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Desirae Beaumont wins El Corazon

Lag monster comes out to play; 5 out of 10 top ranked SLSA surfers fail to make semis

Action from Saturday's Thor Bishop Shortboard Pro (photo: Seb Saramago)

Seventh-ranked SLSA surfer Desirae Beaumont won Saturday's Thor Bishop Shortboard Pro at El Corazon and took home her first SLSA winner's cup. Desirae has had mixed results this surfing season, but her last two performances at Surfline and Neart clearly showed that she meant business and on Saturday she took the waves, competitors - and the lag monster - to task and came out with an impressive win in difficult conditions.

"It was hard to stay on the wave, the new synced waves are smaller. I was able to stay on the wave and well...the tricks worked," said winner Desirae (see pic right) after the competition. "I was sure that I have a good chance after I got through the preliminary heats. I just wanted to do same as before and trying to avoid bellying. Yesterday was all about control. However, to win in my first season... wow!"

The surf break at El Corazon is especially challenging for surfers, combining a small break with a very short run into the shore, making it the shortest narrowest competition wave break in the SLSA surfing calendar. In addition, most competitors were expecting the lag monster to come out to play for the event: and they proved to be right. Five out of the top 10 SLSA ranked competition surfers including top-of-the-table Pova Rustamova and third place VW Sands did not even make it into the semi finals, as the combination of small waves, a short run and sim performance took its toll on competitors.

Here are the SLSA Thor Bishop Shortboard Pro surfing competition scores from the day.

FINALISTS SCORES (final heat score only)

1. Desirae Beaumont (14.83 points)
2. Craig Stallion (14.50 points)
3. Colleen Brennan (14.00 points)
4. Carolin Gausman (13.16 points)
5. DeVinna Toll (12.50 points)
6. Crusader Arado (11.50 points)

SEMI FINALISTS (semis score, overall score)

7. Wilfrid Decuir (13.50 points, 27 points)
8. Mick Lunasea (13.50 points, 26.83 points)
9. Mateus Rieko (13.33 points, 25.66 points)
10. ONeill Auer (10.00 points, 25.50 points)
11. Abel Halderman (10.16 points, 23.49 points)
12. Leahjane Casalet (10.33 points, 21.83 points)
13. Mysti Trevellion (8.16 points, 20.66 points)

Note: Semi-finalist scores are an addition of 1st Heat score plus Semi-final scores


14. Pova Rustamova (13.16 points)
14. QUENCH Spotter (13.16 points)
16. Express Zenovka (12.83 points)
17. Socks Clawtooth (12.50 points)
18. Cipriano Grut (12.16 points)
18. Carlos Macalpine ( 12.16 points)
18. Bobbi Laval (12.16 points)
21. Christine Daffodil ( 11.33 points)
22. VW Sands (11.00 points)
23. Ashleigh Dickins (9.83 points)
24. Carver Nitely (8.83 points)
25. Amphiprion Watanabe (7.83 points)
26. Desne Aabye (7.50 points)
27. Egon Zimminy ( 5.50 points)

Paeida Allen
Payten Harrop
Buffy Munro
Malcolm Sydney
Jaay Zymurgy

Note: Although SurfWatch aims to report the competition results accurately and relies on SLSA judges announcements during the competition, all results are provisional, pending the final results announcement by the SLSA.

Story updated 10.30am 15 June 2008 (corrections to heats rankings)

Photo credit: Seb Saramago

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