editor, Ashleigh Dickins, that will be hitting newstands shortly. This has been a labor of love in the works since late last year, and Ashleigh has put together a truly remarkable product. We hope to issue an In-World edition on a quarterly basis.

We have added two columnists and a researcher to our staff and continue to look for quality reporters and staff interested in what is happening in the SL surf community with the goal of keeping that community strong and growing. Please contact Tauri Tigerpaw if you are interested in contributing.

We are as of now freezing our comments section and will post no comments to past posts until we complete our research and discussion of how best to moderate comments with guidelines that are both fair and impartial and allow debate while maintaining civility. We believe everyone has had sufficient time and space to present their points and vent. There are appropriate venues outside of SurfWatch for investigating legal grievances and it serves no purpose to bog SurfWatch down with those issues, many of which have been simmering for years. We are interested in reporting current SL surfing news.

We are also interested in ideas you may have for current stories. While we make no promises that we will cover every suggested topic - this is, after all, SL and there are too many waves calling!!! - we will discuss those that seem to be of interest to most readers and attempt to cover them, as well as posting all your announcements and events and activities and celebrations.

The sun sets and rises over another sandy beach and with the new day, we look forward to a great day of SL surfing, sharing time with friends, and having fun. Did anyone bring the tequila???

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday's SLSA season end awards ceremony took a shocking turn of events when, following the SLSA's announcement of the coveted Thor Bishop award to Socks Clawtooth, Ashleigh Dickins shouted to the crowd, " I AM SORRY EVERYONE BUT I AM LEAVING. I LOVE YOU SOCKS. BUT IT WAS WRONG OF THEM TO ANNOUNCE THIS NOW. SIERRA HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE VOTING OR THE WINNER AND WAS NOT EVEN ASKED TO BE HERE TO GIVE THE AWARD". Sierra Sugar, long time love of the late surf icon, Thor Bishop, called a public meeting following the ceremony to make an announcement regarding the Thor Bishop award. Following is a slightly condensed version of her announcement:

"Now that most everyone is here, I have to say in the 2 years or so that I have been involved in the surfing community and the SLSA, there has been many ups and downs, drama, good and bad. But today I feel that irrevokable damage has been done, and I need everyone to understand exactly where I stand and how serious this is to me.

Thor was my soulmate, my love, my once in a lifetime. Many of you were there when I lost him and helped hold me up til I could find a way to stand again on my own. The *THOR BISHOP* MVP Award is JUST that, NOT an arbitary SLSA MVP award. When Sally came to me about the MVP award, it was originally suggested that I choose the winner. No nominees, no vote, my choice. In my short sightedness, I suggested a public nomination with a private vote between me, active directors, and advisors. I have been in talks with Robin, Colleen, Sally recently to ensure the honor of Thor's memory is upheld in selecting the MVP award, that when *I* hand out the award at the ceremony, I could do so in good conscience and honestly give a heartfelt presentation because too many today never met Thor and have no idea what the award stands for.

I have been watching the forums, the advisors circle. There were nominations. The last information on 6/26 - yesterday. No information about when or where. I was never notified of the awards ceremony. VW, a director, has no idea how this award was choosen as he didn't vote. I know *I* didn't vote. There was no vote created in the advisors circle. Total and blatant disregard for protocol. I was in IMs via offline messages with VW today when he asked me to come and hand out the award. I was at RL work and was floored.

I begged him and Ash to not hand out the award, to wait for me to be home to sort things out. It is MY award to hand out in honor and memory of Thor and yet the award was handed out anyway... arbitrarily picked like throwing a dart at a board - eenie meeinie minie mo. I'm sorry... NO. That is UNBELIEVABLE and unforgivable disrespect to me and Thor. From this point forward, I revoke permission for use of my name or Thor's name in ANY and all official relation to the SLSA.

I withdraw my support of the SLSA, and I DO NOT give my permission to give a THOR BISHOP MVP award. The SLSA can make their own. I *WILL* have Thor's RL family log in on him and send an official statement. Misfits is disbanding, and I am severing ALL ties with surfing and the SLSA. I'm DONE. I will be contacting Heather to remove Big Dawg boards. I cannot BELIEVE that his memory would be so blatantly marred. This is the worst disrespect possible to me, to him, to anyone who has struggled to set up the guidelines and rules for the SLSA to be followed."

The SLSA Board was contacted to issue a statement. The Board response follows:

"We, as the SLSA, truly regret any and all pain Sierra might have endured over this. We, as the Board, want to ensure all surfers that we take her comments to heart and are in discussions to make the appropriate changes where needed."

Editorial Comments

by Special Correspondent Rhett McMahn

Much like life, our SecondLife surfing community is in turmoil. I don't speak of turmoil in a negative sense, as it is really not. Turmoil is just part of our day to day world. Turmoil as in the gut wrenching feeling associated with what we know to be true and factual changing. The ending of a relationship; the loss of a loved one; the stresses associated with work, business, community, finances. All of these things play a factor in who we are at any given moment.

The SLSA was formed as a group of surfers who wanted to be connected personally as a community. They have transcended their original organizers’ hopes and evolved into a highly efficient sport sanctioning body. Every step along the way, there has been turmoil. It is all part of the evolution process in any SL group’s history. At some points, the turmoil seems larger. As adolescents, we call this turmoil "growing pains."

I read everything I can about our community. I study and write articles as a journalist. I listen to people discuss their issues. Not one person I have encountered has said anything wrong. Of the 10-20 IMs a day I receive discussing various things, everyone has valid positions on every side of the situation. Not everyone in a community should have the same agenda, life would be boring. As I read other postings here in the SurfWatch venue, I observe tons of evidence supporting the entire surfing community’s "growing pains."

It was my pleasure to investigate this story about the SLSA's historic events surrounding the 2009 Season 1 Topanga comp. I have been able to spend time with some amazing people getting their feelings on the matter. I first interviewed Kimmy and learned her feelings on the matter. Always stern and intensely passionate to her beliefs, Kimmy laid out why she was so upset that day. She shared conversations she had with SB, and made you believe she was absolutely right about her reasons for creating a scene at her own hosted competition in her own sim. She was up front and frank when she stated that, even though she felt bad about how she chose to handle the moment, she would not back down from believing that what she did was right. Not only that, but that was done for the betterment of our sport. Even though Kimmy faced the turmoil of making that choice, losing her best ever finish in her competitive career, she acted from her heart for something she believes in.

After completing my first interview on my first lead assignment (within two hours) I got reminded of two well known SL facts. Loose lips abound and note cards travel fast. I still have not figured out why we as a species love our gossip, but I make my living now as a reporter so I don't argue. As I was interviewing, the interview was being cut and pasted by one of the people present to at least one 'trusted' friend, who note carded it and distributed it. I got my first introduction to SB within the two hours.

My first interaction with SB was brief. He pasted into my IM excerpts of the interview I had just finished. He told me quite convincingly how he felt about it, and what I was and was not going to do with my interview. Yeah I was pissed at first, but then laughed it off as this is nothing new. It happens in RL all the time. It is part of a community. It's part of my job. Of course, his view of what is right is his and yes, they are right. My views and understanding of journalistic license and laws lets me know I'm right. I followed up with him when I returned to work, we had a frank but professional conversation. I was surprised SB thanked me for staying objective and taking my time to care about surfing enough to write about it and stay on top of it. I actually was very surprised knowing my lead in article was about him posting as a non member in the SLSA's forum ( had ran just hours before.

SurfWatch Editor-in-Chief, Tauri Tigerpaw, interviewed SB on the matter, and he held true to his beliefs that the SLSA does not invite true competativeness, and that someone comes along and invests thousands of hours becoming good, they are not accepted, that other competitors are scared. He grasped at every available angle as to how the laws were flawed, unclear, that you have to join to enter, but not have to stay in the group to compete, others who had left the organization and come back. Not a stone unturned. I gained a lot of respect for SB in this process. As a true competitor, I respect how intensely he fought to get what he believed right out into the public eye. I, too, had opportunity to go to SB's new home and have a little face to face with the man who took the SLSA by storm in his rookie year. I tried to offer him suggestions of places he could find quality builds for his new place, and I started to understand more of what drives SB. He literally will not settle for anything he has not mastered and done himself. I understand that type of personality. I have it somewhat. My father was almost identical in philosophy to SB.

Is SB bitter? Yeah, but who could blame him? Was he wrong in fighting tooth and nail even though the SLSA has no appeal process? Absolutely not! SB is standing firm by his beliefs and even though his efforts will not correct his mistakes as seen by the Disciplinary Board of the SLSA, they will affect the thoughts of the people involved to make their organization better in the future. Perhaps some day maybe a structured rule for an appeal process? Who knows. But SB was right.

Nowhere in this process did I see evidence of huge amounts of pettiness. What I did see was tons of passion, tons of right opinions, and, yes, tons of turmoil. One thing occasionally being able to write editorials does is let me give MY opinion. Here are my thoughts. In my almost four years in SL, I have seen groups go through about a one year cycle of extreme issues as well as a major effort to self destruct themselves at about three years old. As a community, we all need to be aware that these turmoils are natural. As much as we would like them to never happen, they compound. Just last night new turmoil erupted, starting the next news cycle. SurfWatch is a news organization. We objectively report the news. By staying informed we reduce the effect these turmoils have on the negative side of our world and gives us information to think through our actions. Embrace the growing pains, stay involved to make a difference. Like my departed, father would have said. "Be part of the solution, not part of the problem." He would have liked both Kimmy and SB. I know I do.

SLSA Director Reflects on Recent Disciplinary Actions

By Rhett McMahn, Business Columnist and Special Correspondent

The last couple of weeks have been a trying time for the SL Surfers Association (SLSA). Their Directors were forced to instruct their Head Event Judge to form a disciplinary board against two of its more prominent members. SurfWatch caught up with SLSA Director (one of five) Abel Halderman by e-mail and asked him for his opinions on the process.

SW: Abel, for the first time in history, the SLSA has had to discipline some of its members. It proved to be tough for everyone. SW had an independent study done of the SLSA Constitution, Rules, Codes, and found the DB had the authority to hand down broad rulings and DQ was their correct option of action. Do you feel that even though unpopular, the processes put in place worked correctly?

AH: It was a dark moment for everyone. It was hard for the two people that were DQ’d, it was hard for all other surfers, and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for the Committee members. However, what had been done about the two cases of Code of Conduct (CoC) violations was necessary. I’m not sure if it was unpopular.

I know that a few people didn’t see it as a right thing to do. Right now, besides those who were directly involved and accused, I can think of maybe 5 or 6 of those who were unhappy about the result. But you know what? I trust the committee. I know how hard they worked on the cases and how much stress it cost them. As you know, the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct is broad and in my opinion it should be so. The commission acted according to rules that we ALL accepted. They investigated all the facts, spoke to many witnesses, and finally made the decision, maybe the hardest one in the SLSA history. What kills me is that those people, that accepted the hardest job in the SLSA history, are now sometimes disrespected.

Let’s not forget, while in an election SLSA members vote for their representatives, when it comes to executing legal rules we, as a community, gave that right to the representatives. On the other hand, any of us is allowed to submit a proposal on changing those rules, too, so I encourage everyone to read the rules again and share their doubts and ideas like some of us did on the SLSA forum.

SW: The rulings came against the SLSA 2009 Season 1 reputed 'Bad Boy' SexyBoy Oh (SB) and SLSA Co-founder Kimmy Fitzgerald-Jigsaw. Do you feel that this process shows the ability of the SLSA to govern itself and its competitions fairly? Make decisions based on facts and not who is involved?

AH: The whole thing caused a lot of stress and negative emotions. I think SLSA is able to act against anyone if rules are broken and harm to the community is made. I can’t say “It’s too bad that it happened to Kimmy as one of the SLSA founders, and SB – one of the best surfers this season”. It should and will happen against anyone who breaks the CoC.

Of course there are always at least two sides of a case. So, I’m sure Kimmy had her reasons to act like she did, and SB had his. Personally, I’d say Kimmy cared so much about her baby – the SLSA – that she made a mistake and acted in a disrespectful way. Her intentions were not bad, but at the same time intentions are not something to judge. Actions are. As for SB, like I said in one of my posts on the SLSA forum, I think we disappointed him, as a community. I can understand his reasons to leave the group, I can understand more or less how he felt. At the same time, even that I understand that, it’s not intentions that are judged, but actions.

I had doubts before the whole process started. Not that I had anything to say about it. It is the Event Committee who executes sanctions, but I felt like sharing my thoughts with other directors. I thought it was a serious and important step that SLSA had to do. On one hand maybe it will never be the same. Maybe, as a group, we just lost some kind of innocence, if you know what I mean. By having that process we crossed some line. Since now there will be no excuse for unsportsmanship-like behavior which means no one will be able to act according to the “no see evil, no hear evil” saying, which for many of us was a nice thing to do. We rather wanted to forget and move on than face some facts. I’m not saying it was right. I just think that it was easier.

On the other hand, we have reached a point where violation of the CoC rules is becoming much more common than in past seasons, and that is a bad thing. Therefore, that process, even that it was so hard, even that it was painful, should have happened. Violation of the SLSA basic rules, our foundation, is not, and will be not tolerated.

SW: A lot of discussion was made both publicly and privately about the SLSA rules being currently edited; the infamous missing 'rule 2'; the FAQ being the only place that clearly states you must be a member to compete. What steps are being put in place to correct this before next season?

AH: In my opinion, Rule 2 is complete. The FAQ says something that is obvious. Want to be treated with event rules, win or lose, earn points? You need to be in the group = having accepted its rules. However, I do agree that one or two clauses may need be added to it, and I know that at lease some of other directors think the same way. The off season IS to correct things that didn’t work or didn’t work the way we expected them to. There are a couple of projects on modifying rules coming, and I think one of them will be about specifying the CoC rule 2, although personally, I would say it should stay broad because it is impossible to predict all kinds of general sportsmanship violation behavior.

SW: Looking forward... What's next for the SLSA, what should its members be excited about going into 2009 Season 2?

AH: Before the next season starts, we will have a surprise for our surfers. I shouldn’t talk about it yet, though. It will be announced soon.

As for the next season, we can expect a lot of excitement. SLSA will be still growing and hopefully the Board will be ready to handle large competitions even better than this past season. My hope is that if we organize the responsibilities within SLSA a little better, we’ll be able to get involved in different kinds of activities. We are discussing possible ways of cooperation with other surfing associations. Just imagine how much of excitement that can bring! I am also sure that a lot about the excitement can be done by small simple changes, just like drastically modifying or removing the “no tie for second place” rule, as suggested by SLSA members on the forum. What I, as a surfer, expect from the organization is fun! Give me fun and I’m happy! “Fun” is not a simple thing though. It is consisted of positive vibes, good ruling and exciting events. That’s what the Board’s only interest and a general plan for the next season.




Second Life's first Kayak Derby and Fishing Tournament was held Saturday morning under clear virtual skies in the beautiful Tidewater Canyon River at Wilder Keys. A great time was had by all, with Lacy Rossini winning the top prize of $1000L with a final time of 3:43 for all three runs. Taine Ansar took second place, and Dick Seerose took the third spot. In our 7Seas Fishing Tourney, Goose Overland caught fish at an amazing rate to take th top prize.

Here are the times for the top three:

Lacy Rossini 1:23 1:10 1:10 - 3:43
Dick Seerose 3:24 1:52 1:42 - 6:58
Taine Ansar 1:31 1:22 1:23 - 4:16

Thanks from GT Whitewater Kayaks and the SL Paddlers Association to everyone who attended and congratulations to all our winners! Join the SLPA for more info and updates for the next event or contact Guiles Tidewater!


Mick Lunasea, former SLSA director, member of Da Hui Surf Team, and long time surf instructor, is scheduled to speak on Thursday, July 2, 4 PM SLT, at Knowhere on Surf Lesson 101. Be there for everything he knows about the basics of surfing. For more information, contact Kohana Schimmer.


Splendeurs is pleased to announce they are carrying new 5.2 boards in stock! Check it out at Splendeurs. Surfwear at its finest.


Be sure to pick up your copy of the Ripple and Redlight Topless Calendar 2010! The most gorgeous sufers, baring it all for 2010! The calendar is available for 350L with 1/3 of proceeds going to charity. Contains 13 months, with a bonus Jan 2011 month, all topless and all surfers!

Contact Lala Recreant for information on where you can get your copy.


Braata is currently testing different waves to continue to provide everyone with the best possible surfing experience. They are looking for input on Action Beta waves. Contact Kristoffer Juneau for a notecard explaining the entire process. There are specific sections on the notecard indicated by "Evaluation:" and a space where you can enter your feedback and return it back to Kristoffer Juneau. Your feedback will be used to improve surfing in Second Life, so the more participation, the better!


--- with a new look!!! Beautiful...natural...surfable...retail goods available! Come check out the most realistic island of SL at Crab Island (149, 82, 22)


ONeill Auer continues with the Ripple Surfwear lines located at Mori, Surfside and Maa sims. However, we would like to announce a NEW development. ONeill is also designing clothes for a new brand, Redlight Fashion and Redlight Lingerie. There will be a new location for the Redlight range and rest assured, they will be both sexy and trendy clothes.

In addition, ONeill is about to open Redlight Productions, a state of the art photo studio. You may remember ONeill formerly had studios in SL called 3D Vision and Unique Photography and is known to the surfing cogniscenti for his surfing pics. Redlight Productions is celebrating its opening with a Ripple Surfbabes Calendar, celebrating the topless beauty of some of our lovely surfing girls and also the Ripple bikini line. The calendar will retail at 350L and a donation will be made to Reef Riders charity as Ripple is a proud sponsor of Reef Riders. Stay tuned for more info on calendar availability!


Woot! Newsflash!!! All Ripple bikinis at Mori Beach reduced to 100L! Take a look - over 50 kinis to choose from!!! Also, if you buy 3 bikinis, we will refund you the third! No better offer available and it's good thru the month of June so come on by!!! If you need more info, contact Lala Recreant!


Lollypop Congrejo. Remember the name and see the best custom sim designer in SL. You can check out her recent projects on Flickr - She creates her own textures to make your sim or home special. iFrog Designs - Custom building, Ocean estate 9 (225, 207, 21)


Kahuna magazine will be Secondlife's first inworld surf magazine. The magazine will give an in-depth look into the world of surf in Secondlife, focusing on surfing as the sport, as a lifestyle and give a look into the world of fashion that follows the surf. For the people who love to chill on the beach, paddle out into the water and live. Founded by Aries Ashton and EllieShea GossipGirl, scheduled release dates (subject to change) are the first Sat of every month: June 6, July 4, Aug 1. Pick up a copy in world and check out Kahuna!!!


Come ride the new Sunset 100 along with the pipes and fluffies at the newest SL surf sim to open, Kimmy Jigsaw and Wil DeCuir's Frozen at Thetis Beach (214, 79, 21). And if you're looking for prime beach real estate with incredible views, check out the adjoining residential sim, Topanga Canyon, and contact Kimmy if you're interested in finding out more.


Stretch out in the sand, feel the sun, and surf the waves of the newest surfing beach to hit SL: Beachmice at Kryten (208, 116, 21), Buffy Munro and Abel Halderman's slice of surfing heaven.

CH CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE that makes you go mmmmmm...check out Celestria Henley's designs at ch Contemporary Furniture located at Blues Island (160, 43, 23).


Come surf the pipes at Sandipanimuni Haiku and Kimmy Jigsaw's newest surf sim (116, 49, 21)! Relax in the sun under the palms and swap surf stories - plenty of sand, sea and surfing!


Rebel Surf Co. for the latest in surf fashion ala Emilyn Knoller. You know the designer, now come see the designs. All bikinis are tat friendly and 100L. Currently two locations to serve you: Debaser, SmartVest (172, 244, 34) and PDH Shopping - Azure Sky.


What's that getting ready to slam into shore at Gan??? Jaws...grab a board and see if it tries to bite you in the butt! Check it out, now rolling at Gan (192, 220, 26)


Kickazz badazz Rodass Boats! Visit the shop at Surf City. Speedboats, catamarans, sailboats and custom boats. IM Rod Ambrose for test rides and details.


Countess DeCosta's shop, Island Sea Dreams, carries the latest in beachwear fashions, stained glass, jewelry and furniture AND she does custom requests! With two convenient locations to serve you! Now open at JJ Lane's (189, 160, 21) and Surf City (195, 125, 25).


Creations by Rachelle, Rachelle Seeton's newest creative venture, carries the latest in hot, sexy, provocative outfits, from clothing to shoes. Whether she's building, surfing, or flying planes, Rach is always creating. Visit her shop at Cardew (150, 77, 33) and see if you can walk out without spending any linden.


Ripple Surf Beach is rolling an epic and is open for surfing! 3 panel epic surfing on a low lag sim. Ripple Surfwear is set for a grand opening very soon. But the beach is open! Come down and enjoy some excellent surfing! Group membership is required, so contact Lala Recreant or Oneill Auer for a group invite and an LM.


Kantbe Thursday is proud to announce a new addition to her family!
Name: Pecos
Became family member: March 24, 2009
Weight: 50 lbs
Age: 3 years old
And they call it puppy looooooove...



Zenon Parnall is proud to announce the birth of RL baby Leonie
Date: Feb 23, 2009
Size: 51 cm, 3080 grams


Birth of a prince
**Birth of baby boy Kai Kaffebaum-Chenaux**
to proud moms, Shannon Kaffebaum and Bonheur Chenaux, on 23 March, 2009
Baby born: 10:10 am
Weight: 6 lbs 1 oz
Length: 19



Blaize Korobase and Lothor Vlodovic are proud to announce their marriage on May 23, 2009. Karah Raymaker and Mocha Shilova were maids of honor with Circe Falta as bridesmaid. Rexx Capalini gave the beautiful bride away. Retaliator Bury and Oowalt Lowey were best men. The couple had one week of honeymoon bliss at the Loveknot.


Emily88 Lane and Bodhi Lowtide were partnered on May 26, 2009. Emi is the owner of Emi'z Custom tats and DJs at a variety of places in SL. Bodhi owns Bodhi's Board Shop, the #1 shop for your surfboard needs, board shop headquarters located at Monkey Paw (235, 60, 23), just down the pier.


Monq Pinklady and Robin Mapp celebrated the one year anniversary of their May 23, 2008, SL union at the beautiful Eons Ballroom at the Island of Maa on Sunday, May 24, 2009. Many guests attended the formal event where the couple was seranaded by the talented and beautiful Althea Baxton, and Tricia Bracken kept the party hopping spinning tunes.


Quench Spotter and MaryAnn Maa are proud to announce their recommitment on Sunday, May 17. Best Man was Rory Ofarrel. Maid of Honor was Asyah Thorne. Flower Girl was Kim Henig. The ceremony was held at Weddings by Maa which is one of SL's premier full service wedding sims owned by the bride.


Abel Halderman and Buffy Munro are proud to announce their marriage on Saturday, May 2, at 1:30 PM SLT. Maid of Honor was Cloudy Matova and Best Man was Milo Voss. Bridesmaids were Emilyn Knoller, Slave Lacey and Tauri Tigerpaw. Grooms were Crusader Arado and VW Sands. Giving the bride away was Quench Spotter. The wedding was a sunset oceanside ceremony arranged and performed by MaryAnn Maa of Weddings by Maa. The happy couple will be honeymoon in the attic with the mice (hey - that's what the bride said!!!).


Rastaman Sorbet and Nanu Ragu are proud to announce their wedding held Wednesday, April 8. Maid of Honor was Halie Hermit, Best Man was Dawgbone Clip. Bridesmaids were Nekki Lovenkraft, Aurora Jacks, and Jasmine Kass. Groomsmen were CROW Luminos, Gath Gothly, and Danny Korkus. Musical performances during the ceremony and at the reception were performed by Gath Gothly, Jimmyt49 Dukes and Tauri Tigerpaw.


Xtereme Docherty and Harmonie Weitman are proud to announce their wedding on Saturday, April 4, 2009. The ceremony was followed with an open reception held at The Wild Rose.


Countess Decosta and Yendor Destiny are proud to announce their marriage on Sat, March 28, at 7 PM. A mixture of Aussie mates and surfing buddies got together and celebrated the day. According to the bride, Socks Clawtooth looked fabulous in lap lap and lei. With the bride from the South Seas, the wedding was set as an island event, and the service was conducted by Fleur Ferris. Altho many were willing to pay big money to find the newly wedded couple on their honeymoon, they kept that very private and enjoyed every moment.


Sebastian Saramago and Thalia Saramago are proud to announce their marriage on Feb 15, 2008, at 4 PM. Seb is one of the designers and creators of SL surfing (editors note: see SW 10/6/08 Interview - Sebastian Saramago), and he and Thalia share a memorable love story. The video of the ceremoney can be seen at:

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