Saturday, June 20, 2009


The SLSA has posted its findings related to two cases of possible SLSA code violations stemming from the Topanga Canyon Longboard competition. The Committee decided:

It was decided that Kimmy Jigsaw engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct, violating the SLSA Code of Conduct, in making statements that were unsportsmanlike to their intended target and marring and disrupting the event. They have disqualified her from that competition and the final standings will be recalculated.

It was decided that SexyBoy Oh violated the SLSA rules that state competitors must be members of the SLSA to compete in SLSA sanctioned events when he left the SLSA prior to the Topanga Canyon competition. The Committee has disqualified him from that competition and the final standings will be recalculated.

The posting for this information can be found at the official SLSA website:


Neck and neck - er - feeler to feeler, these giant snails are giving their all for the American Cancer Society in a Relay for Life Giant Snail Race. Socks Clawtooth, event organizer, takes a 5 inch lead after 3 hours, pulling away from the pack comprised of WickedV Carver, Colleen Brennan, Bobbi Laval, Sally LaSalle, and many others. Sweat, or slime...or something...trailing behind them, the snails push to their max speed of...well...there is no number that they fight for the lead!

Slimin' Sally trips Bobbin Bobbi...Colleen kicks it into gear, motivated to speed by the French chef following her, calling her escargot, and falls on her back, pulling a classic turtle and unable to get up! ...Don't miss a second of this exciting race - head on over to Abitibi (34, 138, 61)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Surf Love and SurfWatch Announce Winners of 2009 Beach Babes Calendar Contest!

SurfWatch will be featuring each winner from the Surf Love 2009 Beach Babes Calender Contest. One of the 12 delicious beach babes will be chosen to model in a SurfWatch in-world magazine edition. If you'd like to see more of a Surf Love/SurfWatch beach babe, just let us know by leaving a comment and maybe your fave will be chosen! And be on the lookout for more information on the 2010 calendar starting soon!

January - Rhett McMahn

"In constant search of that one God given perfect wave. Lost the ability to do it RL. Thank God for SL (smiles)."

For more information on how to get a calender, if you have a spot for a low prim/low script kiosk that distributes the calenders for free, or on the 2010 calendar, contact Beloved Avril.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disciplinary Hearing on Code Violations

The SLSA has announced a delay in validating final scores and results for SLSA 2009 Season 1 Round 2 at Topanga due to a Disciplinary Hearing related to possible violations of the SLSA Code of Conduct and SL Community Standards ( According to the Code of Conduct, possible members of a Disciplinary Hearing Committee could be: Judges, Event Coordinator, Marshall and Security. SurfWatch will keep you posted as additional information becomes available.


Hot and direct from the SLSA!!!

From the SLSA directors:

Stay tuned for details!!!!

SL Relationships and SL SEX

This column is a continuation of our first column. Oh wait, hey all you math whizzes out there in cyberland who felt compelled to make comments about the SL timeline I put out there! Hey!!! It was just to make a point at how fast your SL relationships will move as compared to your RL relationships! It wasn't meant to be a literal calculation but rather an example, especially for us who obviously don't own a calculator! (Yeah, I'm smiling!) Be sure to leave all that analytical thinking in RL cause if you choose to be all that in SL, you may spend alot of time alone. Then I'm out of a job because if everyone is alone, who the hell needs a Love Doctor! But I digress...

Referring back to our previous column, the bottom line was this: be nice to each other, realize there are RL feelings behind these drop dead gorgeous avis', think about how sensitive people are and how we all crave attention, especially from the opposite sex. Most importantly, try your hardest to be faithful and monogamous to your partner. One last word on this: R E S P E C T!!! Just like Aretha coined the phrase like 100 years ago! You math people are thinking now: 100 years the doctor nuts??? The number is for effect!

Now to the meat of this column - SEX. Shall we discuss SL SEX? yes, we should - why not! Let's move forward a bit. You are in a relationship with the person you can't stop thinking about. Maybe you have already gone and figured out how to voice in SL rather than all this typing. It's alot easier to moan in real time and voice than to type all those OOOoooh's and AAAaaah's, isn't it! My brain is just flying here, and I know we're going to have to make this an ongoing topic which is just fine with the doctor. After all, discussing SL SEX is alot of fun.

Again, people, key word here is respect. For yourself and especially your partner. Having sex, making love, is THE most private moment two people can share with each other. Not only are your bodies bared, but so are your souls! Making love is such a private and wonderful experience. It's what brings two people closer than any other act. With this bonding, we grow closer and closer. We start buying gifts for each other - small ones, big ones, it doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts. For each of us to know that someone cares so much that they buy us little items to show they're thinking of you! Man, you can't beat that feeling, can you? SL SEX will do all of this and so much more. You must make the "do I or don't I" decision within yourselves. Even in SL, there needs to be some sort of morals at play. Forget the school of thought that this is "just a game". We all know that's nonsense! I want every single person who's reading this to think, just for a sec: How often do you think of your favorite person, place or thing in SL when you're out in RL? That incredible tropical island you spent time on with your partner. That secluded skybox cave and waterfall with pose balls of all types. Then in a flash, you both TP'd to Tahoe Mountain for some skiing and canoeing only to find an ice cave hidden in the forest! SL SEX -- making love -- is this incredible or what! How lucky can we be to be able to meet people from every corner of our incredible planet, here, right here! WOW! People from every walk in life and all these people are potential friends, lovers, advisors!

The act of actually performing SEX in SL is another thing completely. For the uninitiated first time folks, especially the guys, this can be hysterically funny. Ladies, please try not to laugh out loud, okay? Let's see if you beauties can relate. "Now where the hell did I put that new penis? Oh, here is is. Oh crap, that's a pencil. Damn, I have to organize this inventory. Oh, maybe this is it. Yeah, okay. Now click wear and then touch it to make it do stuff. Damn, why do they make this so hard? ohhh, hard...there it goes!" Anyway, I think we all get the picture of what a riot this can be. You know what, tho? She'll love you even more for all the laughs, guys, so don't get discouraged. The doctor is here to help! I will most certainly continue next time right where we left off here.

I want to leave you all with a quote or a saying of sorts. I'll try and have one for each column. This week's is: "When I die...I want to go in my sleep just like my grandpa did and not like the rest of the screaming people in the car with him!"

Dr. Love is a regular columnist with SurfWatch and writes about SL love. Post your questions for Dr. Love in the comments section or send direct to Tauri Tigerpaw. You may post anonymously.