Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Pecos!!! (The Year in Review)

Some of you might remember back in June of this year, when Pecos first joined Kantbe Thursday's family and we announced it here in SurfWatch.  2009 has gone so quickly.  Altho I had been part of the SurfWatch staff previously,  on March 6, 2009, I had my first official posting as Editor in Chief with "New SLSA Director Board Seated".  Throughout the year, we covered the loss of Boneyard, the new Second Life Surfing Assocation (SLSA) sim, changing SLSA competition formats and many competition heat draws and results, even posting the heat draws from the very first SLSA competition in 2007. 

Over the year, we interviewed Colleen Brennan, Mick Lunasea, Bobbi Laval, SexyBoy Oh, Analog Jun, Driftwood Miles, Robin Mapp, Yendor Destiny, among others.  We've covered elections, lectures, surfing venues, techniques, whitewater kayaking, the Alter-gate scandal, arrests and resurrections.  We experimented with pieces on relationship advice, announcements, partnerships, real estate, calenders, births and deaths.  Two of our most commented stories were on the Metaverse United Surfers Tour (MUST) piece and surprisingly, the most commented on, was a simple real estate piece on Mori with 42 comments. 

We've covered the SLSA, the Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA), MUST, Xtreme Surf Alliance (XSA), Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL), Australian Surf Association (ASA), Pacific Coast Xtreme (PCX), Sharkbite mini comps and whitewater kayak comps.  We delved into Real Life (RL) with the Brophy licensing texture piece.  We've covered technology from waves to boards as well as various concerts, parties, events, teams and surfers.   We rolled out as regular features Mari's Mailbag, introducing Marianna Monentes of Boracay Islands, as well as Surfing 101 from Mick Lunasea of Pacific Coast Hwy, and wave technology and other pieces from Syx Toshi of Monkey Cove.  We rolled out our advertising options and linden winning contests.  One of the highlights of my year was the realization of SurfWatch In World Edition, headed by the talented in-world edition editor, Ashleigh Dickins.

Looking back thru this year on all the fun times, the fierce competition, the challenges, the improvements, the failures, the achievements, I can only say how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to share this with you.  My goals for this year were to publish an in-world edition of SurfWatch (check); put together a top notch staff (check); create a mission statement (check); and involve more of the surfing community (check).  My failures are too many to list, altho I have no doubt there are some out there that are adding to that list daily, but thru those failures, I have learned and continue to learn and grow.  I'm not perfect, and I know I have not made perfect decisions.  But I have kept SurfWatch reporting on what is happening in SL surfing.  And personally, I am thoroughly honored to also have been inducted into the SL Surfing Hall of Fame in 2009 for my contributions to SL surfing.

For 2010, in addition to what we currently do, we are looking at adding some form of competition video coverage, to include live coverage and a highlights video.  We are looking to begin our merchandising division to generate additional income to cover SurfWatch costs.  We are always looking for talented people with a love of SL surfing to join our staff as writers, photographers, columnists and now, video specialists.  We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in February of 2010, and our first 2010 in-world edition will highlight the best of SurfWatch over two years.

On behalf of SurfWatch and our staff and special contributors, we want to thank you for your continued support.  Have a safe and excellent New Years Eve celebration and we look forward to an exciting 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mari's Mailbag - Team Dating

Dating team mates is usually not a wise decision. When there is a parting of ways, one usually has to leave the team, and the team is left with having to take sides. This is disruptive to the team and unfair to those who are serious about competing. If you want to be on a team "just" to date, you should seriously think of other places to meet people. When it just happens without forethought, then it really cannot be helped. Practicing together often brings mates close together. You also share a common love of surfing and the encouragement you give to one another sometimes brings you closer to each other than you expected. Love happens simply unexpectedly.

There are those in our community who have fallen in love and the bond continued and the team became stronger for it.  It's just when there is a parting of ways that creates all the confusion. One can never predict the outcome unless, of course, you are just on the team to date and meet people.

Teams are about competing; a family with a common goal. If you do fall in love, respect the rest of your mates especially if there is a parting of ways.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)/SurfWatch (SW) Mele Kalikimaka Celebration Competition

The results of the SLSA/SW Mele Kalimimake mini SL surfing competition:

1st place - Wilfrid DeCuir 15.50
2nd place - Bobbi Laval 15.00
3rd place - Velvetori Twine 12.00


Wilfrid DeCuir (14.00 points - Surf-off: 7.00)*
Lynda Mimulus (14.00 points - Surf off: 6.50)

Kimmy Jigsaw (8.00 points)
Velvetori Twine (11.50 points)*

Bobbi Laval (15.50 points)*
Colleen Brennan (12.00 points)

'A Visit from Surfer Nick'

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all across the sand,
not a creature was stirring, in water or on land;
The surfboards were tucked away with great care,
in hopes that Surfer Nicholas soon would be there.

The surfers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of epic waves danced in their heads;
And Lissa in her bikini, and VW in his santa cap,
Had just left Mori Deck for a long winter's nap.

When out on the beach there arose such a clatter,
VW sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Out to the porch he went, not bothering with a jacket,
He just had to see what was making that racket?

The SL moon gave view to the sandy beach below,
The cool light turning the sand as white as snow;
In the sky over gentle waves he saw his answers,
'twas a minature surfboard, and eight tiny surfers.

With a driver in board shorts, so lively and quick,
He knew in a moment it must be Surfer Nick.
More rapid than dolphins his surfers they came,
And he howled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, Robin! Now Aries! Now Pova and Desne!
On, Bobbi! On Sunrize! On Abel and Buffy!
To the top of the dunes! to the top of the wall!
Now surf away! surf away! surf away all!"

As dry sand that before the wild hurricane does fly,
When they met with an obstacle, surf to the sky,
So up to the house-top the surfers they flew,
With a sleigh full of toys, and Surfer Nicholas too.

And then, in a twinkling, he heard on the roof
The dancing and bells...and then in a poof...
VW backed in the house, and was turning around,
When down the chimney Surfer Nicholas came with a bound.

He was wearing just board shorts, and a wide open shirt,
his wet clothes were all tarnished with sand and with soot;
A bundle of surf toys he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a dream as he opened his pack

His eyes -- were bewildered! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose a strawberry!
His surf chapped mouth was drawn up in a smile,
Said to himself think I will stay here awhile;

The warm Christmas fire reflected in his white teeth,
And he stopped to examine the seashore themed wreath;
He had broad shoulders and washboard abs,
Out from his discarded pack VW saw scurry two crabs.

He was sexy and tan, despite the sand in his shorts,
And VW laughed when he saw him fidget and smile at his cohorts;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon he would be home asleep in his bed.

He spoke not a word, leaving lots of wrapped surf gear,
the crabs filled all the stockings; while he drank his beer,
He caught VW's eye, winked and looked to the roof,
gave him a peace sign and was gone with a poof.

Hanging ten on his mini, board pointed toward home,
They surfed thru the sky on a white tipped cloud foam,
His hand shakin' shaka bro the last thing in sight,
Mele Kalikimaka to all! And to all a good night!

Ashleigh Dickins, Marianna Monentes, Tauri Tigerpaw

Holiday Wishes...

Happy Holidays...

Tristan and Asyah wish you and yours all the best over the holidays!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seasons Greetings...

From the SLSA Directors

New Years Resolutions for 2010!

Resolutions...some people say bah!  I don't ever do those!  And then secretly to themselves they promise to work on or change or improve something.  This is your chance to post your resolutions in the comments section and maybe that will help you keep it this year!  Feel free to add your resolutions for 2010 in the comments section and we'll all try to help you keep them in the coming year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

I received another threat regarding my investigation of notecard altering and distribution.  Apparently this group does not want the investigation to continue. This time the threats are to my personal reputation and integrity.  The more I am threatened personally, the more I will stand my ground.  They can alter all my notecards, spread rumors, attack me, and I will only dig in deeper.  No one wants any unnecessary drama in SL.  But the continued threats to me personally are raising a red flag that there is something here that someone does not want us to uncover.  There are still those out there with honesty and integrity that cannot be bought and that will also dig in deeper. 

So as they keep up the threats and the harmful activity and the threatening notecards, they are having the opposite of what they intend.    There are people and organizations effected by this activity other than myself.  Sometimes you have to do the right thing no matter the risk to yourself.  In the larger scheme of things, targeting me is pointless.  I am just not that important.  Had they not involved me, they could have carried on their altering and trying to manipulate people in SL that, like me, had no idea that people would go to those depths.  Every threat they make to me will become public knowledge.  Any threats they make to our sources will become public knowledge.  Bugs like to hide under rocks, in the dark places.  It's time to shine the light.

From all of us at SurfWatch - Happy Holidays!

Happy Christmas!  From Barchan Paderborn!

SurfWatch Wishes You and Yours a Magical Holiday!

photo courtesy Laval Studios

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Jinx...

Waven Cajun

written and submitted by Brittney Scorpio

 Do you think you need to brush up on some surfing skills? Don’t even know how to surf? Look no further than right on Route 69 where a cozy little shop called Waven Cajun resides. Waven Cajun offers a variety of stuff.  Whether you’re looking for new surfing clothes, maybe a lesson or two, this place offers it. Geof Romano and Xabrina Oh are the people to get in contact with. I caught up with Geof and got a sit down interview with him to talk about his experience with Waven Cajun, and how it got started. 

Brittney Scorpio:  Hey Geof, so how did you come about owning and running Waven Cajun with Xabrina?
Geof Romano: Well, me and Xabrina both owned art galleries in New Orleans, and that is where we met. Xabrina introduced me to surfing, and I got hooked. I was surprised at how easy it was to learn. It’s a fun way to spend time alone or with friends. There was a little open space in between our galleries, so I rented it and opened the surf shop. Xabrina didn’t know I was going to do this, but when I asked her if she wanted to run it with me, she said yes!

BS: Excellent. So what sort of things does Waven Cajun offer?
GR: We offer a variance of products. Surfing apparel for those new to surfing. We also offer lessons for beginners, along with a free photo shoot with them when they are learning. We also have the Beach Bunnies group.

BS: Tell me a little bit on how you help with surfing.
GR: Well like I said, we offer free lessons for beginners. We also offer free photos of them in action when they are surfing, which is pretty cool to have. We also offer surfing apparel, and soon we will be having Jewelry and Surf Boards for people to buy too.

BS: You mentioned a group called Beach Bunnies (I’m a member, too!).  Tell me about that group.
GR: It’s a group of men and women who wear our outfits and love surfing. We have parties, too, that they are invited to and sometimes host. In this club, you will get notices on free clothes and posters we offer in the club. We just made the Beach Bunnies 2010 calendar. We will also be having a magazine made. It will be about having an active beach lifestyle. Waven Cajun is located on Route 69. Route 69 is a fun place for people to come in and shop, party, and even have some alone time with a lovely woman or hot guy.

BS: Tell me more about Route 69. How did you come to get here?
GR: We got too big for our New Orleans store. We found a bigger store in that location, but we ended up getting too big for that too. So we found this place. It is a very nice location, because it has a lot of people who are new to surfing, and we can introduce them to it. The only drawback was because of the whole Second Life age verification issue. We aren’t an adult sim, and we didn’t get many people over here. We felt it was okay, though, we wanted to help people with surfing that was all. Route 69 offers many stores and has its own escorts.

BS: Since Route 69 doesn’t have a surfing beach, what places do you go to for surfing?  What kind of waves do you prefer?
GR: We mainly go to the popular places, like Mori and Southend, but we have a few “secret” places we prefer to keep to ourselves, because they aren’t widely known and it’s very relaxing.  As for waves, we like any that are big and wet.  I dno't get into the SL politics of surfing, so to speak.  I'm just here for fun and catching any waves I can.  I'm the same with boards - I'll ride any that are available to where I am.  I own Analog and Reaction boards and resell both but if I'm at a beach and there is a random board there, I'll save the effort of rezzing mine and jump on an surf.  I leave mine out at beaches sometimes.  I believe all surf beaches should have a few open boards laying around at all times. 

BS: Will Waven Cajun ever extend to bigger horizons?
GR: Physically, I don’t see that happening. We will expand our services and products, though. But as far as location, we will most likely stay here.

BS: Finally, give the readers some words of wisdom when it comes to your place and surfing.
GR: It is a lot easier than most would think. Anyone with a decent PC and connection will learn how to surf like a pro in less than 15 minutes. Check us out!

BS:  Have you competed in SL surfing competitions?  And what SL surfing groups do you belong to?
GR:  I have not competed in SL surfing competitions.  I am into SL surfing for fun and I am pretty busy with the shop and lessons, etc.  I will add, though, that Xabrina has competed in RL surfing competitions.  I currently belong to VSA.  I'm kinda maxed out with groups that apply to shopping and fashion so, while I have belonged to others, VSA is the only one besides the Beach Bunny group, of course, that I belong to at the moment.

Waven Cajun is a great place to get to learn about surfing, buy some neat stuff, and just relax and kick back to the nice music they play. Check them out today! (Uxert 60, 80, 33)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Win 500L just in time for SL Christmas!!!

Guess this handsome hunk of Christmas cheezy foot and win 500L!  Post your guess in comments - first correct answer wins!

Syx Wishes You...


Since our original breaking news, SurfWatch has been supplied with additional notecards that were distributed by a certain group within SL going as far back as June of '09 to this point. In at least two more cases, there appears to be some evidence of chat altering. To this point, SLSA Directors and Advisors appear to have been the targets. SurfWatch will continue to investigate and keep you informed. If you have additional information, you may contact Tauri Tigerpaw. Your information will be kept completely confidential.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season!

Holiday Wishes...

Wishing you and yours all the happiness and peace of the season and for the year to come!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Max, Emma and Tasya

Australian Surf Association (ASA) says...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Enjoy the hols with family and friends and keep safe!!!
Sun and Surf and beer to ya all!!!!!
Australia Day will be next comp so keep an eye out for it.
Also get down and check out the new Clubhouse.. and meet Duncan the Roo and blinky the Koala who hold up the bar.
Have a Good one.. Des and Rayzza

ASA Clubhouse, Monkey Paw (230, 95, 22)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mari's Mailbag - ARC

How many of you know what ARC is? Avatar Rendering Cost. Having your cost low will help you overcome lag. This is really helpful when surfing. Here is an excerpt from SL Wiki :

"ARC" stands for "Avatar Rendering Cost", an educational tool to help you understand more about sources of Viewer-side lag. Using a point score, Avatar Rendering Cost shows how each avatar
affects the rendering performance of the Viewer. The point score is shown over an avatar's head in green, yellow or red, depending on how costly an avatar is for a graphics card to render.

How is the Avatar Rendering Cost determined?

Each face/polygon on an avatar's attachment is assigned a point (times a multiple).

Characteristics of that face which might slow down rendering determines the multiple.

All the points get added together and presented as "the final cost" estimate of rendering the avatar.

How do I enable Avatar Rendering Cost? Advanced> Rendering> Info Displays> Avatar Rendering Cost

For more info please read:

Holiday Wishes!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breaking News From the Editor in Chief

Readers of SurfWatch - apparently there is a faction within Second Life (SL) that is passing around doctored chat text of a private conversation I had in SL.  The copy that I saw had been altered from the original chat.  If you receive a copy of this chat, please know that it has been altered.  Also, this activity is illegal in SL and is grounds for suspension.  When people resort to this type of activity, it's desperate, it's evil, it's unethical and you can tell the kind of people by the lies they tell.  Please report this if you get a copy of this altered chat text to me or to Linden Labs.  If they do it to me, they will not hesitate to do it to you next.

Tauri Tigerpaw
Editor in Chief

Busta the Snow Angel...

Wishes you a Happy Holiday!!!

Second Life Holiday Shopping Guide - Mori

reprinted by permission of Lissa Pinion

Just in time for your holiday shopping:
Aloha! This guide is for seasoned Vibers and newcomers alike. A few Landmarks to the shops and locations on the Mori and Tuli sims to find cool stuff, live music, chillaxin zones and activities. Enjoy!!

Sharkbite Surf clothing:  Mori Pwani - Sharkbite (49, 202, 22)
Fashion by Sally LaSalle
"The Spa": Mori Pwani - The Spa (69, 215, 21)
After-sesh recovery zone (with a cold beer)
The famous "Deck at Mori Pwani": Mori Pwani - The Deck (121, 234, 24)
The most famous party deck in SL :-)

Mori Lifeguard Tower:  Mori Pwani -  Lifeguard Tower (119, 195, 24)
A Mori Landmark, literally
"The rezz zone" : Mori Pwani - Rezz Zone "Friends" (142, 206, 21)
Rezz it, surf it, pick it ip
The Volleyball court: Mori  Pwani - Volleyball (155, 216, 21)
Get sweaty, get even ;-)

Vogel Surfwear / SJA Custom boards: Mori Pwani - Vogel/SJA (162, 235, 22)
Customs like only Schrotti can

Reaction Surfboards: Mori Pwani - Reaction (193, 215, 22)
Quad-fins by Radical Twang

Surfari: Mori Pwani - Surfari (206, 208, 22)
Beach clothing by Gia

Analog Surfboards: Mori Pwani - Analog Surf (203, 213, 22)
Analog Jun´s incredible boards

Sands Surfboards: Mori Pwani - Sands Surfshop (212, 184, 22)
Classic style boards by VW Sands

FAKT Surfboards: Mori Pwani - FAKT Surfboards (213, 201, 22)
CLASSIC Old School surfboards by Doxx Dryke

Surfrider Foundation: Tuli Bahari Surfrider Foundation (22, 173, 21)
Our friends at Surfrider, protecting the beaches through education & awareness
Sniper Surfboards: Tuli Bahari - Sniper Surfboards (65, 174, 22)
Sculpty boards, cool designs

Splenduers Surfwear: Tuli Bahari Splenduers Surfwear (85, 171, 24)
Beachwear by Damien

Hula: Tuli Bahari - Hula (142, 170, 24)
Surf clothing by Leilani

Lissa's Closet: tuli Bahari - Lissa's Closet (116, 169, 23)
Women's clothing Flirtini Reseller

The Tuli Bahari Café: Tuli Bahari - Cafe (168, 152, 24)
Live music, killer parties, chillaxin zone

Tuli Bahari Theater: Tuli Bahari Movie Theatre (171, 60, 271)
New feature films each week, grab a friend and a bucket of popcorn

Whitey´s Lair: Mori Pwani - Whiteys Lair (92, 70, 6)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) Christmas Party!

photos courtesy Ash Dickins and MaryAnn Maa

The VSA celebrated the season with a snowman contest to benefit Toys for Tots and a holiday party to rock the deck!  Everyone, especially Toys for Tots, were winners, but officially the honors went to:

1st: Petticoat Peccable
2nd: Syx Toshi
3rd: Paola Paulino
Most Original: Maryann Maa
Most Warped Mind: Lizzie Beeswing

Honorable Mentions:
Countess Decosta
Kenny Hoorenback
Brigit Ranger

Prizes: Each place receives one surfboard courtesy of Sands Surfboards

1st Place: 1000L
2nd Place: 500L
3rd Place: 250L
Most Original and Most Warped: 250L each
Honorable Mentions: Surf Boards

Second Life Surfing Association 2009 Awards

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins
1st photo courtesy Sally LaSalle
both profile photos courtesy MaryAnn Maa

The SLSA was proud to honor members nominated and voted on by other members and the Hall of Fame (HoF) members:

Novelty Awards:

Best Competition Location
-Mori Pwani

Best Gesture

Best Song To Surf To
- Muse - Uprising

Advanced to round 2 the most - Tie between 2 people who advanced from R1 3 times!
Robbin Ember
Cymindra Deschanel

Craziest Outfits (TIE)
-FollowingWaves Sibru
-Sock Clawtooth

Crowd Clown
- VW Sands

Favorite SLSA Venue Performer
- Tauri Tigerpaw

Funniest Drunk
- Tauri Tigerpaw

Loudest Cheerer
- Desne Aabye

Most Likely to Break/Lose a Board
- Kimmy Jigsaw

Most Likely to fall asleep during the comp
- Abel Halderman

Most likely to retire
- Robin Mapp

Most likely to say they're retiring but not.
- SexyBoy Oh

Most Improved = Person who made biggest rank jump between last and this season
-VW Sands

Most Memorable Moment

- Colleen vs. Jac's Surf off in the semi finals at Mori

Most Spectacular Crash
-goes to Linden Labs, for restarting Sol Mananero in the middle of the comp!

Rookie of the Season = Person w/ Highest rank who didn't surf last season
- Sally LaSalle

Worst Gesture
- Haka

Worst Lag
- Dooobie

Worst Wave Luck
- Cymindra at Montego, Second Epic Panel not rezzing

Angel Award:

The new Angel Award went to Sally LaSalle. The Angel award goes to the person... well you read the SLSA forum! It's inspired by the quote from 'It's a Wonderful Life' - "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

The top 3 teams were:

1st- Reef Riders
2nd- Tai Chi
3rd- Tsunami

The top 5 surfers were:

1st- Desirae Beaumont
2nd- SexyBoy Oh
3rd- Socks Clawtooth
4th- Colleen Brennan
5th- Wilfrid Decuir

Hall of Fame New Inductees:

Desirae Beaumont
Sexyboy Oh
Abel Halderman
Tauri Tigerpaw

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party

Friday, December 18, the SLSA celebrated Rocky Horror Picture Show style with DJ Desi spinning the tunes from the popular cult classic!  Party goers danced their garters off at SLSA Archipelago!

Yen and Con want to wish you...

Surfing 101 - Sim and Surfboard Graphics (Textures)

Mick Lunasea is a long time surf instructor (editors note: See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, and owner of Pacific Coast Hwy sims and SurfCrazy surf shops. Mick will be periodically sharing his knowledge with the readers of SurfWatch. Click on the PCH logo on the sponsor logo section to the right to link to the Pacific Coast Highway blog.

Second Life (SL) lag issues affect SL surfing, either surfing alone or in contests. I'm no sim expert, but i do know a little about graphics (texture artwork) and graphic display performance.

Notice when arriving at a sim, the viewer draw speed of your surroundings. Some stuff draws fast.  Other things take time displaying the 256 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color pallet. No matter what graphics card you're running, you can see this. A 1024MB or 512MB graphics card loads art faster than a 256MB or one sharing memory resources with the motherboard.

Larger art files, although highly ,display slower than smaller files. A 1024 x 1024 pixtle image loads slower than a 512 x 512 a 256 x 256 256 2/3 faster and a 128 x 128 image a full four times faster.

When building a sim, the artwork involved should be taken into consideration. If lower detail is acceptable, a smaller image will do the job. (Love those palm trees but 4 x 1024 - damn they load slow). If you need to see that fly on the wall, then bigger is better.

So whats that gotta do with surfboard art? Not a giant amount of difference, but if your board's decorated with a 128 x 128 swatch instead of a 1024 x 512 image, the sims CPU and your viewer is gonna display it faster.  (smiles)  Damn, maybe I coulda made that turn instead of bellying.


Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 SURF CALENDAR: Comps and Activites/Events

(editors note: All events and activities subject to change - recheck the schedule often!)


ASA Party

The Australian Surfing Association is having an unofficial Xmas bash to celebrate their new clubhouse  at Monkey Cove, Monkey Paw (230, 96, 23)!  Saturday, December 19, 12 AM SLT
For more information, contact Rayzza Rubble or Desne Aabye


Saturday, December 19, 12 PM SLT, the SLSA will be celebrating at their end of season Awards Party!
Novelty awards, Hall of Fame inductions, dancing and pahhhh-tayyyyy!  


Sunday, December 27, Archipelago Sim, the SLSA and SurfWatch present Mele Kalikimaka, a Surfer's Holiday Celebration!

Pacific Coast Highway

The Rock Store - chill out with classic rock, bad jokes, and wave tales, 5 to 7 PM SLT every Sat and Sunday. 

Tidewater Canyon River

Every Wednesday night, head over to Tidewater Canyon River for Wednesday night whitewater kayak racing, 6-7 PM SLT.  100L prize to the top racer each week!  Contact Guiles Tidewater for more information.

Do you know the way to Boracay?

Boracay Islands has installed the 100m Maverick! We also have fine dining at Sunset Dining Pavillion. You can also browse through Marianna's beautiful fountains at Fantasy Fountains with new designs added daily. Many of the prices are below 500L, making them great gifts for birthdays or Christmas! They are a great addition on any beach or in your garden. Come see Boracay Island! Surf's up!


Single or two man beach volleyball - nothing like it!  Now also at Mori Pwani.  It's really very easy - don't let the instructions fool you - and such a blast!  Check it out! 

Mori Pwani/Tuli Bahari Surf School

Mondays 11-2 SLT - new rider intro
Wednesdays 11-2 SLT - Advanced tricks
Fridays 11-2 SLT - pre-comp prep and routines

All of the surf classes on the sims are free of charge and held by VW Sands, Slave Lacey, or a guest surf instructor.

If you want to add your event information, please contact Tauri Tigerpaw

Useful links