Friday, March 28, 2008

Latest surf fashion hits the catwalk

LollyPop Congrejo's debut line of beachwear gets its first outing

Friday's Les Planches Surf Fashion Show showed off the very first complete beachwear collection from LollyPop Congrejo at La Cote Sauvage, the designer's own sim. Simply Divine Events and BePleased Models helped the designer show off a new collection which included sportive and colourful bathing suits, plus striking
combinations of pastel colors with black and white.

LollyPop started designing Second Life fashion about a year ago and started a custom-clothes business (if you own a SurfWatch t-shirt then you already have one of LollyPop's designs!). "I worked as a shirt designer in real life, and made custom clothes," says LollyPop "So, I decided to bring that to Second Life."

"My main inspiration for this collection came from RL French beachwear," explains LollyPop. "I really
liked some of the shapes of the shorts and the graphic styles."

"I am very happy with the one piece bathing suits," says LollyPop. "They are, at the same time, both sporty and sexy. I also really like the blue and brown men's striped boardies: an unusual sight on the beach!"

LollyPop Congrejo's first collection was created exclusively for Les Planches Surf Shop and the clothes retail for between L$ 100 and L$ 200. Make sure that you visit the 2nd floor of the shop
to see the clothes.

SLURL: Les Planches Surf Shop (LPSS)

Surf's up on Tavarua Beach!

New Fijian-themed beach completes a new three-sim long surfable coastline

Tropical surf break on Tavarua Beach

Another new beach has appeared in the Truth Beach group of sims called Tavarua Beach, after the famous Fijian surfing island in the South Pacific. In fact, it's the second new beach to appear in the Truth Beach group this month!

Tavarua Beach is located between Truth Beach (the original beach sim of the group) and Tsunami Beach (which now has black sand, since Team Tsunami moved in).
By linking up with Truth Beach to the West and Tsunami Beach to the East the new beach creates one long stretch of coastline with three separate surfable beaches. The longest continous stretch of surfable beaches that SurfWatch has seen in Second Life.

"I wanted to create a really great beach location for surfers with a high performance Epic wave," explains owner-developer Dharma Austin. "The beach itself is as close as I could make it to a Fijian Island landscape, where tropical vegetation comes right down to the water's edge. However, there is still plenty of room for people to chill out."

37 second wave run
Billed as "a unique tropical island surfing location with a high performance Epic II wave, a soft sandy beach and warm, clear turquoise waters", Tavarua Beach currently has a wave with a 37 second run breaking from North to South over about two thirds of the length of the sim.

"People may think I am nuts running a full sim and only using 3,600 prims out of 15,000 and about 100 scripts running on the island," said Dharma. "However, it is my goal to provide a lag free surfing environment: if such a thing exists in Second Life!".

The view across Truth Beach's pipelines and fluffies down towards Tavarua
Beach's EPIC break and on to the black sand of Tsunami Beach at the end

Opening bash
The new sim's opening party is Saturday night 1900 hours Second Life Time (SLT) at the Tavarua Beach's Cloudbreak Bar (1900-2000 hrs DJ set, 2000-2100 hrs bluesman Tone Uriza). However, no horseplay please or you may incur the wrath of
Dakuwaqa, the shark god that guards the island!

SurfWatch: Surf's up on Nature Beach
Tsunami Warning!

Tsunami Beach
SLURL: Truth Beach
SLURL: Tavarua Beach

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Registrations close for Surfline

Three top 10 ranked surfers fail to register

Registrations for the upcoming SLSA Surfline Competition closed on Monday March 24th after 40 entries, less than 48 hours after opening for surfer registrations.

Notably absent from the 40 signed-up surfers are Milo Voss, currently ranked 4th in the 2008 SLSA Season Standings; Timbo Flanagan, who is ranked 5th; and Lanelle Saunders, who is ranked 8th (although perhaps Milo's recent election to the SLSA board may explain his absence). There are also at least half a dozen mid- to low-ranking competition surfers in the table that have not registered. At time of publishing, Carolin Gausman was the only surfer signed-up on the
Surfline Competition waiting list (which remains open by the way).

A pelican at Surfline sim yesterday (who declined to comment).

The Second Life Surfing Association event at Surfline will take place on Saturday 5 April on pipeline waves with 40 surfers taking part in 8 heats.

Surfing Calendar - March-April 2008
URL: Surfline Competition Registration

SLURL: Surfline