Saturday, June 21, 2008

SLSA confirms Pova as season champ

Pova Rustamova, Desirae Beaumont, Sierra Sugar and Radical Twang inducted into SLSA Hall of Fame; Christine Daffodil awarded Thor Bishop MVP

Pova Rustamova was confirmed as the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) season champion at Friday's 2008 SLSA Season One Champion Awards Party on Majini Island, with Pova and the season's second placed Desirae Beaumont both being inducted into the SLSA Hall of Fame as a result. Third place in the season's rankings Colleen Brennan, fourth place Devinna Toll and fifth place Abel Halderman all left the awards with seasons end trophies.

(unofficial, top ten only)

1. Pova Rustamova (2,960 points)

2. Desirae Beaumont (2,880 points)

3. Colleen Brennan (2,860 points)

4. Devinna Toll (2,755 points)

5. Abel Halderman (2,520 points)

6. VW Sands (2,425 points)

7. Christine Daffodil (2,220 points)

8. Craig Stallion (2,000 points)

9. Desne Aabye (1,680 points)

10. Bobbi Laval (1,635 points)

Note: All results are provisional, pending the final standings listing by the SLSA.

SLSA and Hall of Fame directors also voted in two surfers at large: long time Second Life surfer and former SLSA director Sierra Sugar and current SLSA director and founder/owner of leading Second Life surfing product company Reaction, Radical Twang. A new award, the Thor Bishop MVP (most valuable player) award was presented to Second Life surfer and seventh placed in the last season's rankings Christine Daffodil.

There were also plenty of lighter moments at the SLSA Awards Party including numerous party waves, dancing and a string of novelty awards as nominated by SLSA members.

Here are those SLSA party novelty award winners in full!


Best in Thong: Craig Stallion
Funniest Drunk: Radical Twang

Loudest Cheerer: Christine Daffodil

Most Spectacular and Badly Timed Crash: Pova Rustamova

Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Line Up: Paeida Allen

Crowd Clown: Poid Mahovlich

Most Likely to Break or Lose a Board: Egon Zimminy

Best Competition Day: Majini

Best Song/Best Surfer To Never Show Up to Comps/Best In-Joke: "Ken Lee!!"

Best Gesture: The Maracas Manbo!

Lots of pictures of the Champion Awards Party are available on Flickr courtesy of SurfWatch's senior furry correspondent, Socks Clawtooth.

Look out for Tauri Tigerpaw's exclusive interview with
the new season champion Pova Rustamova on SurfWatch next week!

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vint falken said...

Congratulations to Mr Pova Rustamova. Although... two ladies on stage... /me thinks a lady should have won! ;)

Barchan said...

Well, with 6 ladies in Second Life surfing's top 10 it does look a bit like a ladies season. On the other hand, 3 out of 5 competition winners this year were male surfers, so I think the men have scraped through for another season!

Let's see what happens in the second half of the year ;)