Saturday, July 5, 2008

Brazilian surf circuit comes to Praia da Paz

Second leg of the ABSSL surfing circuit takes place on HP Surf Board's new Teahupoo surfing waves

A Teahuppoo wave breaks on Praia da Paz

The Associação Brasileira de Surf no Second Life (Brazilian Second Life Surfing Association) or ABSSL will hold the second event in its 2008 surfing event circuit on Sunday July 6th at Praia da Paz. The second leg of the competition circuit will also take place on HP Surf Boards' new Teahupoo surfing waves for the first time. HP Surf Boards, the leading Brazilian developer of Second Life surfboards, is a key sponsor of the ABSSL. The new non-profit organisation aims to unite Brazilian surfers in helping to develop Second Life surfing and establishing a Brazilian surfing circuit.

"The new Brazilian Surf Circuit consists of five legs, each contest taking place on a different surf sim," said Leogarto Burt, President of the ABSSL and CEO of HP Surf Boards Inc. "We're starting from zero in organising a Brazilian circuit for the first time in Second Life, but the response has been amazing. This weekend's contest forms part of a whole week of surfing activities at Praia da Paz including the Surfgirl Praia da Paz beauty contest, surf lessons for the public and, of course, surf parties!"

Fourteen surfers took part in the very first Brazilian Surf Circuit contest, which took place in May this year, with Pauinho Stoop scoring his first win in the new circuit. Pyros Yoshikawa and Lucket Beck followed closely behind in second and third place respectively. Pauinho will no doubt be looking to make it onto the podium on Sunday to consolidate his lead and give him a shot at winning the whole circuit.

The second leg of the Brazilian Surf Circuit takes place at Praia da Paz on Sunday 6 July 2008 from 1000 hours SLT (1400 hrs BRT). However, due to the limited space available at the venue, admission is regrettably by invitation only for this contest.

See the qualifying timings here: WAVE TIMINGS -- Praia da Paz

Updated 0655 hrs SLT, 6 July 2008

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URL: Associação Brasileira de Surf no Second Life (ABSSL)

Wilfrid DeCuir wins TCH Surf Open

Wilfrid DeCuir and his brand new TCH Surf board on Saba Island

Wilfrid DeCuir won a fiercely competitive inaugural TCH Estates Surf Open on Friday, closely followed by Crusader Arado in second place and SurfWatch's own Socks Clawtooth in third place.

Wilfrid, who is ranked 18th in the Second Life Surfing Association's standings, walked away with L$2,500 cash, a L$2,500 TCH Gift Card and one of the 15 new surfboards launched by TCH Surf at the event. TCH Surf plans to launch new boards every month from now on in coordination with each monthly TCH Estates surfing competition. The next contest is scheduled for Saturday 27 July 2008.

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SLURL: Saba Island

Thursday, July 3, 2008

TCH Celebrates 4th July with Surf Open

Saba Island surf break provides the venue for the TCH Estates Surf Open

TCH Estates will celebrate American Independance Day, 4th of July by running its inaugural 'Surf Open'. The surfing competition forms part of a series of events being held by TCH to celebrate July 4th and marks the start of monthly surfing events on TCH Estates.

"Another SLSA season is over and so we felt it was timely to hold our own surfing competition," said ATown Fall, CEO of TCH Enterprises. "The SLSA has done an amazing job running events, but we've decided to go a different route with our events to allow surfers the opportunity to try something different. The TCH Estates Surf Open welcomes surfers with all surfboard types, in addition to those with Heather Goodliffe scripts. It's gonna be fun!"

Following the TCH Surf Open on July 4th, monthly official event surf competitions are planned with the first regular monthly competition taking place on July 26th on TCH Estates. Friday's event will be held on Saba Island on pipeline and ocean foam waves. The first prize for the event is L$2,500 cash, a brand new TCH Surf surfboard, plus a L$2,500 TCH giftcard for the purchase of a wide range of clothing at any TCH store.

Up to 18 surfers are expected to take part in the first TCH Estates Surf Open. TCH Surf will also be taking the opportunity to launch 15 new surfboards on the same day. The new boards include a special release featuring five artistic hand drawn board designs, plus a limited edition board which will only be for sale Friday July 4th only.
Prices will be reduced on all boards during this event.

The TCH Surf Open takes place on Friday 4 July 2008 at 12.30pm until 3.30pm on Saba Island.

TCH Estates' July 4th Schedule of Events

12:30 - 00:30 hrs Estate Wide Treasure Hunt

12:30 - 15:30 hrs TCH Surf Open

15:30 - 16:30 hrs Jet Ski Race

16:30 - 17:30 hrs Art on the Water

17:30 - 18:00 hrs Surfboard Release Party

18:00 - 20:00 hrs DJ Dance Party

18:00 - 19:00 hrs Neo-Realms Fishing Derby

19:15 - 20:00 hrs Skeet Shooting Contest

20:00 - 22:00 hrs $L500 Dance Party at SkyClub Andromeda

22:30 - 23:15 hrs TCH Estates Fireworks Display

* All times Second Life Time (SLT)

Surfers' contact: ATown Fall

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SLURL: TCH Estates Welcome Centre (competitors & spectators)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surf's up at Boneyard!

'Most dangerous' surf break in Second Life opens; Boneyard ready to add to it's collection!

By Ashleigh Dickins

Co-owner Radical Twang at the new Boneyard Beach

Last fall saw the birth of the Boneyard, a cool hangout for surfers with games and periodic events with a double pipe surf break just steps away. The beach, located in Alternation, disappeared a few months ago. However, Boneyard Beach has now returned in a new location all it's own, looking meaner and its ready to add some more broken bones to it's collection below the water's surface!

"I achieved what I wanted; the hardest, most dangerous surf spot in Second Life," says Radical Twang co-owner of Reaction, who is also a director of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA). "All I knew I wanted was a big store, looking over the beach high up on a cliff, with a lot of cliff-side and reef."

The shark infested surf spot is now located in Boneyard, along with surf stores Reaction and Reaction Girl.
The new beach features a realistic shallow reef system, with pipeline and ocean foam waves breaking over about two thirds of the sim onto the rocks. Radical worked with Heather Goodliffe to integrate the reef, waves and rocky outcrops, providing a more challenging run.

"I have to say that it isn't a spot for beginners, only damn good surfers can surf there and have fun, and go back home with no broken bones!" said Vic Bonetto, Reaction Pro Captain.

Misfit surfer Christine Daffodil, ranked 7th in the final standings of the first 2008 season, also enjoyed the beach, if not the reef. "I curse Rad to evil surf sim owner hell for the rocks that I keep crashing into," says Christine. "It is deadly for someone with only 1.2 fps to try to dodge anything."

QUENCH Spotter has a close encounter with a one of Boneyard's rocks

"The views are spectacular while surfing; with the hills, trees and rocks. It's awesome in Windlight and draw distance up to 376m," says Vibrations surfer QUENCH Spotter who was surfing on the opening day. "I had some moments of hiccups - trying to dodge the rocks in the surf is ingenious idea."

The beach itself features a secluded cave, campfire, beach hut with games and events, the SLSA Hall of Fame building and 7 Seas fishing. So when you're frustrated with your surf session you can take a moment to relax and bandage your cuts and bruises, before you head back out to try and best the reef.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reaction marks beach opening with one day sale

By Ashleigh Dickins.

Reaction has announced the grand opening of its new Boneyard surfing beach and flagship store location, which will take place Tuesday 1 July 2008. The event will be celebrated with Boneyard Beach opening to the public and a 50% off sale at the redesigned Reaction and Reaction Girl stores in their new location.

Co-owners Radical Twang and Breezy Biddle outside the new store

"We've created the hardest, most dangerous surf spot in Second Life," says Radical Twang, co-owner of Reaction and Boneyard. "Which now provides the perfect location for our main Reaction stores. We're holding a 50% off sale for one day only to celebrate the opening of the new Boneyard beach."

"We've been working hard to prepare for the July 1st opening," says Breezy Biddle, co-owner of Reaction. "Sometimes it seemed like we wouldn't make it with Rad having so many other commitments." However, as their announcement shows, Rad and Breezy were able to pull it off.

Boneyard beach is currently closed to the public, however some members of the surf community have had access to the area to assist in testing the waves.

"Boneyard is a fantastic ride and will challenge even the best surfers," said surfing veteran and SLSA Season One Points Champion, Tightline Kidd. "It's the only place I've found that, like in real life, not only do you fight the wave, but the natural barriers containing it." SurfWatch had a chance to test the ride out as well and we couldn't agree more with Tightline.

Both Reaction and Reaction Girl stores will be located adjacent to Boneyard beach and will be open for a one day super sale on all Reaction surf products, surf wear and casual wear. All products will be on sale at 50% discount for the whole of Tuesday July 1st.

Useful links
URL: Reaction Pro
SLURL: New Reaction store and Boneyard Beach (link only valid from 1 July onwards)